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Hal Turner Jury Drama Part 2

Monday December 7 (Pearl Harbor Day?)

Hal Turner Awaits Jury Decision

Reports from Daryle Lamont Jenkins are that the jury is still deliberating

We will report as we get more information….

North Jersey.com has a recap
12:15 EST

BROOKLYN, NY—The Hal Turner trial was rather uneventful during the two-day proceedings, but one juror has changed all that during deliberations. After the second note from the jury saying they were “hopelessly deadlocked”, Judge Don Walter may declare a mistrial after lunch.

The issues began when a series of notes from juror Wei Wang were sent to the court asking various questions concerning what constituted free speech and if historical Supreme Court decisions be applied to the jury’s decision. This prompted calls for Wang’s removal by the prosecution, a call that they have made repeatedly during the trial, particularly once they began deliberating. The defense meanwhile called for a mistrial, which Judge Don Walter granted. However, Judge Walter returned to the courtroom seconds later, said “I changed my mind,” and said the jury should deliberate through lunch and afterwards if they are still deadlocked, the mistrial will be granted again.

Wang reportedly prompted concerns about him right after the jury was initially seated. Just before they were sworn in, jurors were excused for lunch. Wang returned saying that Hal Turner sounded “vaguely familiar” and that it might have through reading past court documents. Wang, who works for a hedge fund, has no legal training and says he studies the First Amendment as a “hobby”. “If this case has something to do with freedom of speech as such, I don’t know if I can be an impartial juror,” Wang told the court that day, saying he had a strong belief in freedom of speech.

As deliberations went on, Wang’s impartiality became an even greater concern with the notes, four of the five of them signed by Wang, not the foreperson. “It is apparent that somebody in there (the deliberating room) is arguing law that I did not give them,” Judge Walter said, sending instructions that the jury cannot interpret law for themselves. Judge Walter also sent instructions that only the foreman can sign letters, the next letter was signed by Wang who had become the foreperson.

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The Hal Turner Jury Drama Part 1

Hal Turner with NeoNazi Bill White at Nazi rally.

December 4 2009

As of this afternoon the jury for the Hal Turner trial is in deadlock and Judge Donald Walter sent them back for deliberation.

More details…

Jury deadlocked in case of North Bergen shock jock Hal Turner
Friday, December 4, 2009
BROOKLYN, N.Y.– Jurors in the trial of hate radio shock jock and FBI informant Hal Turner of North Bergen said this afternoon that they are “hopelessly deadlocked.”


Hal Turner, second from left, arrives at Brooklyn Federal Court Friday morning for possible closing arguments.

After deliberating about two hours, the jury sent a note to U.S. District Court Judge Donald Walter at 3:20 p.m. saying that their voting on Turner’s guilt had not changed.

“We are hopelessly deadlocked,” Judge Walter said, reading the jury’s note on yellow legal paper. “Time will not change our vote.”

Walter summoned the jury into the courtroom and urged them to continue talking.

“This is an important case,” Walter told the jurors. “This trial has been expensive in time and money.”

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The Hal Turner Trial Report From OPP


Hal Faces His Fate At The Hands Of The Jury On Friday 11/4/09

From One People’s Project


Thursday, 03 December 2009 22:31 OPP HQ

Well, tomorrow might be the day we find out the fate of Hal Turner. Today both sides rested with the defense not calling a single witness nor presenting a single bit of evidence. And this is all with the hoopla that NJ Gov.-Elect Chris Christie was going to be called to explain Turner’s relationship with the FBI. Meanwhile the defense called six witnesses, all federal law enforcement, and produced what was on Turner’s website for the jury to mull over. Tomorrow begins the closing statements, and we might have a verdict before day’s end. Honestly, this can go either way. One thing for certain though, federal informants are going to be on a tighter leash after all the people Turner screwed with opens up the proverbial can of whoopass on some feds for screwing up this badly. Meanwhile, Christie gets a pass. Bottom line, the evidence that he had a hand in his crap didn’t materialize. Will it ever? We will see, but for now he has nothing to worry about. For the next 24 hours, the only one who might be having a restless night will be Turner.

One People’s Project

BROOKLYN, NY – Without the prosecution calling three federal judges to the stand as intended, or the defense calling any witnesses at all, both camps in Hal Turner’s federal trial rested their cases today after two final witnesses, one an FBI agent and another, a Deputy US Marshall. The defense, which subpoenaed the Gov.-elect of New Jersey to testify, said the prosecution did not make their case that the white supremacist internet radio host was actually attempting to incite violence against three federal judges in Chicago as charged, while the prosecution said otherwise.

