Oh VNN is Back


After holding his posters hostage until they dished out the dosh, Alex Linder, the proprietor of Vanguard Network News, reopened its door– we are assuming due to enough money lining his pockets.

Alex Linder’s forum is not new to the public eye, as it was the internet home to the mass murderer Frazeir Glenn Miller as well as a posting spot for Curt Maynard and Yankee Jim aka Jim Leshkevich,  both who murdered their wives in cold blood.

We had a little visiter from the VNN board who dropped this in our comment box:

Screen shot 2014-11-22 at 11.06.16 PMThis pathetic Polish Nazi (now living in Canada)   has a serious junkie addiction to the forum:

Screen shot 2014-11-22 at 11.15.28 PM

So VNN is back up, Linder’s pockets are full and he doesn’t even need a job to pay his bills while his crazy little Nazi net junkies get their fix of potential homicidal crazy.


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9 responses to “Oh VNN is Back

  1. Clem Fetsmunker, understudy to an extra and former cosmonaut

    Here is your debate VNN: Who do you plan on murdering next?

    • Tomasz Winnicki

      One Pamela Ross on the VNN forum has compiled a very extensive list of murders of Whites and other crimes against Whites. You lefties ought to check it out.

  2. Franczeska

    Tomasz Winnicki = Self-Hating Pole.

    • Tomasz Winnicki

      Don’t project your pathetic guilt complex on me. Obviously I don’t hate myself and I don’t hate the White European people (except racemixers and anti-racists who hate Whites).

      • Franczeska

        No self-respecting Pole would collaborate with Nazis. I don’t feel “guilty” or “pathetic”. I’m not the one who betrayed my people and sided with the enemies of Poland.

        • Tomasz Winnicki

          Situation today is much different than it was right before and during WW2. For one, London England was not 1/2 non-White; Detroit was not 90% non-White; Poland didn’t have Black politicians. Know this, I consider myself White first, Polish second.

          You don’t feel guilty? Good, you show promise.

          • Franczeska

            You wrote: ” I consider myself White first, Polish second.” Do you know what Hitler would have considered you?

  3. oh goody some light reading for a slow day.

    • The Lamp

      Happy Thanksgiving, Ty, I hope you and the family are well. We have a new post coming you will find amusing. Glad to see you! 🙂