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Justice for Parrot

From Luke

Dog lovers and activists protest murder of dog by police
Date Created
22 Sep 2010
More details…
On Adams-Morgan Day,a DC cop shot and killed a dog in cold blood. It wasn’t enough to get a knee in the dog’s ribs try and choke him out, he threw the dog down the stairs and shot him. A little over a week later, animal rights protesters and dog lovers showed up in front of MPD’s headquarters at 300 Indiana Avenue NW.

One sign showed Parrot, saying “If I were a poodle I would still be alive.” A banner condemned police violence in general.

Protesters demanded that the offending cop be fired, and pointed out that he has a record of killing one of his OWN dogs, and also appears on facebook with a dead deer. A cop like this should be treated as someone working up to shooting people next.

It is widely suspected that Parrot was really killed for being a pit bull. Hmm-seems to me that MPD also shoots people for who they are, especially if they are not white. With an attitude like this, is it any surprise that dogs are shot for who they are as well?

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July 18-22 Protests Against HLS Radio Broadcast from WSQT

This video is friggen AWESOME!!!

WSQT has classic radio broadcasts of actions around town. Their MP3s kick ass!

Intro to Huntingdon Life sciences and the campaign to shut them down

Coverage of the July 18 home demos that stirred up a Georgetown hornets nest

Extended coverage of July 19 HLS protests in which Bristol-Myers Squibb got their lobby stormed

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HLS Protesters Storm Bristol-Myers Squibb/And 30 Show to Protest at Home Demos!

Huntington Life Sciences is an evil company who makes their profits from animal torture.

They are proof of how horrible the capitalist system is.

On the wane of the big annual Animal Rights National Conference it was imperative for activists to confront all those who do business with HLS.

From DC Direct Action News

HLS Protesters storm Bristol-Myers Squibb after protesting other HLS customer offices
On Monday, the 19th of July, as the big Animal Rights 2010 conference was wrapping up, dozens of animal rights activists swarmed into DC to protest at the offices of DC’s Huntingdon Life Sciences customers.

Protests began at 701 Penn Ave, home of Bayer, Novartis, and Astra-Zenica before moving on to Sanofi_aventis at 801 Penn Ave, other side of the same building. Finally the entire crew of 30-50 activists marched to 655 15th st NW, Metropolitian Square. This is the home of Bristol-Myers Squibb, notorious HLS customer and scene of many a past confrontation over their puppy-killing ways.

Bayer and Sanofi-Aventis were again called out for their past as parts of Nazi Germany’s notorious I.G. Farben, the firm that built Auschwitz. Being called out for this by a Jewish activist cannot be good public relations.

The real surprise was later, as protesters moved against Bristol-Myers Squibb. With protesters at one door, a team was dispatched to the second door, found it unlocked-and pounced! Activists suceeded in storming the building, though they quickly came boiling back out at security guards with cameras counter-charged the activists in the lobby and screamed for cops to arrest them-which did not happen.

As the day wound down, there was talk of going back to Sanofi-Aventis, to be followed by yet another round of home demos…

Also, on July 18th activists did home demos at the investors of HLS and are keeping HLS in the animal torture and killing business.

From DC Direct Action News

Washington DC-On July 18, at least 30 protesters descended on the homes of Keith Carr (Legg Mason) at 500 Mass Ave, and John Richardson(Abbot Fund) at 2732 P st NW,to protest their role as executives of corporations crucial to the continued existence of puppy-killing Huntingdon Life Sciences.
This was the second of two days of protests at the homes of executives with ties to puppy-killing Huntingdon Life Sciences. he first round was in the Friendship Heights area on Saturday, July 17.

Camera Duel with aggressive neighbor with a past history of violence

Audio coverage of the home demos courtesy of WSQT Direct Action Radio

Due to police repression at and after past HLS demos, some activists asked not to be photographed, so there will be no videos showing protesters other than myself posted as part of this story unless organizers vet their own security video and post their own video.
I do not know if protesters went to other HLS execs before I linked up with them for the march on Keith Carr’s home, or after the march on John Richardson’s home

Keith Carr of 2500 Mass Ave NW, a big condo or apartement building,, is an executive with Legg Mason, which owns 1/6 of all shares in Fortress.
Loans and loan reschedulings from Fortress are the reason HLS still exists today.
Therefore, all executives with Fortress’ own investors are subject to the “Seige of Fortress,” the campaign to force Fortress to call in the loans and sink HLS forever.

