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Goad Trivia: Response to the Virginia Flaggers

From our friend Goad…



The Virginia Flaggers recently put out a post about their Lee-Jackson Day event later this month. After reading it, I can say that this is coded racism throughout their post along with their own double standards.  You can read the original Facebook post here.

The post begins with the line, “Washington & Lee Chapel Desecration,” which is contradicted in the next paragraph with the admission that they are upset with the removal of Confederate flags from Lee’s Chapel that were placed in 1930, a whole 60 years after his death. The case for desecration can be made for the people who later added Confederate flags. If anything the university returned the decoration of the Chapel to it’s condition of during the 1870’s until 1930.

The next paragraph refers to the 6 students who petitioned the school as “minorities.”  All of these students are black Americans but they are also all law students…

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