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Corey “C-Money” Farrell

From our comrades at H.A.R.M., comes this HOWLARIOUS piece, highlighting one of the best and brightest rising stars of the WN scene (snicker).

Corey “C-Money” Farrell

The World’s Least Intelligent
Wanna-Be White Supremacist

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present you with Corey Farrell from Lafayette, IN. Corey “C-Money” Farrell brings up an interesting conundrum. Can a white supremacist be too stupid for antifascists to mess with? We’ll let you decide.

We recently received an unsolicited email from C-Money. The body was blank but the subject read, “I would love to join the movement”. Emails like this are not exactly how we grow as an organization. We figured this was just another white supremacist troll, but figured we’d shoot an email back:


Tell us about ypurself.Where you from? Where you live? Where’d you go to high school? How’d you hear about us?Describe your political beliefs. Have you been an activist for any other organizations? Do you have any skillsets you think might be useful?

We recieved this eyebrow-raising response:


Names Corey Farrell 22 years old. From lafayette Indiana. Went to Jeff high school. My political views is governmentis more towards Mexicans n afro Americans. Fuck the whites… My skills sets would be spreading the word here in Indiana n where ever I go. I am proud to be a white male.

And then added:


I also never been in any movements. But my family tells me to find one n join. Heard good things about u guys

It was at this point in time that we began to suspect that we might not be quite the organization that C-Money was looking for. The best that we can figure out, C-Money heard some rumors about some hard-hitting beastly members of the Lafayette Crew (who happen to have lightly tinted skin) and just assumed that they must be white supremacist. You’d think since he took the time to look up our email address on the interwebz he might have taken the time to read anything that we’ve ever posted, but no.

We were still amazed that anyone was this stupid. We looked online and quickly found that his info did indeed check out. C-Money is a 22 year old Lafayette native who wasn’t good enough at mixed martial arts to go anywhere with it. He’s been arrested on outstanding warrants. But still, we had to make sure:


So you’re a proud white male willing to do what it takes to ensure that white males keep their place at the top of the food chain?

C-Money’s response:


Depends what’s going on y

Followed by:


But ya I’m a proud white male

WN crews love “ironic” homosexuality.

Oh, C-Money… You’re actually pretty lucky you got us instead of the people you were looking for. Go tell some Hammerskins, Peckerwoods, or Aryan Brotherhood crews that you’d love to join their movement and that your name is “C-Money”. They’ll love that.

In all honesty, we almost feel bad for the kid. His parents apparently want him to join a hate group. He doesn’t have a future in fighting. He isn’t gonna become a doctor or rocket scientist. He probably figures he might as well join up with a crew that he hopes will have his back in the prison he’ll probably wind up in.

He was kind enough to provide a phone number for us. We’re holding back his address for the time being. All you liberal peace police who say that education is the answer: Here’s your chance. Someone should school this kid and find him a job and teach him how to read. Start with explaining what putting the prefix “anti-” in front of a word does to its meaning. Any antifa reading this might consider giving him a call to let him know what his future will be like if he succeeds in joining in a hate group. If that doesn’t work, oh well, the bigots can have this one… Ladies and gentleman the future of the white nationalism.

Corey “C-Money” Farrell
Lafayette, IN

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White Supremacist “Conservatives” hold Gatherings at the National Press Club and Ronald Reagan Building on 9/11 weekend in DC

Richard Spencer at the National Press Club is the organizer for the white nationalist NPI conference

9/11 weekend is already a tense weekend in the DC area, with remembrance events, fears of repeated attacks and bumped up security reminders with check points and street cops walking around the metro with shotguns.

To add to this mess, a white supremacist contingent of conservatives who often refer to themselves as “Paleo-Conservatives” attempted to galvanize support via a white nationalist political conference to build a unified base. Unlike the “Neo-Conservatives”– of whom they regard as more beholden to the evils of multi-culturalism than “true conservatives” are supposed to be– the Paleo-cons openly advocate for “white America”.

Richard Spencer was the main organizer of the event which was sponsored by the pro-white advocate group called The National Policy Institute or NPI. Spencer was recently asked to leave TakiMag over the possibility he was too racist for Taki.

The handout flier for this event was titled: “The Majority Strategy”- Why The GOP Must Win White America” and we uploaded it:

National Policy Institute- The Majority Strategy (18mb .PDF)

The speakers at this conference included the waning shock jock from Political Cesspool, James Edwards— whose persona is a cross between a backwoods used car salesman and a racist skinhead, and The American Renaissance publisher Jared Taylor.