In all, the prosecution called six witnesses – five FBI agents and one Deputy U.S. Marshall – out of a reported 18 they had intended to call. Those that were not called included the three judges that were allegedly threatened. Lead Prosecutor William Hogan said after all of the evidence they had presented over the past few days, it was not necessary to call anymore witnesses. “We feel like we proved our case,” he said.

Meanwhile, the defense felt that the prosecution attempted to make things convoluted by bringing up issues they felt were not relevant to the case. According to Lead Defense Attorney Michael Orozco, the prosecution was stopped from presenting some evidence such as blog postings and emails on the grounds that it was an attempt to prove a solicitation case as opposed to an incitement case. “It was the prosecution again trying to muddy the waters,” he said, referring to the perceived attempts during the trial.

Indeed, a series of emails and blog entries were read into the record by both witnesses today, and the defense indicated for each time that the none of them resulted in Turner’s arrest, indicating he was not committing any crimes with any of his writings. Deputy Marshall James Elcik testified to even going to his home to interview him on June 25, 2008 about one of his postings, that of the children and grandchildren of US Supreme Court Justices. Turner was upset about the Court’s ruling that there will be no death penalty for those convicted of raping children, but an hour after the interview, where it was asked that he remove the information on those family members, he did so, saying that he misspoke.

Dep. Elcik also testified that in Oct. 2008, Turner left him a phone message saying he had information about a truck bomb threat to the courthouse in Roanoke, VA. While the information was not detailed, that was the month in which fellow neo-Nazi Bill White was arrested on charges that he had threatened a juror in the trial of World Church of the Creator’s Matt Hale when he was charged and eventually convicted of soliciting the murder of a federal judge, also in Chicago. For some time afterward, he frequently spoke with Turner, who later sent him an email in an effort to be an informant for US Marshals. A little more than a year earlier, the FBI, whom Turner had informed for previously, had ended their association, noting his status “closed for cause”, meaning he was no longer suitable for the government to maintain his informant status. The reason citied was “serious control problems”.

Turner never became an informant for the US Marshals. Bill White eventually had the charges in his case on him dropped, but he is still due to stand trial next week in Roanoke on threats towards others he has made.

In an interview after today’s proceedings, Orozco painted Turner as a “extremely patriotic individual” who, as evidenced by his Hispanic lawyers, his wife having a Jewish doctor, him once chairing the New Jersey gubernatorial campaign of third-party candidate Murray Sabrin, who is Jewish in 1996, and his working relationship with a African American FBI agent, that he is not a racist.

Orozco also maintains that Turner had been working with the FBI as far back as 2002, not June 12, 2003, which was shown during the trial. It was early in 2002 that Turner became openly involved in white power circles, him publicly saying that he did so in response to the NJ Republican Party passing him over as a congressional candidate in 2000 for a Hispanic woman who eventually lost to now- Senator Robert Melendez. It had been maintained by Turner and his defense team that it was the FBI who encouraged and paid him to take on the role of a violent hatemonger, and that this trial is a betrayal of him on the part of the FBI. While Orozco admitted they did not have documentation showing a possible 2002 affiliation, there is documentation showing that in 1993, while working for the Pat Buchanan presidential campaign, the FBI approached him to determine if questionable elements were involved as well. Orozco said Turner cooperated with the authorities, but was unable to provide any information.

Another matter that had surfaced leading up to the trial was the possibility of New Jersey Gov.-Elect Chris Christie testifying to a letter the defense claimed was a “blanket declaration” by then US Attorney Christie that Turner was not going to be prosecuted for anything he did while an FBI informant. According to Orozco, there had been two US Marshals that mentioned the letter, and if certain evidence was presented by the prosecution, the defense wanted to call Christie to speak on the matter. “We believe it existed.” Orozco said of the letter. “We believe it was drafted by Christie sometime during his tenure.” Christie had been served a subpoena on Tuesday, and was still conferring with his advisors on the matter. To that end, Orozoco says that anyone who has issues with how Turner’s antics during the time he was working with the government, such as places that he held rallies such as Kalamazoo, Michigan, Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ and Kingston, NY, not to hold his client accountable. “Tell them to go to the FBI,” Orozoco said. “It’s not Mr. Turner’s problem!” The Mayor of Kingston, NY has in fact approached the FBI for reimbursement for costs accrued during Turner’s 2005 hate rally.

Closing statements will begin on Friday, and the jury is expected to get the case by the afternoon.

