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DC Tax Day Tea Party: “Don’t Look Ethel!”

DC Tea Bagger Rally 4/15/2010

From our brother site Tea Bagger Watch
From Mike Flugennock

I came away yesterday evening feeling somehow disppointed; sure, there were the obligatory birthers, flat-taxers and other assorted nutbars, and yes, there was the obligatory smattering of amusingly misspelled signs, but somehow — yesterday’s crowd just wasn’t as flat-out batshit as I was hoping and expecting. Michelle Bachman was her usual shrieking, shallow, ingnorant self, yet she vomited none of the off-the-hook weird statements that endear her to me; Andrew Breitbart exhibited his usual over-the-edge delivery, but neither of them seemed to really bring the crazy yesterday.

Kst Policy/Lobby Group Freedomworks Running The Whole Show. (photo by Isis)

They hated socialism, yet most of them looked old enough to be on Social Security and Medicare. They hated corporations, they loved capitalism. They hated the expansion of government power into their lives, they loved the expansion of government power into Iraq and Afghanistan. They hated Saul Alinsky — and they loved Saul Alinsky. Go figure.

Speakers galore shuffled across the stage — so many speakers, in fact, that it almost seemed like a right-wing version of an ANSWER rally, only with music. And, oh, what music. Almost without exception, every musical performer worked to the accompaniment of a pre-recorded instrumental backup track instead of a live backup band. Ray Stevens, late-60s Jesus-rock star famous for his ’70s novelty hit “The Streak”, proffered a sappy, cloying love song to the military which pegged my Smarmometer™ so hard that it damn’ near broke the needle off. Former Saturday Night Live fixture Victoria Jackson, who dropped out of SNL in the ’90s to pursue a career as a born-again Christian nutcake, cemented her position as Stupidest SNL Cast Member Ever with “There’s A Communist Living In The White House”, a song featuring a tedious guilt-by-association litany of the “communists” in Barack Obama’s life which, to her and all assembled, proved that the DLC corporate centrist hack currently in the Oval Office is, in fact, a dangerous Marxist.

DC Tea Bagger Rally 4/15/2010

Then, at long last, came the man I waited all evening to hear from — Little Andy Breitbart. He only seemed to go through the motions last night, with his prerequisite loony attitude, but there just wasn’t enough of the Breitbart zaniness that guarantees a full-tilt steaming-ears meltdown. This could be due to the fact that it was a “friendly” crowd without the possibility of his being confronted with any inconvenient truths, thus precluding any chance of Breitbart going over the edge. Most of his evening’s rantings were spent making excuses for Clarence Thomas and bitching about MSNBC and “union thugs” — in other words, a standard-issue rap which had none of the brilliance of his ravings at the recent CPAC conference in March. More’s the pity.

Opposition To The DC Tea Bagger Rally 4/15/2010 (photo by Isis)

For additional photos by WESPENNEST and by ISIS

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Pokerface Resurfaces With The Hutaree Militia

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Pokerface and Hutaree Connection

Back in July there was a Tea Bagger shindig in Upper Senate Park

At this event was a band called POKERFACE who provided the sound system, security and entertainment.

Well, it appears that Pokerface also has a strong connection to the Hutaree militia who were just arrested for plotting a domestic terrorist attack on the local law enforcement.

Pokerface promoted by Hutaree

Pokerface promoted by Hutaree

Pokerface has more of a past with Hutaree than they’re letting on, going so far as to issue the following statement on their site:

“At the present time, Poker Face has no comment on the situation developing/unfolding with the Hutaree folks. But given the governments track record against we the free, it makes us suspect government motives first, not the Hutaree…We pray that cooler heads prevail, and we are talking about ALL sides.”

Pokerface is a band that specifically targets its message to survivalists, militia members and other members of the heavily armed conspiracy fringe.

Here’s a rundown of Pokerface’s “greatest hits”:

Played a benefit for Willis Carto’s anti-semitic American Free Press at Rutgers in 2006
-Endorsed and performed at an event supporting Willis Carto’s Barnes Review
-Lead singer Paul was a frequent poster on neo-nazi forum
-Holocaust denial, “jews did 9/11” nonsense, “jews were responsible for slavery” idiocy and other anti-semitic bullshit, all in their interview with Mathaba.

