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The Breitbart Meltdown Mash-Up Video!

“But now you just can’t remember / All the things you said / And you’re not sure you want to know / I’ll give you one hint, honey / You sure did put on a show!”…Billy Joel

Andrew Beritbart spent his time at CPAC the (Conservative Political Action Conference) making attention whoring borderline personality disordered disturbing scenes all over the hallways.

This is not usual for CPAC, which is a conference that usually takes it’s self fairly seriously and not a platform for cursing people out, screaming out in the hallway “put your dick back in your pocket”.

So, thanks to the brilliant talent of Mike Flugennock and all the video jockeys at CPAC here is a mash-up of the Breitbart meltdowns.


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The Conservative Political Action Conference is exactly what it’s name states “conservative”.

But, it’s not just conservative in a political and fiscal agenda, most of the folks especially the older ones are also big on old fashioned manners and public behavior.
The importance of not becoming publicly emotional, keeping one’s cool, taking the high road is deemed essential with the crowd who wants to turn back time to what they view as a more “gentler” society.

Now, as leftists, we don’t always agree with their goals, but we understand them.

Now enter the loud, abusive, vulgar Andrew “Bunker” Brietbart.

Media Matters reports Brietbart trying to berate from the podium NYT journalist Kate Zernike

David Weigel Reports of Brietbart swearing and throwing the “F”word around at John Podesta

Now, we have our own Daryle Lamont Jenkins from One Peoples Project who just called in to tell of more Breitbart vulgar abuse directed at him and WE MIGHT HAVE VIDEO!!




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James “Pussy For Hire” O’Keefe is at CPAC!!

Photo by David Weigel

CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) has an interesting history of unusual attendees. Council of Conservative Citizens (formally the White Citizen’s Council, a racist based youth group called “Youth for Western Civilization” and this year CPAC is being co-sponsored by the fringe conspiracy racist/anti-Semetic John Birch Society.

Now, they have James O’Keefe who is now under Federal indictment for trying to illegally mess with the federal phone lines of Senator Landrieu’s office AND has recently been exposed as having close racist ties with racists Jared Taylor and Marcus Epstein.

So now David and Donna Keene are hosting not only racists BUT CRIMINAL RACISTS!!!

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