Four or five cop cars showed up at the protest against Keith Carr, but took no adverse action.

Next, protesters marched into Georgetown to the home of John Richardson, President of Abbot Fund.
He lives at 2732 P st NW in Georgetown.
Abbot, the Big Pharma that Abbot Fund lobbies for, is a notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences customer.
Again, for as long as I was present the cops seemed to be on their best behavior, watching but taking no action as there was no illegal activity of any kind for them to act against.

Wealthy Georgetown residents do not seem to like protesters, and one of them came outside aggressively videotaping protesters-and screaming for cops when reminded that the October Rebellion/IMF protests kicked ass on his wealthy neighbors and the cops in Fall 2007, and that since he was seen emerging from his house his address (2728 P st NW) too was of course known to protesters.
He tried to sic the cops on me for responding to his aggressive videotaping of the very people whose wish not to be photographed I was respecting.
This jerk has previously broken another photographer’s camera and seems to have a history of violence.


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HLS Protesters Disrupt Baltimore “Green Capitalism” Convention


Baltimore Maryland-On the 13 of May, protesters disrupted the “Diversity Green Business Conference,” a “green capitalism” conference at the Baltimore Convention Center, where Josia Lindsay, vice president of a “Green Energy” hedge fund run by Fortress Investment was scheduled to speak.

You may have heard of Huntingdon Life Sciences or HLS, notorious for killing 500 animals a day testing products like bleach and Splenda. What you may not have heard is that they are over $70 million in debt, and would not exist today if Fortress Investment hadn’t bailed them out, showered them with loans and extended the loans when default appeared certain.

A banner was hung inside, attached to 30 green and black balloons on the third floor in front of the room where Josia Lindsay was sceduled to speak. Protesters then set up right outside the Convention Center’s windows with loud bullhorns.

It took the cops at least half an hour to respond, at which point they told lies about needing a permit to use a bullhorn, tried and failed to demand ID, and finally threatened people with arrest unless they backed up to the sidewalk. That didn’t work-protester packed up and headed down some one-way streets to losde the cops-and then RETURNED after the cops were gone! Back came the bullhorns, back came the protests right outside the Convention Center’s windows. Cops came boiling back to the scene-but not until protesters were packing up for real! No arrests were made after the cops found all their bluffs called.

On top of all else, a Native American participant in the protests called out Josia Lindsay, who is African-American, for investing in research descended from forcible experiments conducted on Black and Native American people in prior centuries by white supremacist colonizers. He went so far as to describe specific and horrifying experiments conducted on Native American people like his ancestors and remind Josia Lindsay that people kidnapped from Africa like his ancestors were also subjected to this brutal torture. He than said that if Mr Linday would not as a fellow person of color discontinue these investments, activsts would simply run his company, Fortress, out of business!

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Huntington Life Sciences Affiliate Lies To DC City Council To Hamper Rights To Protest.

Home demonstrations have always been a way to protest for social justice by activists.
To the home owner who is the target of such demos, it can appear a bit daunting, but there has been very little to no records of violence in the DC area from home demonstrations.

Home of Huntington Life Sciences Affiliate Jenifer Luray And Husband Steve Goodman.

Huntington Life Sciences is one of the most hideous animal abusers in the gruesome world of animal testing. Bordering on death camps and based in England, HLS has sparked many years and hundreds of thousands of protests against them from all over the globe.

Jennifer Luray, works as a senior executive for a new “non-profit” organization, funded by Abbott Labs, Battelle, GlaxoSmithKline, and the March of Dimes.
Jennifer Luray, until recently, headed up government relations for Abbott Labs, to take on the role of Vice President for the pharmaceutical lobbying front group for 3 of the largest customers of HLS and March of Dimes, who have been exposed for sloppy, unethical science and animal torture.

The animal rights group DARTT has a long list of groups, companies and individuals who are closely connected to HLS, and Jennifer Luray is on that list. Hence, Luray and her husband Steve Goodman had maybe annoying, but always peaceful demonstrations at their home.
Halloween 2008, during a home demo at the Luray/Goodman residence in a very wealthy section of DC, the protests went a bit sour, but not from the animal rights activists, but from Steve Goodman who went on a violent rage against a female protester

Since then, the well to do and politically well connected “Jennifer Luray” has been trying to throw her weight around by forcing a proposed bill to not allow this style of protest to continue in her privileged neighborhood.
The DC Direct Action News Reports HERE

HLS protest target accuses peaceful protesters of planning to burn home
At a Feb 13 fur protest, a participant told WSQT Radio that Steve Goodman, the husband of HLS customer exec Jennifer Luray, had accused peaceful protesters of plotting to burn their home at a DC City Council meeting on the subject of a proposed ban on home demos.
Since there has never been an Animal Liberation Front fire in the DC area, this ludicrous claim borders on slander. It is also stupid,as that sort of stuff didn’t start in California either until the authorities began suppressing peaceful protests with injunctions, raids, and arrests-sometimes for nothing more than giving out leaflets.

