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ICE Raid Overkill in Orange County CA, 43 People Taken Into Custody.

These Kinds of Raids are a Repeat of Bad History

Who ever thought that in 2010 and in the supposed free country of the United States we would witness a repeat of history from one of the most gruesome moments in time.

These raids are becoming more aggressive and we the people just stand idle and look the other way.

Even worse is the incredibly vocal minority that justifies this goon-squad mentality with nationalist talking points about what constitutes a “true American.” As if the people who crossed hundreds of miles of burning desert on foot are any less human than someone who happened to be lucky enough to be born to American parents.

From the Orange County Register

ICE agents raid manufacturer in Fullerton
2010-06-29 12:11:15

FULLERTON – Agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided a manufacturing plant Tuesday morning and took 43 people into custody, officials said.

At about 8:30 a.m., ICE agents executed a federal search warrant at Terra Universal Inc. on South Raymond Avenue where they took a group of people into custody to be processed on suspected immigration violations, said Lori Haley, an ICE spokeswoman.

The 43 are suspected of being in the country illegally, she added.

The number could drop if ICE determines that some suspects should be released for humanitarian reasons such as medical issues, child or elder care issues, Haley said.

Because the search warrant is under seal and the raid is part of an ongoing criminal investigation, no other information was immediately available, Haley said.

Terra describes itself as a leading designer, builder and equipper of cleanrooms and laboratories since 1976.

An immigration lawyer for Terra decried the raid as overkill, saying it lead to a shutdown that cost the company $250,000 in lost business.

“This was like using a SWAT team to arrest a jaywalker,” attorney David Ross said.

Terra employs about 150 at its administrative and manufacturing complex in Fullerton, which totals about 115,000 square feet.

According to Ross, about 30 armed ICE agents “invaded” the company and initially detained the entire workforce – “of which at least 100 are American citizens,” he said.

Ross said the search warrant was limited to employment records, but that ICE agents shut down the entire company, including shipping, sales, engineering and marketing.

At one point, ICE agents shut down the phone and computer systems too, Ross said.

“All the agents had to do was check the employment records,” Ross said.

The company is “assiduous” about hiring people who conform to the law, Ross said.

“Terra Universal completely complies with immigration law, and has done so for many years,” he added.

Ross said he anticipates that most of the 43 people detained will be released.

Contact the writer: 714-704-3764 or ghardesty@ocregister.com


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Arizona: It’s All About Racism and $$$$$’s

Arizona Rep John Kavanagh the epitomi of Racism and Greed

It appears that the legislators of AZ not only dislike the immigrants from south of the border because of their race, but, because of their lack of wealth.
From Terry Greene Sterling

“Rep. Kavanaugh announced that “illegals” who were Canadians could “stay” in Arizona because they have money and buy real estate.”

The fact that the immigrant community makes up a good deal of the AZ working class labor force has them viewed by the elected officials as the both disposable and not even human, hence, tag as “aliens”.

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The Colcom Foundation- Funding the Hate

In examining the coverage of the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment in the US, it is readily apparent that the bulk of the majority of groups involved with the day-to-day workings of this movement are interrelated.
Most of these groups share personnel, support the work of each other and draw their funding and strategic direction from John Tanton.
A famous John Tanton quote:

John Tanton: "

“I’ve come to the point of view that for European-American society and culture to persist requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that.” – Dec. 10, 1993, letter to the late Garrett Hardin, a controversial ecology professor

In the course of noticing these patterns it is well known who Tanton is funding, but who funds John Tanton?
Inspired by a tip and an article posted last year about the G8 in Pittburgh, our investigations lead directly to the Colcom Foundation.

Wealthy Racist Heiress and Source of the Colcom Foundation: Cordelia Scaife May

Created by Cordelia Scaife May, Mellon heiress and sister of of unhinged right-wing ideologue Richard Mellon-Scaife, Colcom was founded by Cordelia after her exposure to the writings of Margaret Sanger. Its intent was to provide education about environmental issues and their relationship to overpopulation, but Cordelia thought to apply these ideas to attack immigration.
Colcom is set up as a charitable organization, so its financial records are open for the public to examine (a free registration to GuideStar is required, however); it is here one can discover the truth about Colcom.
On the board of this foundation is Timothy M. Inglis, Donna M. Panazzi, Michael M. Strueber, John S. Barsott. Their main contact and Vice President is John F. Rohe, who is a noted anti-immigration writer and advocate attorney for hate speech.

From 2006 to 2009, 55% of all of Colcom’s donations went to explicitly anti-immigrant organizations or individuals, most of those related to Willis Carto’s friend and apparatchik John Tanton

Willis Carto Comes Out to Support Fellow Neo-Nazi and Holocaust Denier Ernst Zundel in DC

“>HERE is the breakdown of Colcom’s donations between 2006 and 2009.