Deniers will claim it is unfair to lumping these people in with mainstream conservatives.

The facts are that the band Pokerface identifies themselves as conservative.
They support conservative ideologies.
They support conservative elected officials and they play at conservative events.

Hutaree identifies itself as conservative and christian supremacist.

Militias in general identify their political leanings as conservative.


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Tea Bagger Terrorism!


With the recent call to violence by Mike Vanderboegh, the leader of the Sipsey Street Irregular “Militia,” there have been a rash of threats, intimidation and vandalism against the “enemies of America” that supported health care reform. With this in mind, Vanderboegh and Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes are slated to be speakers at the “Restore The Constitution Rally” on April 19th at both Fort Hunt and Gravelly parks in Virginia. Far from the usual teabagger fare, organizers of this rally specifically request participants to “bring [their] side arms and long arms to the banks of the Potomac.” Let this sink in: armed teabaggers will be congregating and be addressed by a man who has explicitly called for violence against elected officials.

Daniel 404-788-9735

The program for their event shows a pretty sloppily organized shindig:
From 9am to 5pm, participants will gather at Fort Hunt Park. Around 10:30, participants will have the option to take a field trip to Gravelly Point, to be as close to DC as legally possible with loaded weapons.

Gravelly Point is located at the threshold of Ronald Reagan National Airport, while Fort Hunt is an abandoned artillery fort from the Spanish American War, with all of its fortifications intact. Toss into the mix the fact that April 19th is the anniversary of both Waco and Oklahoma City, and what results is one of the most blatant FBI honeypots ever concocted, or a disaster in the making.

Either way, potential participants aren’t fooling around:

First, I’m not going to ask permission from a foreign government what can and cannot be done on a friendly state’s land. I do not recognize US government possession of the land.

Second, if I were to attend, my rifle will be loaded and slung in front for ready use, I’ll have a combat load of ammo, chemical protective mask, and likely a armored vest.

Somebody needs to get a grip on what this rally is all about, it ain’t to ask permission

Pray it starts at the rally, and being sporting we will give them the first volley. After that they get no quarter.

What happens if a third party, say some off-duty ACORN stormtroopers, decide to do a drive-by or whatever it is that passes for an induction into “manhood” in their circles?

Talking Points Memo went to the trouble of plotting all of the recent displays of violence directed at congress members who voted for health care reform on Google Maps.

You can view this map here

Here are the instances plotted on the map, current as of this writing:

-Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-OH), a yes on the health care bill, said Wednesday he has gotten “death threats.” A conservative blog also published his home address calling for a “protest at the Drinkhaus mansion.”

-After the passage of the bill Sunday night, a “fist-sized” rock was thrown at a window at the Hamilton County Democratic Party in Cincinnati, in the district of Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-OH), the Enquirer reports.

-On Friday night or Saturday morning, a brick bearing unspecified “anti-Obama and anti-health care messages” was thrown through a floor-to-ceiling window at the Sedgwick County Democratic Party headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, CNN and the Kansas City Start reported.

-In the early hours of the morning on Monday just after the House health care vote, someone smashed the glass front door of the Tucson office of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), the Arizona Daily Star reported. “The perpetrator likely had to hop the gated fence to get access to the door, since it’s not viewable from the parking lot,” the paper reported.

-A brick was thrown through the glass doors of the Monroe County Democratic Committee office in Rochester, NY, over the weekend, the Democrat and Chronicle reported. A note attached to the brick bore the Barry Goldwater quote, “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice,” a spokesman for the committee told the newspaper. The office is in the district of Rep. Louise Slaughter.

-After a tea party organizer published the address of the brother of Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA) in a blog post urging anti-health reform activists to “drop by,” someone cut a propane gas line at the house, Politico is reporting. Now the FBI is investigating what happened at the home near Charlottesville.

-Early on the morning of March 19, someone threw a brick through the window of Rep. Louise Slaughter’s office in Niagara Falls, New York, doing $350 of damage, the Buffalo News reported. Slaughter (D-NY) briefly attracted the ire of conservatives over the “Slaughter Solution,” a procedural maneuver that was considered (but, ultimately, not used) to pass health reform.

