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The White Nationalist Buzz Around Trump.



We don’t need to say much about how billionaire Donald Trump is feeding the crazy, and there is a whole lotta crazy going on. The media has smelled the blood in the water and is narrowing in on the truly extreme crazies and white nationalists who are supporting him.

The overt racism has begun to manifest itself in Trump’s supporters as Univision reporter Jorge Ramos was thrown out of a Trump event, only to be faced with the type of person who supports Trump…

Earlier this week, an article in the New Yorker magazine by journalist Evan Osnos hit the stands and internet, exposing the kinds of people who are enthusiastically attracted to the Trump campaign. His article was very well researched and presented, which means the white nationalists he interviewed were not happy that he portrayed them for what they are.

They attacked Osnos personally, they attacked him for…

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