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A3P hacked by Antifa, searchable index up at

The American Third Position is a racist, white supremacist organization founded in 2010. Owing to the fact that they do not parade around in nazi uniforms, they have avoided the same level of scrutiny and ridicule heaped upon other racist groups. We have written about them in the past, and we’ve always kept an eye on them– but we never expected something like this to happen to them.

The front page for White News Now, American Third Position and a host of other sites

Fellow anons: we are pleased to bring you the dismantling of a major US-based
white supremacist network known as the “American Third Position”(A3P). These
racist losers have chapters across the US, operate several white power websites,
forums and online stores, and are even running a candidate in the 2012
elections. Although they try hard to maintain a professional public image to
camouflage their vile racism, we’re now airing all their dirty laundry all over
the internet. Contained in this major dump are several thousand private forum
messages, personal emails, internal organization notes, names, phone numbers,
home addresses and other information on all of their members and supporters.
It’s time for these cowardly suit and tie white supremacists to sleep with one
eye open. Scared much?

In addition to finding the usual racist rants and interactions with other white
power groups, we also found a disturbingly high amount of members who are also
involved in campaigning for Ron Paul. According to these messages, Ron Paul has
regularly met with many A3P members, even engaging in conference calls with
their board of directors. Ron Paul’s racist politics and
affiliations are already well known, being viciously anti-immigrant,
anti-abortion and against gay marriage — not to mention having authored the
racist “Ron Paul Papers” and receiving financial support from other white power
groups (pictured with Don Black from Hard to believe Ron Paul
draws some support from the left and the occupation movements, especially now
that it is confirmed Ron Paul hangs out with straight up racist hate groups.

We put extra effort in ruining the life of A3P webmaster Jamie Kelso. On top of
being on the board of directors of A3P, former $cientologist, and high ranking
Ron Paul organizer, he also is the account owner of german nazi forums and store, We went ahead and wiped those websites off the
internet as well, dumping private messages and order information. Aside from us
releasing his information such as his social security number, address, resume
and private discussions, we also heard some folks went on a joyride with Kelso’s
credit card and made some lulzy purchases, including sex toy purchases and
making donations to the Anti Defamation League and many others. Oops.

We call upon not only other antifascists but all those opposed to white
supremacy to utilize this information and make hell for these white nationalist
scumbags. It is essential if we wish to live in a world free from oppression to
expose and confront racists at their jobs, their schools, at their homes and in
the streets.

No Dialogue! No sympathy! Destroy White Supremacy!
*** DEFACED WEBSITES:                  *** FILE MIRRORS:
A3P sites:  

German Nazi forums and store:

After a bit of trouble, the full bulk of the emails are up in a web-based, searchable format at

A cursory glance at the emails shows a hell of a lot of talk relating to Ron Paul. This talk isn’t limited to boring patter of idle racists promoting Ron Paul, it consists of Jamie Kelso and various users bragging about how they have high-up associates within the Ron Paul campaign:

Subject: You’ve got an admirer in Imbar
Date: Nov Mon 2009
To: Alexander Hamilton (WordPress TOS do not allow the posting of email addresses)
From: Jamie Kelso (WordPress TOS do not allow the posting of email addresses)
Hello Alexander, Hey, great posting. Imbar just called me and he likes your
stuff too. Imbar is Ron Paul’s #2 man in Illinois. Owns his own manufacturing
company. Young guy like you. Jeff (Imbar) and I have been buddies for years. We
met up with Ron Paul in Ames, Iowa in Aug. 2007. Nice work, Jamie

Ron Paul can’t pull the same stunt as he did with the newsletters– what we have here is clear documentation of a strong link between a bulk of Ron Paul’s California fundraising and a neo-nazi organization:

Subject: Re: Hey it’s there!
Date: Jan Mon 2010
To: Jamie Kelso (WordPress TOS do not allow the posting of email addresses)
From: Patriot Cause (WordPress TOS do not allow the posting of email addresses)
[quote=Jamie Kelso]Hello HF, Cool. We had a great meeting in Orange County last
night, at which I was asked by the Chairman of the American Third Position party
to take on the work of his personal assistant. Bill Johnson is the Chairman, and
a good friend. He has been Ron Paul’s top man in Southern Calif. for the last 3
years. So this is a big deal, and will really help WNN.