Only time will tell if teabaggers plan to extend their violence to common citizens.


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Health Care, Immigration and Tea Baggers OH MY!

Photo by Isis

This has been quite a weekend to top the ride we have all had since the nomination and election of our first black president.

It’s bad enough our country has been left a mess by past administrations, but now seeing an infantile uprising of those who supported Bush, the war, deregulation of our banks (and so on…) shows that the opposition is not quite done trying to drag our country back to Jim Crow times and into the ground.

First let’s start with the tea baggers. A spoiled, whiny, childish group of over-indulged middle class white people who are angry that their party lost the election– and to a person of color no less!

photo by Isis

This has made them ready followers for corporate insurance interests during this much needed overhaul of our health care system.
Last night there was a vote and they lost, 220-211.

During their “Code Red” rally over the weekend they started to lose it and got desperate with reports of racist and homophobic outbursts at black and gay elected officials on Saturday.
But, what would Sunday bring? IMMIGRATION RIGHTS!

Photo by Isis

Sunday was an interesting day. Not only was it the health care vote, but the immigration reform rally of a size that very few protest gatherings could ever hold a candle to– no, not even the tea baggers’ 9/12 rally, and we all know the tea baggers don’t like immigrants either.
The mix consisted of angry tea baggers who won’t get their way no matter how much they stamp their feet, throw tantrums and hurl racial slurs, and 500,000 people standing up for immigration rights. Guess whose cause is going farther.


The condescending racist moron at the end of the video is pediatrician Dr. Julie Marx whose practice is in the Washington DC area.
This elitist skank hobnobs with her fellow privileged classists on the Washington DC society pages.

Elitist Dr. Julie Marx in centre

So, while there are 37.8 MILLION PEOPLE WITHOUT HEALTH CARE, this class act is only concerned for her $$$$$’s and talking down to people of color.

Is this right wing insanity going to wane? We think it’s going to get worse; tea baggers are a nasty group with a strong sense of white privilege who think they can use threats of guns and a “violent revolution”

Photo by Isis

For generations, leftist protesters who opposed the government have had their lives destroyed over voicing their opinions.
These right wingers have carried racist and violent signs and their behavior has been given a pass. Their opposition has been practically non-existent, but things are changing.
People are starting to stand up to these phony patriots and talk back.

Photo by Isis

If our predictions run true, the immigrant community is going to be the next victims of tea bagger outrage– and you can believe they WILL find the opposition missing from their lives.


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When The Onion Hits It Out Of The Ball Park

With such an intense weekend of reporting on Antifa and “Gnatzis”, the LLL collective here thought it would be a good idea to throw in some comedy.

The Onion, a classic in satirical journalism, really hit this one out of the ball park in it’s 110% accuracy:

Area Man Passionate Defender Of What He Imagines Constitution To Be
NOVEMBER 14, 2009 | ISSUE 45•46


Kyle Mortensen would gladly give his life to protect what he says is the Constitution's very clear stance against birth control.

ESCONDIDO, CA—Spurred by an administration he believes to be guilty of numerous transgressions, self-described American patriot Kyle Mortensen, 47, is a vehement defender of ideas he seems to think are enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and principles that brave men have fought and died for solely in his head.

Kyle Mortensen would gladly give his life to protect what he says is the Constitution’s very clear stance against birth control.
“Our very way of life is under siege,” said Mortensen, whose understanding of the Constitution derives not from a close reading of the document but from talk- show pundits, books by television personalities, and the limitless expanse of his own colorful imagination. “It’s time for true Americans to stand up and protect the values that make us who we are.”

According to Mortensen—an otherwise mild-mannered husband, father, and small-business owner—the most serious threat to his fanciful version of the 222- year-old Constitution is the attempt by far-left “traitors” to strip it of its religious foundation.
“Right there in the preamble, the authors make their priorities clear: ‘one nation under God,'” said Mortensen, attributing to the
Constitution a line from the Pledge of Allegiance, which itself did not include any reference to a deity until 1954. “Well, there’s a reason they put that right at the top.”

