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Traditionalist Youth Network Pepper Sprays Itself

Official inquiries are being lodged as to whether the Traditionalist Youth Network staged the attack, but for now, let’s repost this report from South Side ARA:

At about 5 30pm members of the traditionalist youth network (TYN), a fascist organization based out of Indiana, joined by knights party, gathered at 7th and Cherry in Terre Haute, IN. The group was meeting up with supporters before their protest against Tim Wise’s speaking engagement at Indiana State University 3 blocks down.

Within 5 minutes of arriving at the meet-up location, 9 white supremacists were confronted by 3 antifascists as another anti-racist waiting for the protest looked on.

How stupid do you have to be to spray your friends in the face with pepper spray?

How stupid do you have to be to spray your friends in the face with pepper spray?

TYN’s leader Thomas Buhls received 2-3 punches to the face and had his mouth split open. Immediately after, one nazi was dropped to the floor with one punch while Brian Bryant, who hilariously drove 9 hours from Arkansas, threw his sign and ran away screaming as one of the antifascists chased him through the intersection. Another white supremacist also received about 5-6 blows to the head while being held by his shirt. Meanwhile, Thomas Buhls cowardly pulled out his pepper spray and sprayed the uninvolved anti-racist onlooker (also accidentally pepper  spraying Matthew Heimbach LOL!!) as Matt Parrott, who was tossed to the floor, grabbed onto his leg and held it while curling up in the fetal position like a docile child. The anti-racist escaped his hold by punching his way out in self defense but then was later detained by the fascists and arrested. He got out the next morning on a measly misdemeanor battery.

Although the fascists outweighed the antifas, and outnumbered them almost 3-1, they did not manage to land a single punch. For a “militant street fighting force” the fascists were unimpressive and quickly resorted to cowardly pepper spraying someone and palling around with the local authorities.

Needless to say Traditionalist Youth Network did not make it to their protest on time, or in full cadre, nor did they “offer resources” to any students or student groups. After the day was over the antifascists reached their most important goal; to attack white supremacists regardless of the outcome, and to refuse them any safety in organizing.

White supremacist organizing will not go unchallenged.

– Solidarity to the TP5


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The Hoosier Hose Down

TYN getting the Hoosier hose down.

TYN getting the Hoosier hose down.

In our previous post, we highlighted the Traditionalist “Terrorist” Youth Network (TYN) for producing signs that openly advocated lynching blacks, gays and Jews. These signs were used in public on Monday, August 26, with only four of them showing up outside the non-profit bookstore Boxcar Books.

Is there anyone else having Bill White flashbacks?

Is there anyone else having Bill White flashbacks?

Boxcar Books was staging a peaceful event to send books to prisoners. Due to what TYN perceived as a “Marxist” tone to the event, they decided to protest Boxcar Books with visible threats of violence.

Here, Boxcar Books reports back from confronting TYN on Monday:

“Racist, Fascist, Anti-Gay Trad Youth Go Away!”

On Friday, August 23rd a representative from the Traditionalist Youth Network at IU–a university chapter of a national white supremacy organization, came to Boxcar Books and announced plans to protest Boxcar on Monday, August 26th because Boxcar is a “Marxist organization”. The group posted images on their Facebook of a black figure being lynched with the word “communism” scrawled across it. They tagged Boxcar Books in this picture and wrote “Just expect us” underneath. They know we are their enemy, and they decided to attack.

Community members were quick to respond to the threat of white supremacist organizing in Bloomington. Over the weekend folks spread word to friends, neighbors, and local businesses, rallying strong support against TYN’s racist, homophobic message.

Boxcar Books opened on Monday at 9am. Several dozen people spent the morning at Boxcar writing letters to prisoners, sharing food, and making signs reading “Bloomington is for queers” and “Immigrants welcome here”. Students visiting Boxcar to pick up textbooks on the first day of classes were alerted that racist organizing is happening at IU and a great number of people called, messaged, or came by Boxcar throughout the day to offer their support. Banners against fascism were dropped on campus and downtown.

Around 2pm, four xenophobic chauvinists arrived at Boxcar chanting, “racist, fascist, anti-gay, Trad Youth will not go away”. Three of the miscreants were recognized by counter-protesters as folks from the local area including Thomas “Bullshit” Buhls, KKK Klansman. They were joined by Matt Heimbach, co-founder of TYN. About 80 counter-protesters challenged the TYN’s racist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-semitic rhetoric. The group was surrounded on all sides, sprayed with a garden hose, duct tape lassoed, condom-bombed with water-filled condomns, and pelted with “the people’s apples” as they ran away after about a 30 minute barraging.

Monday’s counter-protest was a remarkable showing of individuals in solidarity against racism and white supremacy. Though Boxcar Books was targeted for today’s particular action, this was never a singular threat against Boxcar or MWPP but rather an assault on the safety of all.

While retreating, wet and defeated, TYN members announced that they would be back shouting, “expect us again!”

White supremacists, EXPECT RESISTANCE.

Matt Parrott doesn’t seem to be happy about our previous coverage of their making pro-lynching signs.

Oh Matt, you handed this to us on a silver platter. Even Stormfront thinks you’re all a bunch of idiots for using a lynching theme.

Be sure to thank Tom Buhls for being the weakest link in your daisy-chain of failure.