We also have clear documentation of a long running, concerted campaign to recruit new members for A3P directly from the ranks of Ron Paul supporters:

[…]We’re being a BRIDGE, a badly needed bridge. A bridge that was missing. In fact,
more specifically, we’re being the hardest part of any bridge to engineer…the
center span. We’re being a bridge between people who ARE welcome to post on a
Ron Paul Revolution-type site but AREN’T welcomed at some of our sites…and
people who ARE welcome to post at all of our sites but AREN’T welcomed at Ron
Paul sites. I made that sound more complicated than it is. Here’s another way of
painting the picture. Over the last three years I have been all over the
country, with a number of your fellow Sr. Mods, at huge Ron Paul-type, Tea
Party-type, End the Fed-type patriot rallies that are (no doubt about it) the
start of our revolution.[…]

— and, apparently, an admission from one A3P member that they have been fooling leftist sites into supporting Ron Paul:

Subject: Failure proof plan update.
Date: Jul Fri 2011
To: Luke (WordPress TOS do not allow the posting of email addresses)
From: patthemick (WordPress TOS do not allow the posting of email addresses)
Hey check out my latest link on my failure proof plan thread. I got another
leftist website to publicly promote crossover voting for Ron Paul. I hope you
are visiting leftist sites and telling them to vote for Ron Paul to give Obama
an easier

Since Jaimie has no life, he was quick to remove the defacement– showed a blank wordpress template and showed this:

Honestly, we find this funnier than My Little Pony has a mirror here: now redirects to, where the bulk of chatter seems to be taken up with nothing but impotent rage:

These people need to be stopped.

Like now.

I’m sure we know some people on their level.

Obviously not, or else your sites wouldn’t have been hacked!

These emails are a treasure trove of intelligence. We’ll be plowing through them and reporting back on all the delicious morsels we find. Stay tuned for more dirt and more nazi butthurt!


February 2, 2012 · 11:07 am

Merry Lulzxmas from Antisec!

On December 10th, Anonymous posted this video on youtube:

Recapping the entire year of epic hacks and promising an epic “Lulzxmas,” the video implied a massive hack was forthcoming. Naturally, Anonymous and Antisec delivered– with the thorough wrecking of the defense think tank Stratfor.

Stratfor is a “global intelligence company” that has been referred to by Barrons as the “shadow CIA” and routinely advises top scions of the defense, extractive and banking industries. As key shapers of government policy, they particularly had the ear of the administration of George W. Bush. Despite this supposed expertise, they still fell to the cannons of the Lulzboat.

You can see the defacement in its live form here (for now, anyway– who knows when they’ll regain control of their servers) but it has been preserved forever here:

Here’s Anonymous’ statement directly from the defaced front page of Stratfor:


“You do realize how preposterous it is to suggest that stratfor simply
shutdown completely for 2 days, right? The plan that you’ve attached paints a
gloom and doom picture claiming no chance that such a move will succeed. Does
that really seem a rationale conclusion?”

We couldn’t let the above quote pass without this similar quote:


“Attended the TakeDownCon security conference. Focus of the conference was on
wireless and mobile security. No vendors pushing product or service at this
conference. Instead, great presentations by renowned white hat hackers (good
hackers) and security experts. Bottom line is that no mobile platform is
secure, including the Blackberry, but there are best practices that minimize
the risk of their use within the enterprise. We will be incorporating these
best practices in our operation over the coming months.”


“It blew my mind to discover that our email server backups are being stored on
the same physical server. I’m affectionately referring to these little
discoveries as ‘Mooney turds’.”


“Most if not all of us use professional and social networking sites like
LinkedIn and Facebook. All offer levels of privacy ranging from wide open
where everyone can see your profile, activities, and posts to closed allowing
only your immediate connections (or friends) access. As a private intelligence
company we must all take extra care to protect our personal information from
those who would use that information to exploit us personally or
professionally. Although we don’t have hard and fast rules on how to set your
privacy settings nor do we restrict use of such sites, I suggest that you
temper your need to share with prudence and consider the business that we are
in. It’s also important to check your privacy settings regularly to ensure
that the sites you use haven’t changed the meaning or scope of privacy
settings — we’ve all heard or read the news regarding this practice at
Facebook. I suggest that you never include any information in your profile —
regardless of privacy setting — that could be used to compromise your
identity. Specifically, never include: your birth date, your exact street
address (although this information can usually be found on the web quite
easily), your cell phone number, SSN or other government issued ID number
(that should be obvious), or any other information that someone could use to
compromise your identity if your account were compromised.”


