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Peter Brimelow from VDare is Butt-Hurt

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November 21, 2014 · 12:44 am

Is the Anti-Immigration Crowd Losing its Ground in the Conservative Movement?


The Leadership Institute is one of the leading training organizations to produce conservative values on all levels of policy and politics. In the past, they have not been especially friendly to the ideals of multiculturalism; they have been notorious for sponsoring a racist college organization called “Youth for Western Civilization”  and partnering with the anti-immigrant hate site VDare.com.

Youth for Western Civilization has since disbanded– its splintered remnants have congealed under the bloated tutelage of Matthew Heimbach into the “White Student Union”– and are now making flirty, doe-eyed glances at the nativist / fascist group American Third Position.  But where does that leave Leadership Institute?

In a desperate cry for attention, The Leadership Institute, Faith and Freedom Coalition (from Christian Coalition founder Ralph “babyface” Reed) and the Heritage Foundation flooded out a mass robo-call tonight informing anyone they have ever had contact with to PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE pay attention to them and attend their bright, shiny, new spectacle of embracing multiculturalism and the Hispanic community.

To quote the Leadership Institute website:

What you will learn Issues That Unite: Latinos & Conservatism The Leadership Institute, in partnership with the Heritage Foundation and Faith & Freedom Coalition, has developed events to communicate more effectively the values that bring Hispanics and conservatives together. The series of events, Issues That Unite: Latinos & Conservatism, will give participants insight into the nexus of politics and the media. Topics to be covered include: Public Policy: Hispanics, Economics, Education, & Family, Working with Hispanic Media, and Effectively Communicating Our Values. – See more at: http://www.leadershipinstitute.org/training/school.cfm?SchoolID=22781#sthash.BmA9cZHJ.dpuf

A Partnership with the “Heritage Foundation” ? THAT Heritage Foundation? The same Heritage Foundation that Leadership Institute pal Peter Brimelow promised “Grassroots ‘Sentiments of National Identity’ Will Defeat Immigration Reform?” (Brimelow seems to have a deep affection for the Heritage Foundation; he met his young wife Lydia when she was interning for them.)

Is this a sign that the pro-white/anti-immigrant faction of the conservative movement is losing?

It wasn’t too long ago that conservatives were having seminars on telling the GOP to ignore nonwhites altogether.

Times are changing, but what will this mean for the faction of the conservative movement like NumbersUSA and the rest of the anti-immigration set and their relationship with the GOP? Sit back, make some popcorn, this is going to get interesting.



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Pro-Immigrant Protesters Make Late-Night Visit to Senator Jon Kyl’s Virginia Home

For Immediate Release: May 6, 2010

ARLINGTON, Va .—Late last night, over a dozen activists visited the Arlington, Va., home of Arizona Senator Jon Kyl. While drumming and chanting, demonstrators scattered the halls with flyers and posters, decrying SB 1070, the militarization of the US – Mexico border, and the recent racist anti-immigrant legislative push.

At approximately 10:45 pm, activists stormed the condominium complex at 1805 Crystal Drive. The group invaded the lobby, leaving it strewn with fliers, while blowing whistles and banging drums, before boarding the elevator and going to Sen. Kyl’s front door. Once on Kyl’s floor, protesters pounded on his door and shoved more fliers underneath.Anti-racist organizers in the DC-area are intent on shaming politicians like Sen. Kyl and disrupting the white racist anti-immigrant movement at every turn.

Senator Kyl supports SB1070, stating: “As long as the federal government has not adequately responded to the challenge of protecting the border, it is little wonder that states decide that they have to take action, especially if you’re the state of Arizona… To the extent that the state wants to step up and deal with the challenge, we’ve said that’s a positive step.”

In addition, Sen. Kyl seeks to put more than 3,000 National Guard troops on the border, and construct a fence along the entire length of the US – Mexico border.

Anti-immigrant fanatacism has resulted in a series of violent attacks against immigrants across the United States. In Shenandoah, Pa., Luis Ramirez was beaten to death by members of the local high school football team. In New York, Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero was killed by a white teenager. On Staten Island, Rodulfo Olmedo, a Mexican immigrant, was viciously beaten by four teenagers who are being charged with hate crimes.

We will not stand by silently during the violent, racist attacks of these bigots, nor the passive attacks of lawmakers. We find racism unacceptable in all its forms. The legislator is as complicit as the Klan, and if they won’t cease, than neither will we.