“Men like Madison and Jefferson were moved by the ideals of Christianity, and wanted the United States to reflect those values as a Christian nation,” continued Mortensen, referring to the “Father of the Constitution,” James Madison, considered by many historians to be an atheist, and Thomas Jefferson, an Enlightenment-era thinker who rejected the divinity of Christ and was in France at the time the document was written. “The words on the page speak for themselves.”

According to sources who have read the nation’s charter, the U.S. Constitution and its 27 amendments do not contain the word “God” or “Christ.”

Mortensen said his admiration for the loose assemblage of vague half-notions he calls the Constitution has only grown over time.

He believes that each detail he has pulled from thin air—from prohibitions on sodomy and flag-burning, to mandatory crackdowns on immigrants, to the right of citizens not to have their hard-earned income confiscated in the form of taxes—has contributed to making it the best framework for governance “since the Ten Commandments.”
“And let’s not forget that when the Constitution was ratified it brought freedom to every single American,” Mortensen said.
Mortensen’s passion for safeguarding the elaborate fantasy world in which his conception of the Constitution resides is greatly respected by his likeminded friends and relatives, many of whom have been known to repeat his unfounded assertions verbatim when angered. Still, some friends and family members remain critical.

“Dad’s great, but listening to all that talk radio has put some weird ideas into his head,” said daughter Samantha, a freshman at Reed College in Portland, OR. “He believes the Constitution allows the government to torture people and ban gay marriage, yet
he doesn’t even know that it guarantees universal health care.”

Mortensen told reporters that he’ll fight until the bitter end for what he roughly supposes the Constitution to be.
He acknowledged, however, that it might already be too late to win the battle.
“The freedoms our Founding Fathers spilled their blood for are vanishing before our eyes,” Mortensen said. “In under a year, a fascist, socialist regime has turned a proud democracy into a totalitarian state that will soon control every facet of American life.”
“Don’t just take my word for it,” Mortensen added. “Try reading a newspaper or watching the news sometime.”

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We Has Healthcare…Sort of…?

Did we get single payer? NO!
Did we get Public Option?
Does anyone know what we got?
Ummmm … ?…

Yet, watching the insurance CEO’s dump millions into Kst for this:
teabagger …has been the most entertaining part …

The sad piece of is 90% of the people suckered into this T-Bag movement are not bad people.
They are being lied to and manipulated for the sake of insurance CEO billionaires who rip off and steal from a majority of the American people.

Does anyone really agree with employees having to pay an extra $200 a month for healthcare?

Is it fair for a small business owner to have to pay out $1000’s a month to cover the employees?

It’s time to stop pay off the thugs whom we are forced in monthly extortion protection $$$$’s to.

We The People, under threats and fear pay out to insurance corporations for: healthcare, cars, for our homes, legal protection, for our businesses… they even control our driving privileges! WTF????



Because, they would rather dump the money they should use to pay up on claims into astroturf groups who round up the disgruntled and misinformed to do their bidding.

Will the senate pass it?

I think it will pass, and in the future it might evolve … maybe …


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From the Steps Of the Capitol:Tea Bagger Event Attracts Thousands

TeabaggerNov5, 2009

Copyright Photo by Isis

Mike Flugennock writes:

Thousands of ignorant-assed SUV-driving muthafucKKKahs gathered on Capitol Hill today to actively campaign against their own best interests in the current healthcare “debate”. “Abuse us! Cheat us! Let us sicken and die when we can’t afford healthcare!!” chanted the crazed thousands of freedom-loving patriots who assembled at the Peoples’ House today. The throngs of fake Harley gear-wearing whitebread thrilled to the stirring words of Michelle “You Be Da’ Man” Bachmann and the guy who played the mailman on “Cheers” as they condemned the weak-assed bone thrown to single-payer supporters in the form of the “Public Option”. Look the hell out, Nancy Pelosi. Fear the voice of the People.

Speakers included Bachmann, Jon “Midnight Cowboy” Voight, and “Cliff” from Cheers.



Pitiful fools …….


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