For the uninitiated, “rm -rf” is a command line for unix systems that forces the deletion of all data in a given directory. From this, we can discern that Anonymous deleted… well… everything. A defense contractor should, after all, be quite familiar with a “scorched earth policy,” don’t you think?

Merry Lulzxmas!

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Adding the icing to the moist delicious caek from this past Friday’s #FFF (Fuck FBI Friday) C@bincr3w has presented us with moar lulz!

You can find their Tumblr HERE




Do we really need to explain ourselves much here? PERF assisted in organizing and coordinating the recent raids on Occupy encampments nationwide in the United States. We couldn’t sit idle while we watched our brothers and sisters being beaten, gassed, and sent to hospitals for exercising fundamental rights and essential liberties that were bestowed on them by their Constitution.

PERF organized in an assortment of law-making decisions over the past few years. From how to deal with immigration, homicide law, and even how to police on a nationwide scale, this “research forum” is the epitome of a paid, special interest police-body

And now the goodies:


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And so it begins…

Pepper Spray is Not a Vegetable





Da Bootie!

Fuck FBI Friday V: IACIS Cybercrime Investigators Owned

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Infiltration of the Occupy Movement CONTINUED… Suspicious Character: Marc Train



Marc Train : aka wut, wutman, wutanon

What a train wreck— pun intended. Marc first came to the public’s
attention in 07 as a member of IVAW. His claim to fame was that he
went AWOL instead of being deployed to Iraq– resisting an illegal,
immoral war of occupation is a fine, honest and decent thing to do.
Unfortunately, this is the very last part of his story that involves
any form of decency or honesty.

Marc’s backstory was that during Advanced Individual Training, he
applied for admission into Army Military Intelligence. For various
reasons, he did not pass muster and was booted out of the MI program–
where the Army placed him directly into the 3rd Infantry Division,
which was to face imminent deployment to Iraq. It was at this point
that Marc went AWOL and joined the IVAW.

Marc’s bounced around the IVAW until 2008 when he turned up with the
Washington, DC, chapter of Anonymous’ Chanology operation, with
nickname of wut. Here, he found a new group of people that didn’t know
a single thing about him or his backstory, and he began to spin a new
yarn. He claimed to work as a security guard at the British Embassy,
that he had actually been deployed to Iraq, killed children and
civillians and developed PTSD. He also claimed to be 21 when he was
really 26 and otherwise pulled the same sort of routine that other
grifters and scam artists use on their marks– namely, mooching off
the kindness of strangers. Marc Train managed to finagle a trip to
Belgium, room, board, relationships and money out of his various
marks. His scheme began to unravel when the ever-curious anons decided
to investigate his personal details. Through various contacts, it was
discovered that Marc never was deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, his
true age of 26 and even though Marc did go AWOL (and is thus a felon),
his criminal record contained nothing– not even a parking offense.
How any person could be hired to perform security duties for an
embassy after having an AWOL on their record is anyone’s guess.
Anonymous DC promptly kicked him out and he immediately appeared in
the orbit of DC’s Students for a Democratic Society, where he most
notably appeared blazing drunk at a late-night demonstration,
exhibiting behavior typical of an Agent Provocateur in full view of
security cameras and police
. Again, he was kicked out of DC SDS.

He’s currently in Phildaelphia, where he recently tried the same
tactic with Philly ARA and One Peoples Project– but enough news about
him filtered out the failure he leaves in his wake for those two
organizations to kick him to the curb before he could set his hooks
into them. He’s now apparently working the food tables at Occupy

Marc’s tactic is to buy t-shirts, pins or other paraphenalia of an
organization he’s targeting, which he then uses as some sort of
“proof” that the leadership of said organization approves of him–
when they do not. It’s unclear whether Marc is some form of snitch or
mole, or if he’s just another fraud. In any event, people need to be
wary of him and keep a good distance away. Trouble follows him
wherever he goes.


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Infiltrators of the Occupy Movement.

Popular activist movements attract all manner of scavengers and hangers-on, most of which seek to capitalize on the success of the more popular group to compensate for the fact that the majority of society regards them as a bunch of babbling kooks. The Occupy Movement is no different, with everyone from The American Spectator to Zeitgeist seeing the mass throng of people as easy pickings by which to enlarge their subscriber base and coffers. Some of these groups, however, see the Occupy Movement as a means to seek legitimacy for their own morally reprehensible causes, whether that takes the form of racism, fraud or selling out activists to the feds.