The projects and causes cited are ones that are directly related to the anti-immigration dialogue or to John Tanton. Follow these links to view their 1099 forms for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Colcom’s donations to anti-immigrant groups, 2006 through 2009.

It is important to note that for 2006, 2007 and 2008, Colcom made no donations to any organization related to the pro-choice movement or Planned Parenthood; this underscores the fact that Colcom is not interested in supporting the pro-choice movement, but has instead taken a warped and distorted extrapolation of Margaret Sanger’s works. It is also important to note that Colcom donates its money not only to organizations that oppose “illegal” immigration, but also to organizations that favor drastically reduced levels of all immigration– legal or otherwise.

The major funding source for the bulk of the anti-immigrant movement is one foundation, filtered through the auspices of John Tanton. This accounts for message cohesion, but constitutes nothing less than well funded astroturf.


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Nazis On the Border…The Video.

Dennis Gilman aka Humanleague002 does amazing work.

It was his video we used as a wonderful addition to our own coverage of an anti-immigration rally in AZ on June 5, 2010.

Here on the east coast, we have heard the rumors about the AZ Neo-Nazi NSM member J.T. Ready going to the border, armed to the hilt, to hunt down people trying to cross the border. But, we never really got the full story…until now.
This video has finally opened up the curtains wide to give us a good look at what this Nazi and his blood thirsty pals are actually up to.

(Thank you, Dennis!)


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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Plans Another Raid on the People July 30!!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio the Buford T Justice/Himmler Wannabe of the Arizona Penal System.

We can not ignore what is happening in Arizona, the situation is urgent!

Arpaio to launch 16th crime, immigration sweep
Associated Press – June 15, 2010 9:34 PM ET

PHOENIX (AP) – Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he plans to launch his 16th crime and immigration sweep on July 30, the day after Arizona’s new immigration law is set to take effect.

The sheriff’s office hasn’t revealed where it will conduct the sweep.

During the sweeps, deputies flood an area of a city – in some cases heavily Latino areas – to seek out traffic violators and arrest other alleged lawbreakers.

Arizona’s new immigration law requires police, while enforcing other laws, to question a person’s immigration status if officers have a reasonable suspicion that the person is in the country illegally.

Critics who are challenging the law have asked a judge to block enforcement of the law before it takes effect July 28.

Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Mass raids on places of work, parks and homes?

How is this happening in our society and our society is not paying attention?

Whenever one reads or learns of imperious over zealous martial personality cults and wonders how come nobody ever did anything to stop them…just think of old Joe Arpaio…supposedly the Dept of Justice is investigating Arpaio ….and…????…..is DOJ going to be doing nothing on July 30, 2010????


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Call to Direct Action: Nationals Boycott AZ: June 18th, 5:00pm

Protest June 18, 2010, 5:00pm, 1500 South Capitol St., SE Washington, DC 20003

Direct Action: Nationals Boycott: AZ June 18th, 5:00pm
On Friday, June 18th, The Washington Nationals will be playing the Chicago White Sox (Obama’s favorite hometown team). As the MLB has yet to take a stand on Arizona’s racist and discriminatory law (SB-1070) we’re calling on our community to take a stand. We’re asking the MLB to BOYCOTT AZ and move their 2011 All-Star game out of Arizona.

Not only can we call on MLB to Boycott AZ, but we can encourage fans to call the Obama Administration and take action at a federal level on SB 1070.

Take a stand with us. Boycott Arizona. Come out to the game on Friday, June 18th and let’s raise our collective voices to show support and solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Arizona.

Baseball has become the latest arena for the fight against Arizona’s racial profiling law, SB 1070. The 2011 Major League Baseball All-Star game is scheduled to be played in Phoenix, Arizona and people across the country have stepped up their efforts to ask MLB comissioner Bud Selig to move the game out of the state in opposition of the unjust law.
The Major League Baseball Player’s Association has spoken out against the law, Arizona’s home team, the Diamondbacks, condemned the law (although their owner’s actions show that he still has a long way to go on this issue). And some players and coaches have said they’ll refuse to play if the game remains in Phoenix. All across the country, fans and players alike are saying that they won’t support an All-Star game that’s played in a state that supports racial profiling. It’s time for Major League Baseball to move the game.
Selig’s silence on this issue shows that he doesn’t want to think about this issue. He’s refused to comment on whether the game should be moved. He won’t move the game unless fans, players, coaches, and team owners stand up for what’s right and tell him that this is our game, too, and we won’t support a game played on the field of unfairness.
On Friday, June 18th, The Washington Nationals will be playing the Chicago White Sox (Obama’s favorite hometown team). As the MLB has yet to take a stand on Arizona’s racist and discriminatory law we’re calling on our community to take a stand and ask the MLB the 2011 All-Star game out of Arizona and we are encouraging fans to call on the Obama Administration to take action at a federal level against the law.
Take a stand with us. Boycott Arizona. Come out to the game on Friday, June 18th and let’s raise our collective voices to show support and solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Arizona.

