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Sucking Koch!

Julia and David Koch in a Marie Antoinette/Louis XVI moment overlooking a crowd of protesters from a balcony.

The middle east was in chaos this weekend with protests and clashes filling the news with the havoc. But the middle east was not the only site of protest– a smaller and less violent protest in California at what was supposed to be a billionaire caucus drew 1000 angry protesters outside a posh resort in Palm Springs California.

Despite being organized by MoveOn– and thus part of a larger political circus– the protesters were not lacking causes to oppose and rage against. The key figures present at this confluence of corporate corruption were the multi-billion dollar Koch Brothers. Apart from their status as primary funders of the entire teabag movement, the Koch’s other but no less odious claim to fame rests with their father, Fred who– with Robert Welch and Revilo P. Oliver– founded the John Birch Society. Revilo P. Oliver is a notable figure due to his prominence in White Nationalist circles (he also co-founded the neo-nazi National Alliance with William Peirce), and consequently the John Birch Society enjoyed the membership of such prominent neo-nazis as David Lane, Tommy Metzger and William Peirce. Before we digress too much, let’s just finish with how the John Birch Society is best known:

It’s not surprising that the family at the nexus of paranoid conspiracy theories about communists tampering with our precious bodily fluids attracts paranoid conspiracy theorists. Making his second appearance at this event was Glenn Beck, whose shilling for gold scams  and bilking the poor out of their money apparently dovetails nicely with the committed anti-communist and pro-business crowd at this event. Thanks to ThinkProgress, we have the program from last year’s event and the invitation to this year’s event. We’re still looking for a copy of this year’s program, but while you’re waiting why don’t you take a look through the eighteen page PDF and see the who’s-who of corporate corruption in America.

Drunken race-baiter Andrew Breitbart also made an appearance outside the conference, choosing to spend his time roller-skating around the crowd and hurling insults. He later produced a video of an alleged eevyle liebrul stating that Clarence Thomas needed to be “strung up,” but considering Breitbart’s propensity for blatantly fabricating videos as “evidence” and how “the left’s treatment of Clarence Thomas” was the reason he became a conservative, this is probably yet another attempt at slander through video editing.

Also present, fresh off their merger with Comcast and subsequent abrupt termination of Keith Olbermann, was MSNBC– but not in any journalistic capacity. Truly, this was a panoply of plutocracts.

A movement that is wholly funded by the private coffers of two multi-billionaire brothers is in no way “grass roots.” The more light is shown on the revolting Kochs, the more they wither and decay.

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Target: Australia!

Put another shrimp on ye barbie, me hearties!

2100 UTC on Monday, September 27 saw another coordinated DDOS attack by anonymous, this time aimed at the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT). Reports of the results are wildly conflicting, with AFACT claiming the attack not only took down their website, but also affected 8,000 other Australian websites, some operated by the Australian government. Netregsitry, AFACT’s hosting company, claims the attack prompted Netregistry to take down AFACT’s website while the attack didn’t affect any other site. Our own analysis– which consisted of simply attempting to access afact.org.au– showed that the site did not load at all during the time of the attack. Typical of the state of affairs on the internet, “hacker” attacks like these are portrayed as either being completely ineffectual or devastating on an apocalyptic level; the truth of the matter is that “real hacker attacks” are largely undetectable until a fair amount of time has elapsed.

Torrentfreak has more:

According to an announcement by AFACT’s host, Netregistry, “A DDoS attack began to take place at approximately 8:30AM AEST, with a group of hackers attacking the firewall by flooding it with connections attempting to take down all servers.”

Although referring to those charging their Low Orbit Ion Cannons as hackers is something of a stretch, and even though the attacks were eventually dealt with by Netregistry, according to Neil Gane from AFACT nearly 8,000 other websites were also taken down in the attack.

“A lot of these sites are small Australian businesses and Government web sites,” Gane told ITnews. “They have been affected by this senseless act.”

Delimiter has a different take.

“The AFACT website was offline due to Netregistry engineers suspending it as the target of the attack. All other sites on the shared infrastructure remained operational, albeit with some service degradation,” they added. Anonymous had planned to attack AFACT for at least 12 hours.

“We’re delighted to say our infrastructure proved to be highly resilient in the face of a particularly heavy and determined DDoS attack. All affected websites remained online and were back to full performance reasonably quickly, only experiencing intermittent connection problems throughout the day,” said Netregistry chief executive Larry Bloch.

If AFACT’s claim of “collateral damage” is true, the fault therefore rests on Netregistry for operating a woefully inadequate and obsolete system. If Netregistry’s claim is true, AFACT are bald-faced liars.

All of this is happening against the backdrop of the prospect of ACS:Law being fined £500,000 ($790,200 USD) for leaking its list of the pornography purchases of Sky Internet users. Read the BBC’s article and watch their video here.

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Join DARTT for Fur Season Kick-off Demos- This Sunday

n17400835_31023006_3445 copy

Animal Killer Palin Sporting Her Death Wear

Join DARTT for the first round fur demos this Sunday. Thats right, its
that time of year again. Won’t Adriana Furs, Max Mara, Sacks 5th Ave,
Bloomingdales or Nieman CARCUS ever learn? You deal in dead animal
skins…..You Deal with us!

WHEN: Sunday, November 8th at 2:00 pm
WHERE: Meet at Friendship Heights-Red Line-(Western Ave Exit)

Why: Each year over 50 million animals are murdered for fashion by the
fur industry. Around the world that number is even higher. The majority
of the animals spend their entire lives on fur farms where every natural
instinct is denied to them. Animals on fur farms often show tell-tale
signs of insanity such as nervous pacing, self-mutilation, and
cannibalism. In the
end, these animals die a painful death at the hands of the fur farmer.

For the millions of animals that are trapped in the wild, the fate is no
better. Often animals caught in traps attempt to chew off their own legs
to escape; some bleed to death before the trapper arrives; and others
succumb to predators. Not to mention, cats, dogs and other “non-target”
animals are often caught in these traps as well. Unwanted, these animals
are thrown away or let free with fatal injuries. For the animals that do
survive until the trapper arrives, death is inevitable.

Animals are killed for their fur using such methods as gassing,
trapping,anal or vaginal electrocution, neck breaking, stomping,
clubbing or drowning. To make one fur coat the following number of
animals suffer and die:

12-15 lynx
10-15 wolves or coyotes
15-20 foxes
35 rabbits
60-80 mink
27-30 raccoons
10-12 beavers
60-100 squirrels
200 chinchillas

WHEN: Sunday, November 8th at 2:00 pm
WHERE: Meet at Friendship Heights-Red Line-(Western Ave Exit)

NOTE: These are peaceful and legal demonstrations. We will be walking to
different places, so bring your walking shoes and a loud voice for the

*Signs and Leaflets will be provided

Defending Animal Rights Today & Tomorrow

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