After he was hosed down by the crowd outside Boxcar Books, Matt stormed home and furiously pounded out a wall of text that said “but the Tinley Park Five are terrorists too!!!” Speaking of terrorism, here’s one of the fine, upstanding white nationalists in attendance at the Tinley Park event:/a>


Steven Eugene Speers, AKA “Steven the Viking,” of Grand Forks, North Dakota, was arrested on a Texas warrant for possession of child pornography. As we see time and time again with white supremacists, Speers has a history of domestic violence and intimidation; he was arrested on multiple occasions on battery charges, lost custody of his child, and the child’s mother has a restraining order against him.

Here’s another:


Francis John Gilroy Jr., 65, of West Palm Beach, Fla., who is known as “Copperhead” on the West Palm Beach-based neo-Nazi website Stormfront, was charged with unlawful possession of weapons by a felon […] Gilroy, who has also gone by the name ”Father Francis” on the radio show of Stormfront owner Don Black, was arrested in 1999 after failing to cooperate with police when they pulled him over. A search of his van turned up handguns, two assault rifles and 3000 rounds of ammunition in his van. Gilroy was arrested in the aftermath of last week’s scuffle when police found a pistol in his truck. Gilroy has been believed to have ties to militia groups in the 1990s, and had been seen at anti-immigration events recently, most notably the anti-immigration rally in Harrisburg, PA on Sept. 1, 2007 where neo-Nazis made up the majority of those participating in the event.

The most amusing thing about this whole saga is that once it was revealed that Steven Eugene Speers was a pedophile, every single nazi threw him under the bus, claiming that he was actually an ARA DOUBLE AGENT who was responsible for leaking the location of their little nazi shindig. We’re actually a little surprised that they haven’t yet claimed he was a secret shapeshifting Jew lizard alien from the Pleiades. But really, it’s no stretch to link white supremacists to every single possible facet of antisocial behavior and criminality– racist gangs like the Hammerskins and White Boy Society are widely known to fill their coffers by trafficking meth. We could go on forever listing every single neo-nazi felon, but thankfully, we don’t have to– that’s what sites like OPP’s Rogue’s Gallery and the SPLC’s Hatewatch are for. Considering that antifa are capable of shutting down entire white nationalist groups by simply reporting on them, that would be pretty terrifying to people trying to organize in secret.


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Corey “C-Money” Farrell

From our comrades at H.A.R.M., comes this HOWLARIOUS piece, highlighting one of the best and brightest rising stars of the WN scene (snicker).

Corey “C-Money” Farrell

The World’s Least Intelligent
Wanna-Be White Supremacist

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present you with Corey Farrell from Lafayette, IN. Corey “C-Money” Farrell brings up an interesting conundrum. Can a white supremacist be too stupid for antifascists to mess with? We’ll let you decide.

We recently received an unsolicited email from C-Money. The body was blank but the subject read, “I would love to join the movement”. Emails like this are not exactly how we grow as an organization. We figured this was just another white supremacist troll, but figured we’d shoot an email back:

From: harm@riseup.net
To: cmoney89765@gmail.com

Tell us about ypurself.Where you from? Where you live? Where’d you go to high school? How’d you hear about us?Describe your political beliefs. Have you been an activist for any other organizations? Do you have any skillsets you think might be useful?

We recieved this eyebrow-raising response:

From: cmoney89765@gmail.com
To: harm@riseup.net

Names Corey Farrell 22 years old. From lafayette Indiana. Went to Jeff high school. My political views is governmentis more towards Mexicans n afro Americans. Fuck the whites… My skills sets would be spreading the word here in Indiana n where ever I go. I am proud to be a white male.

And then added:

From: cmoney89765@gmail.com
To: harm@riseup.net

I also never been in any movements. But my family tells me to find one n join. Heard good things about u guys

It was at this point in time that we began to suspect that we might not be quite the organization that C-Money was looking for. The best that we can figure out, C-Money heard some rumors about some hard-hitting beastly members of the Lafayette Crew (who happen to have lightly tinted skin) and just assumed that they must be white supremacist. You’d think since he took the time to look up our email address on the interwebz he might have taken the time to read anything that we’ve ever posted, but no.

We were still amazed that anyone was this stupid. We looked online and quickly found that his info did indeed check out. C-Money is a 22 year old Lafayette native who wasn’t good enough at mixed martial arts to go anywhere with it. He’s been arrested on outstanding warrants. But still, we had to make sure:

From: harm@riseup.net
To: cmoney89765@gmail.com

So you’re a proud white male willing to do what it takes to ensure that white males keep their place at the top of the food chain?

C-Money’s response:

From: cmoney89765@gmail.com
To: harm@riseup.net

Depends what’s going on y

Followed by:

From: cmoney89765@gmail.com
To: harm@riseup.net

But ya I’m a proud white male

WN crews love “ironic” homosexuality.

Oh, C-Money… You’re actually pretty lucky you got us instead of the people you were looking for. Go tell some Hammerskins, Peckerwoods, or Aryan Brotherhood crews that you’d love to join their movement and that your name is “C-Money”. They’ll love that.

In all honesty, we almost feel bad for the kid. His parents apparently want him to join a hate group. He doesn’t have a future in fighting. He isn’t gonna become a doctor or rocket scientist. He probably figures he might as well join up with a crew that he hopes will have his back in the prison he’ll probably wind up in.

He was kind enough to provide a phone number for us. We’re holding back his address for the time being. All you liberal peace police who say that education is the answer: Here’s your chance. Someone should school this kid and find him a job and teach him how to read. Start with explaining what putting the prefix “anti-” in front of a word does to its meaning. Any antifa reading this might consider giving him a call to let him know what his future will be like if he succeeds in joining in a hate group. If that doesn’t work, oh well, the bigots can have this one… Ladies and gentleman the future of the white nationalism.

Corey “C-Money” Farrell
Lafayette, IN

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