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The JDL and the EDL Join Forces to Rally in Canada

We have covered the EDL (English Defense League) previously here on the Liberty Lamp. They are a white power group out of England who are very much like the old National Front, only instead of hating Jews they have a new schtick of embracing Jews for the purpose of ganging up on Muslims. In keeping in with the appearance of racist skinhead movements (boneheads) many of the EDL sport shaved heads and xenophobic British symbols to perpetuate the image of Ian Stewart

The JDL is the Jewish Defense League. It is a much older extremist group that goes back a few decades– they even carried out the decent cause of fighting Nazis.

Times have changed. The JDL have joined up with the white supremacist EDL to put on a rally for a racist street thug who goes by the phony name of “Tommy Robinson”– but whose real name is “Stephen Yaxley-Lennon”– who happens to be a member of the equally racist BNP and has a violent criminal rap sheet.

According to the JDL website, they are having this rally of hate against Muslims in Toronto at the “Zionist Center”.




7:30 PM

Here in the United States, the JDL has dwindled to a pathetic number– primarily consisting of retired and aged doughy tea-bagger types– the bulk of whom are not even of the Jewish faith. They do not make much of an impression– aside from an occasional old porky wearing one of their t-shirts at a hate rally.

In Canada, the JDL seems to have a few more members and are slightly more visible in their actions.

And hopefully our friends in Canada will be able to get all the photos and video footage of these hate mongers.

But who are the EDL? Well, it seems like we got our hands on one of their membership lists and at least three of these boneheads live right here in the United States.

We were able to obtain a list of EDL members, and we are calling this “Nazileaks”
Here is a small screen shot of a piece of that list the United States citizens are marked in red.

EDL members, those marked in red are United States citizens.

For the rest we give you:



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What Really Happened on 9/11/10 in NYC: HATEFEST the Video

As we reported a week ago about the “Hatefest” In NYC for the 9/11 anti-Muslim/Mosque protest by New York’s disturbing “whites only” crowd.

Now, from a collaboration from the “Town Hell Posse” there is the video!

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*UPDATE* On the English Defense League’s Criminals Visit to NYC.

We mentioned in our previous article about how that racist skinhead group calling itself “The English Defense League” made a splash in NYC with the Islamophobes, and how their fearlesscrybaby leader “Tommy Robinson” was turned away by the TSA at JFK. We have just learned that they and their hotel rooms were raided and searched by the FBI.

Call a Waaahhmbulance

We can’t say much for the efficiency or competence of Homeland Security or the JTTF, but sometimes they get things right. The fact that a racist EDL skinhead named Ronnie Burgess is moaning and crying like a small child over being treated like the terrorist he is should attest to that. Oh, the indignity of being treated like one of the brown people the government is supposed to harass!

Another discovery we made thanks to the stellar work of 1millionunited.org is the real identity of the so-called “Tommy Robinson.”

The real name of the leader of the EDL is “Paul Harris.” No, wait! It’s “Stephen Yaxley-Lennon” (who needs this many fake identities?)

From 1MillionUnited

Exposed as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon in June of this year, 1MU did some investigating into his criminality recently, following on from an admission by Yaxley-Lennon himself – AKA Tommy Robinson – that he was facing charges of money laundering and mortgage fraud; a confession he seems to have conveniently forgotten he ever made publicly.

Of course, “Tommy” claims that he’s really Paul Harris. What this dope apparently overlooked is that a fake passport will get you booted right out of the country, especially if the name on your fake passport is the one associated with a number of arrests, is subject to a police investigation and is out on bail with orders not to leave the country.


What a nasty mess this group is, and they’reidolized by the morons of racism at the NYC HATEFEST 2010


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The Anti-Muslim Movement: Opening the Gates of Hell!

Hate Monger Robert Spencer Organized and MC'd Nazi Style Rally on 9/11 in NYC Against the New Islamic Center

We thought it couldn’t get any worse, but we were wrong, it is getting A LOT WORSE!

A Pro-White/Anti-Muslim Crowd Gathers to Rally Against the Islamic Community Center on 9/11

This past Saturday the Lady Liberty’s Lamp and One People’s Project crew ventured to New York City to witness and cover the protests swirling around the Park 51 Islamic Community Center.
We knew that the organizers of this rally were racist trash.
Robert Spencer and his squawking sidekick shill Pam Geller– both driven by hate and moronic, paranoid conspiracy theories– have notorious reputations for their fringe, tinfoil hat-wearing followers and ties to international neo-fascist political types like Geert Wilders and other “keep the West WHITE” master race wannabes. We knew that Wilders, the Dutch neo-fascist who is known for inflaming anti-muslim bigotry in Holland, was the top speaker for this pseudo Nuremberg Rally event.

What we weren’t expecting was the presence of the “English Defense League,” a violent gang of football hooligans from the United Kingdom.