Please join us.

If you have questions, please contact Linsey Pecikonis, lead organizer at 202-746-8426 or by emailing at lpecikonis@gmail.com


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The Minuteman’s Uncivil Defense

The Hunter is Now Being Hunted!

The baby faced darling and all American boy of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps xenophobes is in BIG trouble.

He has expanded from his macho threats of violence against the immigrant community to pointing loaded guns at and threatening to kill his wife and 3 small children.

So, he is being sought after to be served an order of protection to keep his violent self off his family’s property and who knows what else…

He is on the run, considered “ARM AND DANGEROUS” and the bounty hunters are after him with a $500 reward for any info on his whereabouts.

SPLC has the full scoop HERE


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Phoenix Rose With Racist Biker Gangs and Assorted Fringe June 5th ; Dan Smeriglio’s New South West Friends

Ancient land … ancient tribes….ancient terrortories of rolling dusty hills …battles won…battles lost…who is allowed and who is not allowed to stay and go…our laws are full of those who decide…and very little voice for those with an even smaller voice…or maybe its not its not that small…cuz…Dapper Dan Smeriglio has been having a hard time since Billy Gheen’s “freak out”…

June 5 2010 Phoenix Rally Organizer Dan Smeriglio Attracts More Racist Fringe

An old proverb of the nineteen seventies was : “never look into a mirror while on acid, the mirror will show you things about yourself you don’t want to see.
Gheen looked into Smeriglio’s mirror mirror mirror on the wall and didn’t like who looked back…we got the images and there is a whole lot of ugly…

Phoenix AZ June 5, 2010-With numbers falling far short of the projected tens of thousands of attendees, the June 5 “Phoenix Rising” rally attracted nearly 700 supporters of SB1070, Arizona’s “Papers Please” law. Organizers attempted to distance themselves from the looming cloud of white supremacist and racist ties by forcing their speakers to toe the line of “this isn’t about race.” These attempts fell flat on their face with attendees, speakers and sponsors from the broader white supremacist community.

Tee-Shirt from White Power vendor TightRope/Panzerfaust

(1% biker wearing shirt bearing the slogan “It’s Not Illegal To Be White…Yet” which originated with the neo-nazi music distributor Tightrope/Panzerfaust.)

Sons Of Liberty Riders Claim Support For 1% Bike Gangs On their Website

Heat was certainly an aspect in severely denting the turnout, but the biggest factor were the reactions to organizer Daniel Smeriglio’s ties to white supremacists and the subsequent pullout of major sponsor Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC). Despite constant claims that their rally was not about racism or hatred, one one person had a tattoo featuring a shamrock inside a Celtic Cross—a symbol for the racist prison gang Aryan Brotherhood.

Guy with Yellow Cap Sports Aryan Brotherhood Tattoo on Elbow

One of the bikers present and attending under the auspices of the “Sons of Liberty Riders” wore a t-shirt featuring the logo of the 1% outlaw biker gang White Boy Society; White Boy Society is tied to both the violent racist skinhead gang Vinlanders Social Club and the National Socialist Movement.

White Boy Society

Acting as an official sponsor and operating a booth promoting the “American Border Patrol” was Council of Conservative Citizens and American Renaissance associate Glenn Spencer; Spencer is best known for promoting the ridiculous conspiracy theory that Mexicans are crossing the border in an attempt to re-conquer the American Southwest.

Another Crazy Misspelled Right Wing Sign

Five people were taken away by paramedics because of the heat, and organizers exacerbated the situation by not providing free water, instead charging one dollar for a small bottle.
Those that did not succumb to the heat heard speakers from equally suspect organizations like Barbara Coe from California Citizens for Immigration Reform, Rosemary Jenks from NumbersUSA .

Check Out Imagine2050 for Smack Down Coverage!!

An animated, raving speech and an appearance from Kevin DeAnna, a pro-European right wing activist from the Leadership Institute and is also the leader and founder of the pro-white/anti-multicultural college organization Youth for Western Civilization (it appears he wrote a report back of the rally on the white “racialist” site VDare.com).

Kevin DeAnna dons a Wotanist Thor's Hammer for His Leadership Institute Photo.

Speakers who enjoy a brighter public spotlight were not shy about attending, either– former congressman Tom Tancredo, Pennsylvania congressman Daryl Metcalfe and Maricopa county sheriff Joe Arpaio all spoke. Rounding out the cast was a baffling speech from African American activist Ted Hayes, who referred to Al Sharpton as a “traitor” and declared that African Americans were responsible for slavery, and race baiter Ray Herrera talking about the superior “anglo culture”.