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Hal Turner Trial Day 2

December 3, 2009 1:00pm

The defense and prosecution have rested!
It’s all up to the jury now

More updates coming


We have been waiting for one of our people to give us the story, but it is taking long time, so in the meantime the MSM:
From NorthJersey.com

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Both sides in the federal trial of hate-talk radio personality and FBI informant Hal Turner of North Bergen abruptly rested their cases Thursday.

Hal Turner, center, arrives at Brooklyn Federal Court for the beginning of his trial.
The prosecution and defense are scheduled to present closing arguments on Friday morning. After that, jurors will begin deliberations.

Turner, 47, was charged with threatening three federal appeals court judges after he wrote on his blog last June that the judges “deserved to be killed” for a gun control ruling they made.

If convicted, Turner could be sentenced to prison for 10 years.

In two days of testimony, prosecutors called only five FBI agents and one U.S. Marshall to testify. The defense opted not to call any witnesses.

Beginning in 2002, Turner became popular among America’s extreme right wing for his radio show which regularly featured racist and anti-Semitic tirades, as well as verbal threats against judges, legislators and other government officials who he disagreed with. His audience included members of neo-Nazi groups, the Arayan Nation and other extremists.

In 2003, the FBI recruited Turner as a confidential informant on those extremist groups. His FBI work was outlined in a lengthy investigative report last Sunday in The Record.

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The Hal Turner Trial Day 1

photo by Chris Pedota/The Record


This is not really the first day, but yesterday was only the jury selection:

December 3, 2009

11:20 Prosecution just finished opening statements …more details coming…


One Peoples Project Daryle Lamont Jenkins reporting from the courthouse in Brooklyn:

Hal Turner sat before Louisiana judge Donald Walter today and a multicultural jury in a Brooklyn, New York.

William Hogan presented opening remarks for the prosecution, noting that Turner is not on trial for his views but for his actions.

Referencing Turner’s boasting about the murder of the family of judge Joan Lefkow, Hogan ran down statements that Turner made about Lefkow and the causes for her family’s death. Hogan stated “that is not political rhetoric. That is not protected by the First Amendment and we will prove that in this case.”

Turner’s defense objected three times to the prosecution’s opening remarks, claiming that the statements about Lefkow have nothing to do with Turner’s June 2, 2009 arrest.

The prosecution plans to show that he planned to incite people both through his website and through personal emails. Turner became a federal informant in June of 2003, and was immediately instructed by the FBI that informants are not allowed to break the law. The prosecution went on to say that Turner violated these rules and was kicked out of the informant pool twice.

Defense objected again at the mention of incarcerated neo-nazi Bill White, which resulted in a sidebar– after which, judge Walter advised the jury that what matters is “not what [the defense and prosecution] say now in opening remarks, but what you hear presented as evidence.” The prosecution explained that White was brought up because Turner posted Lefkow’s information on his website immediately after White posted it on his website; the FBI immediately instructed Turner to remove Lefkow’s information from his website. Turner’s compliance in these requests imply that he knew that what he was doing was wrong.

When Lefkow’s family was killed, Turner bragged about it and posted info for three other judges related to the Matt Hale case. The FBI again told him to take that down and he again complied. On March 24, 2005 Turner quit as fed informant on the basis that he was upset the FBI interfered with the content of his website. Unfortunately for Turner, being an informant was his only source of income and he begged to come back. In 2006, the FBI took him back on a probationary basis. Again, the FBI warned him not to incite violence, and Turner was again kicked out one month later for promoting violence. The prosecution noted that the times he was fired from the informant pool coincide with the times his website went down.

The prosecution’s remarks went over by one minute; in contrast, remarks by the defense lasted less than ten minutes.
Defense attorney Michael Orozco referred to Turner’s trial as “a modern day witch-hunt,” which drew and objection from the prosecution. Orozco attempted to make the point that the FBI acknowledged Turner knows the constitution better than the feds. Orozco went on to say that “for the first time in well over 100 years, a member of the media is on trial for his opinion” and that Turner never had any intent to bring harm to the judges referenced on his website. Orozco went on to say that not only did the FBI approach Turner and direct him to spice up his rhetoric about the Lefkow murders, but that the FBI ended up cheating Turner out of money. Orozco called Turner’s situation nothing short of a “betrayal.”


3 FBI agents have spoken so far. Special agent Mark Wallschleager read the post from Hal’s site about Hal’s threat against the judges


It was confirmed in court today that Hal’s visit to Brazil to ID a wealthy Nazi who was going to give a very large sum of money to the National Alliance was paid for by the FBI.