Here then, is a list of some of the most odious and dangerous groups and individuals currently sucking off the teat of the Occupy Movement. These people shouldn’t be considered part of the broader Occupy Movement, no matter what sort of “authority” they claim.

-Aaron Barr and Thomas Ryan

Yes, THAT Aaron Barr.

Aaron Barr? Again?! After sticking his dick in the hornets nest known as Anonymous, Barr faded from view– his career and home life in a shambles. Now he’s back, trying out his same old “I’m a security SOOPAR GEENIOUS” routine with defense contractor Sayres and Associates— presumably on some half-baked mission to “infiltrate” the Occupy movement. He’s also in the company of self-proclaimed Occupy Wall Street Snitch Thomas Ryan, who happens to be a blogger for the perpetually colicky Andrew Breitbart.

-AnonCMD (Arturas Rosenbacher)


First came to prominence by hawking a bogus DDOS tool called #refref, which was promised to allow one solo user to take down any website. It was soon discovered that #refref was a total fraud, and AnonCMD was using this fake tool as a means to collect personal information on easily duped anons in order to “dox” them. He was run out of Anonops on a rail and has since turned up as the administrator for the Occupy Chicago Facebook group. During his time at the actual occupation in Chicago, he was heard to have been namedropping numerous prominent Anons as people he was allegedly friends with. This is classic snitch behavior– drop names of prominent activists as people you are “good friends with” in order to gain acceptance with higher-ups in another activist group, when in reality those “good friends” hate that snitch’s guts.

-Jaime Jo Corne and David Corne (AKA Presstorm and Vincubus)

Jaime Jo Lambertz/Corne

We have gone over this shitstorm with a fine toothed comb, and so have other sites. Presstorm’s involvement boils down to the actions of a typical grifter couple– Jaime, who has already been sent to jail for fraud, set up Presstorm to milk gullible anons and anon-supporters out of cash that would somehow “support anonymous.” Whatever. They’ve been outed as frauds, a bunch of people were embarrassed and they’re now on the run from the inescapable, unholy wrath of Anonymous. They wanted your money, now they probably want the world to forget them.

-National Democratic party of Sweden


-Hoosier Nation and the Vinlander Social Club

Neo-nazis, interested in infiltrating Occupy Indianapolis.


UFO cult associated with something called The Venus Project, which is debunked in a very thorough manner here. The long and short of it is that they want your money.

-Zendik Arts/Farm

Pseudo-hippie commune with a long history of former members with stories about various abuses and cult-like behavior perpetuated by Zendik leadership. They want all of your money.

-The Ron Paul Movement

Ron Paul cult of wackos

Personality cult built around a racist old coot. Why they’re involved with this is puzzling, because the overall thrust of the movement has been agitating for increased government oversight on Wall Street and banks and increased taxes on millionaires, which is something Ron Paul categorically opposes as being “un constitutional.” They want your money and your vote.

-Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth)

Neo-nazis, involved heavily with Occupy Stockholm

-The American Spectator

Patrick Howley at the National Air and Space Museum.

American neo-conservative magazine whose editor Patrick Howley bragged about infiltrating the Occupy DC movement and subsequently led a group of protestors at the National Air and Space Museum to storm the doors, which resulted in several people being pepper-sprayed. Howley was sprayed twice and praised his attackers in a peice that has since been removed from the American Spectator’s website, replaced and edited numerous times– but not before the mainstream press wrote about it.

-Oath Keepers

Right wing militia group consisting of police officers and military personnel that– aside from REALLY HATING LEFTISTS– have attempted to be a large part of Occupy Los Angeles, going so far as to issue a really scary-sounding mission statement that does everything but state outright that they plan on staging a violent revolt against the US in general.

This part of their statement gets special notice: “Our government, over many generations has taken part in the destruction of the Constitution of the United States, the slow secretive theft of the rights from the American People, and during the un American acts, compromised the integrity of our nations great name. In light of these events, we now see ever so clearly that these leaders are no longer fit to represent the People of the Free World. We the People are now exercising our rights by way of the first two Amendments in order to Stand United for the Second American Revolution.”