Controversial "Constitutional Party" Has Presence

(Controversial Constitution Party Has Presence)
Smeriglio plans another rally in Texas.


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Boicot Pei Wei y P.F. Chang’s Hasta Que Este Asunto Se Resuela!!!

Boicot Pei Wei y P.F. Chang’s Hasta Que Este Asunto Se Resuela!!!

Chandler Arizona- June 5, 2010, There is new life in Bread And Roses because the Industrial Workers of the World have once again taken on the fight against racism and for worker’s rights.

The grim story began on May twenty-ninth when twelve workers from a corporate chain restaurant called “Pei Wei” –a subsidiary franchise of “P.F. Chang’s”– requested time off to attend and take part in the historic pro-immigration rights march against the recent racist SB1070. The workers were refused the time off and subsequently lost their jobs for their choice to take part in the event that was an important milestone in their lives. Yes, all twelve workers are Hispanic, some whom have worked for the restaurant for as long as seven, eight and even ten years.

A protest/picket line started at six pm, with the workers who lost their livelihoods, IWW leader J.T. Pierce and twelve other IWW supporters attending in solidarity, trying to spread the word to patrons coming and going from the establishment. Some were very supportive and made the conscious choice not to enter the restaurant, others expressed varying levels of racism, the epitome of which was a man who decided to set a fine example for his white suburban family by shoving a protester and berating the picket line to “speak English”.
The upper level staff of the restaurant came out hollering and whining. A male supervisor whom we have nicknamed “Douche-bag” and a manager donning a fake smile named “Colleen” tried to claim the sidewalk was her private property, while threatening to call the police.
This feisty little sugar coated scorpion is one of the persons responsible for the decision for the firings of the workers, along with the restaurant’s G.M. and the P.F.Chang’s corporate offices.

The IWW and the workers are requesting all who support workers and the brave folks who are standing up against SB1070 to:
PEI WEI CHANDLER: 480 940 3800
PF CHANGS 480 888 3000

No coma en Pei Wei o PF Chang’s!
Apoye el derecho de los trabajadores a protestar!
Una Injuria a Una es una Injuria a Todas!

Muestre su apoyo a los 12 trabajadores de Pei Wei recientemente despedido por faltar a un dia de trabajo para manifestarse en contra de la ley racista AZ SB 1070. Llama y demande la reincorporacion con pago retroactive de los 12 trabajadores despedidos injustamente. PEI WEI CHANDLER: 480 940 3800
PF CHANGS 480 888 3000
Boicot Pei Wei y PF Changs hasta que este asunto resueiva.

Que paso?
PF chang gestion odio hablar de la decision de los trabajadores a perder el trabajo colectivamente de asistir a la 29 de mayo Manifestacion Contra el Odio y desperdidos injustamente a 12 trabajadores, algunos de los cuales han trabajado en pei Wei de 7, 8, y 10 anos. Debido a la disciplina inconsistente para los turnos de perdidas, la decision de despedir a los 12 trabajadores de inmediato solo puede ser visto como una tactica de terror contra los trabajadores que se atreven de desagradable de la denegacion de los dias de enfermedad y vacaciones pagodas. Pei Wei- PFC tienen la intencion de sustituir a estos trabajadores sin meido con esquiroles servile. Pero el pueblo no se detendra por ello!

La IWW apoya estos valerosos combatientes en el espiritu de Solidaridad. La IWW es un sindicato sin charros controlado por los miembros


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Tancredo’s Terminal Foot-In-Mouth Disease

Tancredo in front of the US Capitol, 2007

Tancredo in front of the US Capitol, 2007

In the wake of the article published by One People’s Project that caused ALIPAC to drop their sponsorship of Dan Smeriglio’s June 5th rally in Phoenix, AZ, Tom Tancredo has been defending his involvement with the rally. Shortly after ALIPAC dropped out of the rally, he issued this statement.

“I am proud to be participating in the June 5 rally at the Arizona state capitol in support of Arizona’s new law aimed at illegal immigration, SB1070. The allegations against one of the rally’s organizers, Daniel Smeriglio, have been examined and are not only without merit, they are the worst kind of character assassination that no decent person in politics, left, right or center, should condone.

It’s not surprising that when asked about this scandal by Denver Westword, Tancredo defended his involvement with the rally thus:

In Tancredo’s view, the e-mail makes it seem as if he’s intimately involved with Smeriglio and his organization. Actually, he says, he spoke to him on the phone but has never met him. Hence, their only true connection is that Tancredo has agreed to speak at the rally.

So, who’s this behind Tom Tancredo, wearing a black suit and white lapel pin?

Hi Dan!

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