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The Neo-Nazi Propagandist Craig Cobb *UPDATE*!

Early this morning we reported the Nazi propagandist Craig Cobb had been detained by Canadian authorities.
Now we have received word that Cobb has been released and spotted at “The Carnegie” which we are assuming is the Carnagie Library?

Message reads:
“Apparently he’s out now, he’s just been spotted @ the Carnegie…”

This will be updated as we get more information in!


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Neo-Nazi Propagandist Craig Cobb Arrested In Canada?

We just got word from our comrades in Canada that the neo-Nazi racist propagandist Craig Cobb (nicknamed “Crusty”) has been allegedly detained.

From Anti-racist Canada:

June 18, 2010
Craig Cobb Reported Arrested
We’ve received information claiming that Craig Cobb was arrested last night at the Vancouver Public Library.
We’re hoping to confirm this and provide details as we receive more information.

They are also on the ball to grab this screen shot from the Neo-Nazi Forum VNN

Cobb, a former Vietnam vet, is infamous for his abusive race baiting language and lack of control issues. He would then get his kicks capturing the reactions to his bawdy behavior on video for the cheap thrills and laughs of his neo-Nazi followers.
Cobb migrated to Estonia in 2007 where he eventually found himself unwelcome by the public there, and has been residing in Canada for the past year or so.
UPDATE! There appears to be more back story to how Cobb was conducting his life in Canada. He apparently obtained employment under a false name with a dodgy telemarking “fundraising” company called “Xentel”, but, has been out of work since April because of it.

There is quite a long history to the Craig Cobb story, but it is a sad tale is for another time.


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