The first two amendments? None of the Occupy groups has even remotely suggested any possibility of being even the slightest bit friendly to anything involving the second amendment, so this is what raises warning flags. This sort of vaguely-violent language comes directly out of the same scene that birthed the Alarm and Muster maniacs and the Sovereign Citizen movement. It’s dangerous and wholly at odds with the pacifist nature of the Occupy movement thus far; this just might be another American Spectator-esque stunt to discredit the movement as a whole.

We know these elements don’t hold any sway in the broader Occupy movement. We know that the mass media’s constant hammering of “the Occupy movement has no clear message” is bull– but it’s up to all of us to ensure that message doesn’t turn into “The occupy movement is just a bunch of paranoid, anti-Semitic UFO conspiracy theorists!”


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Presstorm PWND! And the lessons to be learned

NOTE: We want to start off this article with a special note:

We are fully aware that Anonymous is not an organization, nor does Anonymous advocate anti-racism and it does not advocate racism either.
Anonymous is a collective that operates in the actions of a hive that is made up of many different kinds of individuals who all have their own ideas and ideologies.
We are also aware that there are a few individuals who have participated in Anonymous hive actions who do consider themselves white supremacists, conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians … but there has never really been any hive action advocating for racist, conservative, or Republican ideology that falls under “srs bznz”.

There have been, however, certain hive actions that have fought up against racism, police brutality, and right wing insanity.
In stating all of this we are trying to clear up any confusions of claims of what Anonymous as a collective does or does not stand for or believe, as this is a fluid concept and always depends on the individuals participating in the various hive operation


The 8Presstorm8 media operation was the brain child of a woman who uses the handle “Jamie Jo Corne”. Jamie is an interesting individual who likes to put forth the impression that she is an “investigative journalist” in fact she repeats it almost to the level of a mantra to the point where one wonders whether she is trying to convince those she is telling this to or if she trying to convince herself.

"Jamie Jo Corne"

Using her aggressive style Jamie pushed to ingratiate herself into worlds of both Anonymous and Wikileaks, gaining a combination of friends and enemies on her way.
Jamie was infamous for her lavish claims of big media connections and credits that were often disproven.
She also elbowed herself into interviews with various types of media passing herself off as both an expert on Anonymous and an insider to the happenings of Anonymous operations.
While Jamie probably isn’t the first and probably won’t be the last person on the internet to make up outlandish claims and to try to infiltrate and manipulate Anonymous, her fables were a bit off putting.

White Supremacist American Free Press Article Written by White Nationalist Willis Carto is Promoted on Presstorm

The real red flags came to the attention of many people when Jamie published an article on Presstorm by the American Free Press publication which is owned and run by the racist White Nationalist: Willis Carto

White Nationalist Willis Carto Supporting Holocaust Denier Zundel Outside German Embassy in Washington DC.

To add insult to injury, also featured in this “American Free Press” article was a quote from “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” an old publication that is strongly believed to be the inspiration for the Nazi mass genocide of the Jews.

When confronted on this, instead of being apologetic for offering a venue for Nazi propaganda, Jamie became irate and rude. She had a cult level following of loyalists who chose to defend this kind of material rather than also question it’s presence on Presstorm which would have been the path most people who oppose racism would take.

The question was then, was Jamie herself a racist and was there an undercurrent agenda she was using Presstorm for?

This brings us to Jamie’s husband, whom we have heard is named “Dave” but we are not sure.
What we do know is that he was a sour tempered gadfly type on Twitter who used the handle “vincubusdante” and spent hours on the internet spewing nonsensical crude insults at anyone who questioned or confronted anything that had to do with Presstorm.

Jamie's Husband: "vincubusdante"

Hence, we weren’t all that surprised when this appeared:

Racist Tea-Party/Minuteman anti-immigration rhetoric from "Jamie Jo Corne's" husband "vincubusdante"

We found out that he was the author of the article on this page here:

vincubusdante as the author of the racist unpublished article on Presstorm

The full image of that editor’s directory is here:

Full Directory of vincubusdante's work

Everybody who was contributing their articles to Presstorm had access to this directory and was able to viewed this racist work in progress and nobody still had a problem or an issue with it?

Nobody had an issue when Jamie proudly posted a photo of her young children waving a Confederate flag, a symbol related to racism, slavery, lynching and hate?

Jamie's Children Waving around The Confederate Flag, One of the Most Embarrassing,Racist and Offensive Symbols in American Culture.

Jamie and her husband’s questionable racist ethics were not the only presence on Presstorm, there was also the issue of one of their main contributors who goes by the handle “Dale Hollyn”.


