The Enemy Among Us


MohammadThe stage of political activism has a mercurial plot. Most would prefer to assume there are set patterns and even unwritten rules about who is on which side of the fence when it comes to issues like racism, sexism, homophobia and antisemitism. These are for simple reasons, like skin color, ethnicity, sex and sexual orientation.
What becomes confusing is when a person is born of a race or orientation that happens to be the target of these hate groups– and instead of joining their brothers and sisters in struggle, they decide to give those who hate and despise them their loyalty and devotion.
For the past few years there has been a disturbing trend out of the NYC/NJ area of people of color either joining or creating their own neo-Nazi/fascist groups, many with ties to central and south American countries where it is becoming more prevalent.
Even when armed with…

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3 responses to “The Enemy Among Us

  1. qu4rx

    Often the far right recruits leftists through a front group that repackages racists bullshit in leftist language. Usually ending in tears when the leftists find out they’ve been had and bail. But this is just sad…

    “When you google your phone number it comes up as Gabriel Diaz.”

    OMG are u fukking kidding me? He wasn’t even smart enough to get a burner phone for this lame undercover gig? Stupidity like that so deserves to be punished.

    • The Lamp

      I know, but the real stupid part is that it took us a year to figure it out. If his nazi buddies didn’t give him away we’d still be duped.

      • qu4rx

        Meh, don’t be too hard on yourself. I was completely conned by a fake activist group that was a crypto Nazi front, or more accurately, a front for crypto Nazi propaganda. It took me 8 months to get my “friend”, the one who recruited me, was a lying manipulating sleaze. 2 more years would pass before finding out they were all conartists, then 2-3 years after that proof beyond all doubt the entire thing was a rightwing fraud set up to get anarchists/leftists involved. Not to undermine ARA/antifa or anything like that. Nope, just the boring sleaze of recruiting people to front for them:
        “See we can’t be anti semites cuz we have diversity and stuff!”

        So I’m totally not going to judge. Remember, if racists didn’t lie and con people, they wouldn’t be able to operate at all.

        He’s been caught, that’s what counts. Learn from your mistakes, do better, move on. 😉