Hal Turner (second from the right) With Brazilian Nazis paid for the be the FBI

More here

To the left of Turner in the solid white shirt is from the National Alliance member Morland Huber who goes by the alias “Trip Henderson”.
Turner used Huber to infiltrate a Brazilian Nazi gathering hosted by a wealthy Brazilian Nazi who was giving the National Alliance a very large cash donation.

Stay tuned to Lady Liberty’s Lamp for updates!


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Hal Turner’s Brazilian Nazi Wax

But first a little music…for your enjoyment …..

Hal Turner claims he went to Brazil to infiltrate a wealthy Nazi gathering there, and we here at LLL has the photos!

Hal Turner Hanging Out With Brazilian Nazis For the Feds (Hal is the second one in from the right)

Hal Turner's Fed Informant Brazilian Nazi Vacation (Hal is second one in from the left front row)

If anyone would like to ID some of the faces in these photos you can leave it in our comment section or e-mail us at Pressservices2008@gmail.com


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Hal Turner The Snitch And The Mess That Goes With Him

Hal Was Snitching on Nazis- Now He's About to Snitch on the Feds

Ever since Hal Turner’s arrest for threatening federal judges, the stories from Hal’s attorney about Hal actually being a FBI paid provocateur using Hal’s over the top racist radio show as a FBI honey pot setup called “Operation Valhalla” came pouring out in press releases.

Hence, a lot of people are upset about what this operation has done by using threatening racist violence and intimidation to innocent citizens who happen to be in the line of fire of the Nazis and racists Hal was inciting, provoking and manipulating.

And it appears it was all under the direction of the newly elected New Jersey’s Governor Christie

Daryle Lamont Jenkins of the anti-racist organization “One Peoples Project” is addressing this issue:

Okay. Now we are pissed. We are not just pissed because it happened, but because we didn’t pay attention as the guy who presumably allowed it to happen became New Jersey’s next governor.

You know all those threats that White Supremacist Radio host hal Turner leveled at damn near everyone he had an issue with, including us – repeatedly?
You know how much of a task it has been to get him prosecuted for any of it?
And do you know how much talk there has been from Turner about how he was a federal informant all this time?
Well, it is all coming out.
The Bergen Record wrote about it and now the Associated Press picked it up.

After going through government documents, court records, emails, and interviews with Turner while in jail it is all confirmed.

The FBI paid Turner, even coached him to make all the racist and vile threats we have been dealing with all these years.
According to the report, we are talking thousands of dollars going to Turner for that rally in Kingston, NY where he threatened a woman organizing against it and encouraged people to come to her home – while DLJ was there, threatening the entire city of Kingston if they didn’t prosecute a black student who was in a fight with a white student on a hate crime charge, threatening the Jena Six, threatening the black population of Kalamazoo, Michigan, attempting to cause a disruption at an event we held in Newark by threatening one of our speakers, and a whole host of other gems that would have us here forever running down.

What makes this so bad is who might be responsible for all of this.

The federal prosecutor at the time was Chris Christie, who is currently the Governor-elect of the State of New Jersey.

According to Turner, Christie stated in a letter he would not prosecute Turner for any of this, so Turner’s lawer has subpoenaed the Gov.-elect and is currently waiting for a reply that he may never see.
Christie is pleading the fifth, and we thing he has a good reason to.

Now those who are supporters of the SHAC 7 – a group of animal rights activists who have served or is serving jail time for monitoring the fine folks over at Huntington Life Sciences who like to torture animals for the sake of coming up with the latest cosmetics – might want to follow this case because Christie’s office prosecuted the SHAC 7, accusing them of doing the SAME DAMN THING THEY PAID TURNER TO DO!
Christie is quoted saying about the SHAC 7: “We will not stand by and let any group or individuals violate federal law through violence and intimidation, no matter what cause they profess to advocate for in the process.”
Well, it looks like that’s exactly what he did, and we all need to get the complete lowdown on this and find out what is real and what is not.
If Christie did in fact do this, he will have a lot, a hell of a lot to answer for.

Turner’s trial begins Tuesday, Dec. 1 at the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse.

We all need to be there and directions accompany this story.

Somewhere, Hal Turner’s old buddy Sean Hannity is happy as hell the heat is off him – a least for a little while!

Rest of the article HERE

And for fun we add the FAMOUS MIKE FLUGENNOCK’S: HAL TURNER MASH UP for all to enjoy!


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