Steve Goodman, who once chased protesters into a Metro station and choked a woman protester, also had the nerve to call protesters “domestic terrorists,” “hoodlums,” and “thugs.” With his record of violence, this is an outrageous slander.

There is a great audio report and more HERE

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Join DARTT for Fur Season Kick-off Demos- This Sunday

n17400835_31023006_3445 copy

Animal Killer Palin Sporting Her Death Wear

Join DARTT for the first round fur demos this Sunday. Thats right, its
that time of year again. Won’t Adriana Furs, Max Mara, Sacks 5th Ave,
Bloomingdales or Nieman CARCUS ever learn? You deal in dead animal
skins…..You Deal with us!

WHEN: Sunday, November 8th at 2:00 pm
WHERE: Meet at Friendship Heights-Red Line-(Western Ave Exit)

Why: Each year over 50 million animals are murdered for fashion by the
fur industry. Around the world that number is even higher. The majority
of the animals spend their entire lives on fur farms where every natural
instinct is denied to them. Animals on fur farms often show tell-tale
signs of insanity such as nervous pacing, self-mutilation, and
cannibalism. In the
end, these animals die a painful death at the hands of the fur farmer.

For the millions of animals that are trapped in the wild, the fate is no
better. Often animals caught in traps attempt to chew off their own legs
to escape; some bleed to death before the trapper arrives; and others
succumb to predators. Not to mention, cats, dogs and other “non-target”
animals are often caught in these traps as well. Unwanted, these animals
are thrown away or let free with fatal injuries. For the animals that do
survive until the trapper arrives, death is inevitable.

Animals are killed for their fur using such methods as gassing,
trapping,anal or vaginal electrocution, neck breaking, stomping,
clubbing or drowning. To make one fur coat the following number of
animals suffer and die:

12-15 lynx
10-15 wolves or coyotes
15-20 foxes
35 rabbits
60-80 mink
27-30 raccoons
10-12 beavers
60-100 squirrels
200 chinchillas

WHEN: Sunday, November 8th at 2:00 pm
WHERE: Meet at Friendship Heights-Red Line-(Western Ave Exit)

NOTE: These are peaceful and legal demonstrations. We will be walking to
different places, so bring your walking shoes and a loud voice for the

*Signs and Leaflets will be provided

Defending Animal Rights Today & Tomorrow

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Trick HLS And Treat The Animals To A Good Life


Save The Animals On Halloween

Please join DARTT for Halloween HLS Demos this Friday and Saturday.

In solidarity with Freaky Friday Global day of action against customers of
HLS on the eve of Halloween, DARTT is going to start off with
demonstrations at the offices of Huntingdon’s largest customers: Novartis, Bristol Myers Squibb and Sanofi Aventis. Then, on Halloween, we will be ‘trick or treating’ HLS customers during the afternoon and another set
upon nightfall.

Please dress in costume! Recommended: Lab coat and Skull mask, but be
creative! Other recommendations include vivisected animals, or zombie
security guard/vivisector/cop.

When: Friday October 30th at 7:30 am; Meet at Gallery Place/Chinatown at
the Gallery Exit.

Saturday: October 31st @:
Shift 1 @ 2 pm, Meet at Friendship Heights Metro, Western Ave Exit)
Shift 2 (Graveyard Shift) @ 8 pm, Meet at Van Ness/UDC

*We will be going to a few locations, so bring good walking shoes and a
loud voice to speak out for the voiceless.

Why?: HLS is a contract animal testing facility that has been exposed in 7
undercover investigations. HLS uses every other-than-humyn animal from
rats, mice, fish, dogs, cats, rabbits, primates to farm animals. Right
now, while you are reading this, 70,000 animals are imprisoned inside the
HLS hellhole.

NOTE: These are peaceful and legal demonstrations to raise awareness about
the cruel terror and cold blooded murder committed by HLS and their

Trick or Treat!
Happy Halloween!!!

Defending Animal Rights Today & Tomorrow


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