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Justice for Parrot

From Luke

Dog lovers and activists protest murder of dog by police
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22 Sep 2010
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On Adams-Morgan Day,a DC cop shot and killed a dog in cold blood. It wasn’t enough to get a knee in the dog’s ribs try and choke him out, he threw the dog down the stairs and shot him. A little over a week later, animal rights protesters and dog lovers showed up in front of MPD’s headquarters at 300 Indiana Avenue NW.

One sign showed Parrot, saying “If I were a poodle I would still be alive.” A banner condemned police violence in general.

Protesters demanded that the offending cop be fired, and pointed out that he has a record of killing one of his OWN dogs, and also appears on facebook with a dead deer. A cop like this should be treated as someone working up to shooting people next.

It is widely suspected that Parrot was really killed for being a pit bull. Hmm-seems to me that MPD also shoots people for who they are, especially if they are not white. With an attitude like this, is it any surprise that dogs are shot for who they are as well?

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July 18-22 Protests Against HLS Radio Broadcast from WSQT

This video is friggen AWESOME!!!

WSQT has classic radio broadcasts of actions around town. Their MP3s kick ass!

Intro to Huntingdon Life sciences and the campaign to shut them down

Coverage of the July 18 home demos that stirred up a Georgetown hornets nest

Extended coverage of July 19 HLS protests in which Bristol-Myers Squibb got their lobby stormed

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Trick HLS And Treat The Animals To A Good Life


Save The Animals On Halloween

Please join DARTT for Halloween HLS Demos this Friday and Saturday.

In solidarity with Freaky Friday Global day of action against customers of
HLS on the eve of Halloween, DARTT is going to start off with
demonstrations at the offices of HuntingdonÂ’s largest customers: Novartis, Bristol Myers Squibb and Sanofi Aventis. Then, on Halloween, we will be ‘trick or treating’ HLS customers during the afternoon and another set
upon nightfall.

Please dress in costume! Recommended: Lab coat and Skull mask, but be
creative! Other recommendations include vivisected animals, or zombie
security guard/vivisector/cop.

When: Friday October 30th at 7:30 am; Meet at Gallery Place/Chinatown at
the Gallery Exit.

Saturday: October 31st @:
Shift 1 @ 2 pm, Meet at Friendship Heights Metro, Western Ave Exit)
Shift 2 (Graveyard Shift) @ 8 pm, Meet at Van Ness/UDC

*We will be going to a few locations, so bring good walking shoes and a
loud voice to speak out for the voiceless.

Why?: HLS is a contract animal testing facility that has been exposed in 7
undercover investigations. HLS uses every other-than-humyn animal from
rats, mice, fish, dogs, cats, rabbits, primates to farm animals. Right
now, while you are reading this, 70,000 animals are imprisoned inside the
HLS hellhole.

NOTE: These are peaceful and legal demonstrations to raise awareness about
the cruel terror and cold blooded murder committed by HLS and their

Trick or Treat!
Happy Halloween!!!

Defending Animal Rights Today & Tomorrow


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