Donning the Saint George’s Cross flag of England– instead of the Union Jack of the United Kingdom– the English Defense League carries the same basic principles of the neo-Nazi skinhead group National Front but has replaced its hatred of Jews with hatred of Muslims and embraces Zionist nationalism– not out of any love for Jews, but because Israel kills Muslims.
This is not just the opinion of lefties, their leader Tommy Robinson was stopped at JFK airport in NYC by TSA and immediately put back on a plane for London— being a violent, hostile criminal, and the leader of a terrorist organization, he was not allowed into the country.
So, yes, this group is THAT BAD!
This didn’t stop the other five to ten boneheads from EDL from getting through to the rally where they were embraced and treated like rock stars by the crowd of unified hate.
Other questionable types who were there were a handful from Youth For Western Civilization, the only college youth group on the SPLC watch list, a wandering POS who had a sign referring to the Koran as toilet paper and would periodically rip up sheets from the Koran.

Potty Headed Moron With Rude Sign Rips Up Pages From the Koran


We have more coming in video, including juicy pieces from the hate mongers themselves as well as photos and video from the beautiful turn out by those in support of unity and diversity in NYC.


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‘Bite the Big Apple’

From da Floog
Ya got rats on the West Side,
Bedbugs Uptown!
What a mess! This town’s in tatters!

–Rolling Stones

(Click for Full Poster)

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Hate and Violence in Tennessee Brought to You By Laurie-Cardoza Moore

The ripples from the NYC anti-Muslim/anti-Mosque hatefest are spreading nationwide as we now have reports of violent responses to the building of a Mosque in Tennessee.

Funny how Tennessee pops up in this picture because Tennessee resident and nasty racist Laurie-Cardoza Moore was one of the more horrible speakers at the NYC anti-Muslim event.

Cardoza is a Christian who uses pseudo philo-semitism to validate her racism against Muslims, and gave a baffling speech at the recent NYC anti-mosque event– claiming that Muslims can’t be “real Americans” because they didn’t fight in the Revolutionary war.

What this dingbat doesn’t seem to grasp is that most of the “real American New Yorkers” she thought she was kissing up to don’t have ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary war either. And she’s flat out wrong: Muslims did fight in the Revolutionary war

Using 9/11, nationalism, Zionism and xenophobia, Cardoza spewed hate from the podium in NYC. We can see how she has incited the violence and destruction of construction equipment in her own home town.

From One People’s Project

Murfreesboro, TN is about 943 miles from New York City, and the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro has been in town for about twenty years, but that hasn’t stopped the Islamophobes from mounting opposition against its expansion.

For good measure, one of the chief hatemongers out of Nashville against that center named Laurie Cardozo-Moore treked up to the Aug. 22 rally in Lower Manhattan to lend her support and speak to those opposing Park 51, the Islamic Center that is being built there.
Now the narrative has been that Park 51’s construction was not respecting the sensitivities of the families who lost loved ones in the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center a few blocks away from where the center is being built.

It simple: Park 51 is a center for Muslims, Muslims bombed the World Trade Center, hence all Muslims are accountable for Sept. 11, even the ones who have denounced those who did the attack – like Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, the man building Park 51. That narrative took a serious beating as speaker after speaker went on about things which had nothing to do with Sept. 11 and Park 5, especially Laurie Cardozo-Moore who decided to attack Muslims for not signing the Declaration of Independence and fighting in the Revolutionary War (she was wrong about that one, by the way). On Saturday, a week after that rally, construction vehicles were set on fire at the site of the Murfreesboro expansion.
Police are saying it is arson. This, by the way, comes five days after the attack on a NYC cabbie because he was a Muslim – one day after the rally. It is particularly curious that with the exception of this video produced by us, you don’t find too much footage of the speeches from the rally, not even from the organizers. We can’t blame them to be hones, but after this attack in Murfreesboro, we thought it would be a good idea to give you their Cardoza-Moore’s speech there as we taped it. It will give you an idea of the hate that created the climate we see down there.


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Another Shot of Ugly…

The Face of Right Wing Ugly

Just incase anyone wanted a better picture of the nasty looking creature from the NYC anti-Muslim hatefest wearing the KKKonfederate flag shirt…..


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Now the Video: More From the Hatefest In Manhattan

As we posted earlier our friend and affiliate Daryle Lamont Jenkins from One People’s Project was in attendance and reporting from the Manhattan Hatefest this past weekend.


DLJ just got finished editing the video he took of all the cryptic Islamophobic speeches that were spewed from the podium so now everyone can see how rotten and full of maggots the Big Apple has become.