Dale Hollyn One of Presstorm's Top Contributors

“Dale Hollyn”‘s anti-choice articles on Presstorm struck an offensive note in a lot of people. In doing a little digging it didn’t take too long to find their right wing and quite racist Islamophobic blog called The Indianapolis Levee .
This blog which displays such hideous images as a photoshop of the Indiana African American elected official Andre’Carson being lynch:

Presstorm Contributor "Dale Hollyn" Photoshops a Lynching Using Indiana's African American Elected Official Andre' Carson

Another interesting post on “Hollyn’s” blog is the choice in the list of links:

Fascists, Islamophobes, and Presstorm make up the list of links on Dale Hollyn's Blog

The list includes Pam Geller’s Islamophobic blog Atlas Shrugs , the terrorist JDL organization leader Rabbi Kahane , WW2 Fascist leader and Ally to Hitler Mussolini, terrorism guide The Jolly Roger Cookbook , the extremist militia “Christian Patriot” movement … and “PRESSTORM” (lol!)

Was Presstorm aware of this racist blog? Well, they were following them on Twitter:

Presstorm is one of Six Followers of "Dale Hollyn's" Racist Blog


It was obvious in doing a little research that Dale Hollyn is not a real name but a handle, but who is Dale Hollyn and how does he fit into the Indianapolis community?

Research leads to the link to Dale’s blog in a signature on political forum profile is the signature for this profile

Being that is obviously not a very popular blog, and the profile states residency in Indiana we came to the conclusion that this is either “Dale Hollyn” or someone pretty damn close to him.

Profile Handle "Lewstherin" who is either Dale Hollyn or a Dale Hollyn Supporter Reveals Himself as Roger Nay a Racist Writer for the Indianapolis Examiner

Digging further we found this character popping up on an Islamophobic site bragging about his published racist articles in the Indianapolis Examiner under the name “Roger Nay”

Is Roger Nay = Dale Hollyn?

Mr Nay’s articles are so bad, racist and offensive, we found this on here with the most appalling sexist and disgusting commentary on First Lady Michelle Obama it is a complete parallel to what is found on the Neo-Nazi forum


In the world of Anonymous we must never forget or ignore the connection to 4Chan and the impish trolls from /b/. The common rhetoric and memes babbled on the internets have always be a collection of offensive and racist slurs used to troll and offend people who usually take life too seriously.
Are these slurs made because the trolls on /b/ support racism? No, they support trolling and getting “LULZ” from the people who rage from their antics.

Does /b/ or Anonymous support actual real life Ku Klux Klan or Nazi level racism? Over all we can safely say “no”.

In theory the majority of us can say we support free speech, we understand everyone has the right to be hateful if they choose and to scribbling down and even publish their bigoted verbiage.

We also reserve the right not to support hate speech nor do we have an obligation to offer it a platform and allow it to co-opt and try to define Anonymous into this kind of rightwing and hateful agenda.

Nor should we be bullied into compromising with this kind of internet presence.

The bullying from Presstorm to accept the racist publications and agenda they were pushing was almost on the level of the Scientology tactics Anonymous was fighting against only a few years ago.

As an individual, whether you are an Anon for “LULZ” or an Anon as a “freedom fighter” you never should allow yourself to be intimidated and conned into accepting an agenda that is inspired by conspiracy fairytales of hate and scapegoating those of a certain race, skin color, religion, sexual orientation. Anyone who is calling this bill of goods “freedom” is a hate mongering manipulator.

Lessons to be learned:

1. Beware of those who come out of nowhere and then assume to take charge. Anonymous is and always was a leaderless concept and should always beware of falling under the grip of a charismatic charlatan.
2. Beware of anyone begging for money, if there is someone raising money for a good cause that you think you can trust then donate at your own risk, but, Anonymous is not a cash cow, it is an internet machine.
3. Beware of crazy conspiracy agendas, most conspiracy theories are total bullshit anyone trying to push them on you is full of shit.

Jamie’s downfall is that Anonymous finally caught on to her scheme, so she picked up her marbles, put her hands on her hips and then screeched on about how she meant to do that, it was an “experiment”, she is going to write her Kitty Kelly style tell all book, …yadda…yadda..yadda… and *poof* she is gone, for now, maybe.

In the future, keep an eye out for the next Jamie and Presstorm to try to hop into your twitters, your hive, your IRC, your wallet and your nightmares, they are drama nobody needs.