Photos from DCIndyMedia


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Todos Somos Arizona! We Are All Arizona!

The REAL May Day Rally in DC For Immigration Rights

Joining scores of allies in cities across the nation, tens of thousands of protesters gathered at Lafayette Park near the White House on Saturday, May 1 to agitate for the reform of immigration laws and to protest the passage in Arizona of tough new immigration laws that protesters say specifically target hispanics– regardless of their legal status.

Chanting “Todos Somos Arizona!” (We are all Arizona!) and “Obama escucha! Estamos en la lucha!” (Obama listen! We are in the struggle!), the energetic and raucous crowd enjoyed support from a diverse coalition of community organizations and unions. Brought together under the banner of rights for immigrants and an end to racism against Hispanics were Tenants and Workers United, CASA de Maryland, Mexicanos Sin Fronteras, The SEIU and LiUNA.

Outraged over Obama’s stalling and congressional inaction on reforming the country’s current immigration legislation, protesters reserved most of their anger for the legislature of Arizona and the passage of authoritarian legislation that essentially makes it a crime for anyone to be without multiple forms of identification papers in the state of Arizona. Painted as institutionalized racial profiling, protesters objected to the worsening anti-immigrant and anti-hispanic climate in the US. Organizers coordinated a sit-in at the front gate of the White House, where forty people were arrested, including US Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez (D-Illinois). Police clearly did not expect the level of crowd energy present at the rally, as mounted officers were virtually marooned inside a police cordon, while the arrestees had to be led to their containment vehicle down a gauntlet of press photographers and vocal supporters of those being arrested. Crowd noise was so intense at times that mounted officers’ horses were routinely spooked; officers struggled to maintain control over their mounts.

Rep. Gutierrez D-ILL Arrested In Civil Disobedience Along With 34 Others

The atmosphere was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees expressing a willingness to extend their struggle if the continued stalling over immigration reform results in more needlessly destroyed families. Protesters also vowed to continue and extend their economic boycott of Arizona, promising similar treatment if similar legislation is passed elsewhere.

Horses Getting Anxious

Jan Brewer and the Arizona legislature have unwittingly solidified the bond between Hispanic advocacy groups, human rights organizations and labor unions into a nascent pro-immigrant movement. Notably absent was any form of visible counter protest by anti-immigrant groups. Perhaps they realize the true racist nature of these draconian immigration laws– and don’t want to be called out on it by groups like us!

Arrestees Taken Away On DC Metro Buses

More Photos HEREand HERE


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Rachel Maddow Makes Dan Stein Her Little Bich!

Racist Scumbag Dan Stein From FAIR Gets PWN'd By Rachel Maddow Last Night

We can’t seem to imbed the video, but you can find it here:

She also has a follow up to Stein’s blatant lies on the show:

On the show tonight, Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, denied giving money to Protect Arizona Now, which was pushing the Prop 200 immigration initiative in 2004. One of PAN’s top leaders was Virginia Abernethy, a self-proclaimed “ethnic separatist.”

“We never gave that organization a dime,” Stein told us. “And secondly, even if we were going to give them a dime, we wouldn’t have given them a dime with Virginia Abernethy associated with it.”

Let’s look at FAIR’s website, shall we? It refers directly to financial support for Virginia Abernethy’s PAN. Here’s one instance:

FAIR’s Western Regional Field Director Rick Oltman has been working with activists in Arizona to help raise funds and public awareness for the Protect Arizona Now initiative, which would deny most taxpayer funded social services to illegal aliens and tighten voting regulations. They’re working to qualify the initiative for the November ’04 ballot. Since Arizona has become “ground zero” in the fight against illegal immigration, it’s important that this initiative, which enjoys wide public support, get on the ballot.

Then there’s the stuff FAIR doesn’t display so readily anymore. We rescued two items from the Wayback Machine, which archives the Internet. Ahem:

FAIR, a national immigration reform organization with strong support in Arizona, has committed $150,000 to help ensure that the P.A.N. initiative is put before the state’s voters in November.

The Wayback Machine also coughed up a FAIR press release that quotes Stein himself:

According to Stein, “there will be full public disclosure of how the funds were spent to gather these signatures. Every dime that FAIR and these other organizations have raised to obtain signatures for Arizona’s PAN has been spent in Arizona to get signatures,” he said.

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They Can’t Deport Us All.Com!

Link to Website

As a response to the evil and fascist laws in Arizona SB1070 there is this new website with a petition we are encouraging everyone to sign.