From One People’s Project:

We are starting this link off after the jump with our new video from the hatefest that took place in Lower Manhattan last Sunday.
It will help put things in perpective when you read how a guy the next day in Manhattan would attack a cab driver for being Muslim.
Now everyone is confused by the attack because 21-year-old Michael Enright (pictured) works for a group that supported Park 51, the Islamic Center that is slated to be built near the World Trade Center site, sparking the latest controversy hate-propaganda campaign from the right. Ironically, although the man he attacked was not supportive of the project.
Whatever the case may be, it is more than apparent what kind of climate is being fostered with the right’s campaign.
On Aug 26, Former Governor George Pataki was asked about the attack on MSNBC and the fact that it comes so soon after the right’s ratchting up of tensions against Muslims.
Without missing a beat Pataki implied that it is just another reason why Park 51 should not be built so close to the World Trade Center site. That callousness, plus the fact that those who came out to the hate-rally on Sunday are attacking other mosques and Islamic centers across the country, is all the more reason why Park 51 must go forward with their current plans.
Not only that, but we all need to start going hardcore against the people that have been pushing this brand of Islamophobia unchecked for the past decade. Over the summer this same crowd has mounted campaigns against Hispanics, Blacks, Gays, and now Arabs/Muslims – while at the same time, acting appalled that they are being called racist and bigoted.
But to quote one of those bigots, a shrill Islamophobe named Beth Gilinsky, “We know what you are, we know what this is, we are not fooled!

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Given the recent KKK style rally in NYC this past weekend against the Islamic Community Center New York City racism has gone from bad to worse.

What was once a city of multiculturalism, art and progressive thought, has now proved ruined by neo-conism and a lust for bigotry as now a NYC cab driver was stabbed repeatedly by a racist New Yorker customer.

Hate monger Michael Enright, 21, of Southeast, N.Y, who is also a filmmaker and student, asked cabby Ahmed H. Sharif, 43, of Queens, if he was a Muslim, when Sharif said yes, Enright proceeded to stab Sharif repeated all over his body.

Michael Enright (AP Photo/Steven Hirsch, Pool)

According to USA Today:

“Enright was charged with attempted second-degree murder as a hate crime, first-degree assault, felonies, aggravated harassment and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, misdemeanors. He is awaiting arraignment.”


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The Weekend of Islamophobia

Sunday August 22, 2010 New York City played host to an event resembling the closest thing to the Ku Klux Klan rally in Big Apple history.

The bases were loaded for the anti-Mosque protesters– they brought out a larger crowd than their Social Justice minded opponents and they had the advantage of being louder.

Cropped Photo of asterix611

They still dropped the ball and lost the game. They struck out with obvious xenophobia, fouled with the attack on an innocent person of color, and now have their favorite bloggess of hate Pamela Geller banging her head against the wall. This might put a damper on her fascism-fest with Geert Wilders on 9/11.

Our friend and affiliate Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project was there:


Three months ago, the neo-cons decided they needed to attack the Latino community with Arizona’s SB 1070 law.
Then they tried to attack African Americans by going after Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod by painting her as a racist.
They also went after the gay community by fighting to preserve the anti-same-sex marriage Prop. 8 in California.
Now they are turning up the heat on their anti-Arab/Muslim bigotry by trying to keep mosques and Islamic center from being built across the country, most notably Park 51, which is slated to break ground next year near the site of the World Trade Center in New York.
All of these attempts have been met with an opposition that has successfully blocked those efforts, but that is not stopping them from pushing the most shrill and divisisive rhetoric and actions into the mainstream.
That brings us to the Hate Islam rally that took place this Sunday in Lower Manhattan.
All this time the narrative has been that those opposed to Park 51 simply wants those building it to respect the sensitivities of the families of those killed in 9/11 and move the center.
You know, the same way that we were to respect the sensitivites of those who are victims of crime in the city. We saw what that got us: Blacks and Latinos demonized as criminals.
This time it is those who practice Islam are demonized as terrorists.
Well, if you thought that was sensitivity was the order of the day before this rally, you most certainly cannot say it afterwards, not with speakers who go so far as to disparage Muslims as not even participating in the Revolutionary War (they did), attendees going after a man walking through the crowd they just simply decided to call a Muslim (he wasn’t – as he told them several times), and – just to drive the point home – several people wearing Confederate Flag shirts, like the one in this picture second from the left holding a sign saying the “Mosqueraid is over”. Another one of these rallies takes place on Sept. 11, but after this one we’re not sure if anyone would want to be associated with this crowd of idiots.
Even Atlas Shrugs Pamela Geller disassociated herself from those idiots, and that’s saying something.
Despite a rather serious disagreement with her, we hope that she continues to do so and call these people out for the bigots they are. We will have video from this rally later in the week (the one that shows the crowd trying to attack the man they pretended to be Muslim is here after the jump), but for now here is our report.
One more thing to the neo-cons: What does it take for you to get that playing Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” at things like this makes you look stupid?

Yes, folks, they did that crap again!

And then there is this really interesting video:


Mondoweiss has an interesting article HERE with a photo of a guy wearing a tee-shirt from the JDL terrorist organization

The Terrorists Who Showed Up for Sunday Were on the Anti-Mosque Side


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