Until recently, Taylor was the main organizer of these pro-white conferences, but recently they have been shut down by strong community opposition.

Left: Political Cesspool's James Edwards Right: American Renaissance's Jared Taylor. Both were speakers at the NPI Conference.

Mike Flugennock from was also there and with his humorous style summed up the conference in his very informative video:

The events were a press conference held at the National Press Club in DC on September 9, 2011 and their conference was located at the Ronald Reagan Building in DC on September 10, 2011.


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BART Part #1

Anonymous "Improves" CaliforniaAvoid.or

BART, the Bay Area Rapid Transit threaten to turn off cell phone service because of their fears of protests, well, the internets didn’t agree with this move….


Stay tuned for part #2

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Welcome Back, Keith Olbermann!



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Heil Herpes!

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The Internet vs. Corporate Greed: Update From the Front Line

It needs moar desu!

With prior warning of the attack, the MPAA hired the services of DOSARREST, a company that provides protection against direct denial of service attacks. Understandably, the DDOS attack against the MPAA’s website was not successful. Thousands of internet users enraged at the freedom-crushing practices of greedy capitalist corporations were not placated by this strategy, and quickly moved to target known anti-piracy websites. The result of the MPAA blocking Anonymous’ attack was the full strength of the raid force being directed at smaller websites that did not have the money or resources to hire the expensive (yet temporary) services of DOSARREST.

ACS:LAW, a British law firm infamous for sending out 10,000 “blackmail” letters against suspected filesharers was targeted and taken down in a matter of seconds. Aiplex, the company hired by the MPAA to DDOS The Pirate Bay, remains down. Earlier today, Anonymous also mounted a “Googlebomb” campaign to have “Robert Pisano MPAA CEO Arrested for Child Molestation” appear as top searches on Google.

Moar updates to come.

The rage of the internet will not be denied.

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The Internet vs. Corporate Greed: Moar Payback

In reference to our last article…”Payback is a Bitch”

Didja hear about that new pirate movie? It's rated ARRRRRRRRRR


What happens when your industry lobbying arms hire a company to use illegal means to stifle free speech on the internet?

Activists target recording industry websites

Piracy activists have carried out coordinated attacks on websites owned by the music and film industry.

The assault temporarily knocked the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) offline.

The attacks were declared on notorious message-board 4chan and were reportedly in retaliation for anti-piracy efforts against file-sharing websites.

The group has declared it will continue to target other sites.

Next in their sights is the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), which it has said will come under attack on 20 September.

Data floods

“Operation payback”, as it is known, is reportedly revenge for the MPAA and RIAA’s action against the file-sharing website The Pirate Bay.

Their call to arms was reportedly prompted by a statement by Indian software firm Aiplex, which told the Sydney Morning Herald that it used cyber attacks on sites hosting pirated movies on behalf of the film industry.

Specifically, the firm said that it used Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, where a website is bombarded by requests for pages, effectively taking it offline.

The anonymous activists chose to use the same method to take Aiplex and the other organisations offline.

“We brought them down the same way they brought down The Pirate Bay, with a distributed denial of service,” the group said in message posted on the web.

“They hired, who has been taken care of as well. They struck first, we struck harder.”

The group has advised members to download software to help flood servers and has reportedly used botnets – networks of computers infected with malicious software and under the control of a hacker or criminal – to flood the websites.

A spokesperson for Aiplex confirmed the action to BBC News.

“Our site was under attack for some time,” he said, adding its site had been taken offline for “about a day and half” over the weekend.

The MPAA has also confirmed the attack and said that it had “taken measures” to mitigate the effects.

All of the targeted sites are currently back online, but a message posted on the web suggests that the BPI will be targeted next.

The BPI did not respond to requests for comment.

Sean-Paul Correll of Panda Security described the action as “the future of cyber protests”.

“How do you stop the collective man power of an entire internet community? You can seize equipment, hunt down the originators of the attack, but this is a group who has prided themselves in remaining anonymous, and have done so very well through the power of the internet.”

A similar anonymous group – also reportedly coordinated through 4chan – temporarily blocked access to key Australian government websites plans in protests against plans to introduce net filters in the country, earlier this year.

u mad?


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Colbert and Stewart; Having the Rally and March of the Decade 10/30/10!!!!!

In Washington DC on 10/30/10!!!!

Restoring Fear March

Rally to Restore Sanity (click me)

Rally to Restore Sanity


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