TheyCantDeportUsAll.com has the full support of the Lady Liberty’s Lamp Collective!

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Health Care, Immigration and Tea Baggers OH MY!

Photo by Isis

This has been quite a weekend to top the ride we have all had since the nomination and election of our first black president.

It’s bad enough our country has been left a mess by past administrations, but now seeing an infantile uprising of those who supported Bush, the war, deregulation of our banks (and so on…) shows that the opposition is not quite done trying to drag our country back to Jim Crow times and into the ground.

First let’s start with the tea baggers. A spoiled, whiny, childish group of over-indulged middle class white people who are angry that their party lost the election– and to a person of color no less!

photo by Isis

This has made them ready followers for corporate insurance interests during this much needed overhaul of our health care system.
Last night there was a vote and they lost, 220-211.

During their “Code Red” rally over the weekend they started to lose it and got desperate with reports of racist and homophobic outbursts at black and gay elected officials on Saturday.
But, what would Sunday bring? IMMIGRATION RIGHTS!

Photo by Isis

Sunday was an interesting day. Not only was it the health care vote, but the immigration reform rally of a size that very few protest gatherings could ever hold a candle to– no, not even the tea baggers’ 9/12 rally, and we all know the tea baggers don’t like immigrants either.
The mix consisted of angry tea baggers who won’t get their way no matter how much they stamp their feet, throw tantrums and hurl racial slurs, and 500,000 people standing up for immigration rights. Guess whose cause is going farther.


The condescending racist moron at the end of the video is pediatrician Dr. Julie Marx whose practice is in the Washington DC area.
This elitist skank hobnobs with her fellow privileged classists on the Washington DC society pages.

Elitist Dr. Julie Marx in centre

So, while there are 37.8 MILLION PEOPLE WITHOUT HEALTH CARE, this class act is only concerned for her $$$$$’s and talking down to people of color.

Is this right wing insanity going to wane? We think it’s going to get worse; tea baggers are a nasty group with a strong sense of white privilege who think they can use threats of guns and a “violent revolution”

Photo by Isis

For generations, leftist protesters who opposed the government have had their lives destroyed over voicing their opinions.
These right wingers have carried racist and violent signs and their behavior has been given a pass. Their opposition has been practically non-existent, but things are changing.
People are starting to stand up to these phony patriots and talk back.

Photo by Isis

If our predictions run true, the immigrant community is going to be the next victims of tea bagger outrage– and you can believe they WILL find the opposition missing from their lives.


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Day Laborers Recover $10,000 in Stolen Wages


Labour Rights=Immigration Rights

Day Laborers Recover $10,000 in Stolen Wages
DC Jobs With Justice
28 Oct 2009
Day laborers in DC scored another big victory on October 2nd: recovering over $10,000 in stolen wages for eight workers. Several members of the Union de Trabajadores de Washington, DC, a day laborer association, had been doing work on a DC public school building over the summer, and were paid less than promised. They reached out to DC Jobs with Justice and the DC Employment Justice Center, who quickly realized this public project entitled the workers to higher, “prevailing wages” for their work.

After reaching out to other workers from the project and talking with several building trades unions to confirm the proper rate, DC JwJ and the DC EJC went to the Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization to discuss this violation of DC’s contracting laws. The Office collaborated in forcing the contractors to pay back wages, including proper overtime rates.

This victory not only secures justice for the workers involved, but sends an important message to contractors who believe they can hire immigrant workers and pay them lower rates. Current broken immigration laws invite such exploitation by creating a pool of undocumented workers who employers believe don’t have rights and can’t organize.


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Thousands Rally On Capitol Hill For End to Draconian Immigration Laws

By WSQT Direct Action Radio 88.1 FM

On the day after “Columbus Day,” thousands of immigrants and supporters gathered on the Capitol West lawn for a rally and to hear Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez describe his proposed immigration reform bill.

Immigration Reform Rally October 13, 2009

Immigration Reform Rally October 13, 2009

The bill was not that impressive, as it still mentions “strong enforcement at the border and in the interior.” Still, it calls for a path to legalization and no fines or punitive measures against those brought here as children. The same speech also called for a moratorium on raids and deportations.

Present at the rally was a “fair trade bloc” emphasizing the role of NAFTA, CAFTA, and corporate depredation in forcing people to migrate whether they want to or not.
(audio is of Fair Trade bloc interview, broadcast today. Congressman’s speech will be uploaded tomorrow)

Original article can be found here


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