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BART Part #1

Anonymous "Improves" CaliforniaAvoid.or

BART, the Bay Area Rapid Transit threaten to turn off cell phone service because of their fears of protests, well, the internets didn’t agree with this move….


Stay tuned for part #2

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Anonymous Vs. HBGary Federal

u mad?

February 4th, 2011, HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr gave an arrogant interview to the Financial Times, (which can be found here) where he claims that he knows the identities of the “leadership” of anonymous, has proof to support this allegation and is planning on using this to generate buzz about an upcoming speech he was to give at a cybersecurity conference in San Francisco later in February. Aaron Barr confessed to knowing the risks with such an undertaking, but he claimed to be prepared for them.

What happened next was stunning in its speed and brutality. Anonymous– which does not like being threatened, even with fabricated information– hacked, which is the personal website of Aaron’s corporate chief, Greg Hoglund. From there, anonymous was able to gain access to Greg’s email where they claimed to be Greg and sent HBGary’s technical director an email asking to open up port 59022, drop the firewall and to confirm the password. The technical director dutifully opened the port, dropped the firewall and provided the correct password.

Anonymous then had access to HBGary’s website and HBGary Federal’s website. They then downloaded the email files (“Spools”) for Aaron, Greg, and Aaron’s co-workers Phil and Ted. From there, they lured the still-incognito Aaron into a private IRC channel to confirm his identity. They did this by implying that Anonymous’ next target was HBGary Federal and– by virtue of having access to Aaron’s email– saw Aaron send an email attempting to warn his corporate masters of anon’s impending attack. With Aaron’s identity confirmed, they announced to him that they knew who he was and that they had possession of all of HBGary and HBGary Federal’s email.

Anons flooded into this chatroom and began mocking Aaron, who feebly attempted to defend himself by lying and claiming that he never intended to sell his information to the FBI, whereupon Anonymous produced his anonymous-v2.pdf file and the email that displayed his intention to attempt to sell both this file and HBGary Federal’s services to the FBI. Aaron proceeded to lie throughout this altercation, quitting in a rage several times before claiming that Anonymous had committed severe crimes and that they had “messed with the wrong opponent.” Aaron Barr finally exercised his divine right of stomping off the internet like a bratty child by offering the weak-assed excuse that anonymous was attempting to hack his home router, so in a fit of internet wizardry that completely justifies his six-figure salary, he turned his router off.

Seriously, he gets paid a six digit salary for THIS?

Penny of HBGary was brought into the chat, where she was advised to be honest as anonymous had possession of all of her emails and could verify if she was telling the truth or lying outright. Penny, being a corporatist, chose the lying path and claimed that she nor hbgary knew anything about Aaron’s activities. Anonymous quickly proved this false. While all of this was going on, Anonymous posted the 4.70 gigabyte archive to the pirate bay for the public to view.

Thanks to anonymous’ activities with chanology, a multitude of news outlets were notified and supplied with copies of the archive, where they proceeded to pick through them and pick out notable scandals, including HBGary’s involvement in a scheme cooked up by lawyers for Bank of America to intimidate, harass and blackmail journalists favorable to Wikileaks; and another scheme devised at the behest of the US Chamber of Commerce to infiltrate, subvert and hack major unions.

The fallout is still ongoing. Major IT companies are cutting all ties with HBGary, federal agencies are dumping HBGary and HBGary Federal and all companies that have installed HBGary products have been advised to discontinue their use and seek replacements due to the massive security hole this leak has produced. The juciest and most damning tidbit of all is the fact that HBGary was in possession of the infamous Stuxnet trojan– the same trojan that was used to infect and disable Iranian uranium centrifuges. Since it’s been leaked, the source code for Stuxnet is now available online for all to view.

Anonymous has since created a searchable, web-based database of all 60,000 leaked emails, which you can peruse for yourself at the following sites and mirrors:

Several lessons are readily apparent from this saga: silencing free speech and freedom of expression by underhanded means always backfires; many IT Security companies have incredibly lax security and the fact that they are employed by the federal government and paid with taxpayer dollars is laughable and insulting; attacking anonymous for personal and monetary gain is fatally idiotic.

Aaron Barr has joined Hal Turner and a long list of butthurt losers who thought they could silence the internet and failed.

He who lols last, lols best.

Right now, we're in Romania and Saipan.

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