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Protest FBI Raids and Grand Jury Subpeonas of Activists

Defending Dissent is a pretty awesome organization, and from their website we have found lists of very important protests around the country against the FBI raids that recently took place.

From Defending Dissent

For Tuesday September 28 2010

NYC, NY – 4:30 to 6pm Federal Building, 26 Federal Plaza,

Newark, NJ – 5 to 6pm Federal Building Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA – 4:30pm Federal Building, 6th & Market,

Washington DC – 4:30 – 5:30 FBI Building, 935 Pennsylvania Ave NW.

Richmond, VA, , 4:30 PM, Federal Courthouse, 701 E. Broad St.,

Hartford CT, 4:30-6:30 pm, Federal Building

Columbus, Ohio, Tuesday 5:00 PM, Federal Building, 200 N. High St.

Cleveland OH – Tues 4 pm Federal Building E. 9th & Lakeside, March to FBI Building

Detroit, MI – 4:30 pm McNamara Federal Building, Michigan Ave. at Cass

Raleigh, NC – 9 am. Federal Building, 310 New Bern Ave

Asheville, NC – 5 pm Federal Building,

Atlanta, GA – Noon, Richard Russell Federal Bldg, 75 Spring St at MLK

Tucson, AZ – 5 pm Federal Building

Los Angeles, CA – 5 pm, Downtown Federal Building, 300 N Los Angeles St

San Francisco, CA, 5:00 pm, Federal Bldg., 7th St. and Mission,

Wednesday 9/29:

Albany, NY – 5 to 6 pm Federal Building

Friday, 10/1:

Dallas, TX, , 7:00 pm at the Grassy Knoll, near 400 block of Elm

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Time To Party Like It’s 1999!!!


Time To Party Like It's 1999

New Poster Art by Mike Flugennock: “Spirit Of ’99” Promotes Seattle/WTO

Anniversary Events in DC

Holy shit, has it really been ten years already? Phew, now that really
makes me feel old. Luckily for me, fiftysomething is the new
thirtysomething…or something.

So, when I was asked to design the poster for the Seattle/WTO Tenth
Anniversary event here in DC, there was only one thing to do — another
parody of a famous work of art, in this case, a classic of Kitsch
Americana, Archibald Willard’s iconic Spirit Of ’76, the hit of the show
at the 1876 Columbian Exposition.

But, aaa-aaaanyway…the big do is on:

Monday, November 30, at Chief Ike’s in Adam’s Morgan, 1725 Columbia Road NW, at 7pm.

It’s a fund raiser for the Washington Peace Center and the Funk The War Alumni Association (for all you ex-college kids who are too old for SDS, but still want to get funky). There’ll be the obligatory drinking and
party-mix grooves, of course. There’ll also be some vintage Seattle/WTO
rebellion video running, because we really loves us some anarchy.

Other events that weekend include panel discussions, for those of you
into sitting around and listening to people talk.

Here’s the download URLs, for all you wheatpasters out there. Don’t wait
around for the Lamppost Liberation Front’s official release announcement
from our Minister Of Information, because…well, because that just
wouldn’t be anarchistic:

Medium-res jpg image, color, 1mb

Medium-res jpg image, grayscale, 792k

So, hit the copy shop, mix up the paste, grab your rollers, and hit the
streets, kids!

Yer pal, Mike Flugennock
Minister Of Arts And Culture, Liberty Lamppost Liberation Front

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