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Wikileaks is the word!

On January 17, 2011, in Triangle Virginia protesters rallied at the main gate of Quantico Marine Corps base to demand the release of Bradley Manning, who has been held in solitary confinement for seven months following his May 27th arrest for his alleged involvement in the Wikileaks fiasco. Activists blocked half of the main road into the base and attempted to deliver a care package to Manning, which was denied by the base guards. Manning is charged with passing confidential information to Wikileaks, but he has yet to be tried or sentenced.


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Erik Prince is *PWND* By Pink!

Erik Prince's Compound/Mansion: 1106 Mill Ridge, Mclean, VA

Remember the scuzzy war criminal group “Blackwater” who now calls themselves “XE”?

They are a nasty group of blood thirsty mercenary murderers for the Bush Admin who are guilt of senseless killing sprees of hundreds of innocent people in Iraq.

Now Prince claims to be moving to the United Arab Emirates to dodge convictions for his war criminal activities or is he?????

Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin has nerves of steel and she decided to take a little trip to McClean Virginia and knock on the door of Erik Prince’s blood money mansion and what she found was very interesting….



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