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Jamie CRACKED Corne and Her 4-H Revolution Project

A big thanks to our friends over at the Chronicle.su for informing the public on the latest activities and declining sanity of the wannabe alternative media manipulator Jamie Jo Corne.

A few years ago they wrote an excellent article about her sordid past, we then  tagged teamed with them and wrote up on her attempts to use Anonymous to promote her racist populist ideals.

Altogether, this sent crazy Jamie Jo Corne packing and evicted from Anonymous and the Occupy movement.

She then flipped and showed her true colors as a birther-Islamophobe-Tea bagger  on various political forums under the alias “Twisted Gypsy”.


Simple forum posting isn’t enough for a narcissist– Jamie had to impose herself again into a new movement and she seems to have found a home with a small fringe group of  populist patriot truckers. She has PLANS and a CAPS LOCK KEY and she’s NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM!

We found this recent post on her dismal Presstorm Facebook page and it looks like her crazy has hit a whole new level:


Livestock in the streets of DC? Really? And then GMO seeds… and then more livestock? Oh, and there will be horses to deliver her “articles of associations”, and then more livestock and seeds! And burning things, she wants to build bonfires of Social Security cards and US currency right on Penn Ave. In the mist of all this she wants to host a BBQ and a “potluck.” At least we know what will happen to the livestock…

If she doesn’t get her temper tantrum “demands”  she is going to stamp her feet and pound her fists and MAGICALLY all the ports in the US are going to close and truckers will block all major arteries of the beltway (what again? LOL!) and then there will be MORE livestock and seeds flooding the streets and her horsemen will bring in the APOCALYPSE from her GREAT WRATH!

One has to wonder why these recent vanguardist attention whores of late like as Jamie Jo Corne and Adam Kokesh have been inflicting themselves on the public. If you observe them, both Corne and Kokesh use very similar rhetoric.  Both want to instigate people into committing grossly illegal activity in Washington DC and right into the hands of the FBI– who has their headquarters is smack-dab in the center of their planned antics. The knee jerk reaction explanation would be that we are looking at paid provocateurs, and this is quite possible and should not be discounted.  Another explanation is that we are witnessing a growing problem of mental illness in our country that is obviously not being addressed properly aside from throwing dodgy drugs at those in need of mental healthcare. Corne and Kokesh suffer from mental  illnesses and it appears to be approaching a dangerous level for them both.

Another element in this picture is the contemporary conspiracy drug culture which fosters idiotic and paranoid perceptions of reality within a small and loud fringe population, of which Kokesh and most likely Corne are a part of.

Whatever the explanation for this lunacy of self appointed violent, self absorbed “revolutionaries,” most of us can agree they are a bad joke. We can all hope that nobody will get harmed should they attempt to take their dreams of glory to the level of going postal.


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Jamie Corne of Presstorm threatens President Obama in unbelievable racist rant

In our ongoing mission to provide top quality lulz by documenting the downward spiral of horrible people, we revisit future prison inmate Jamie Jo Corne. Chronicle.Su reports:

“I will spit on you, motherfucker.”

“I will spit on you, motherfucker.”

INTERNET — Former convicted street racer, recidivist, and prison escapee Jamie Jo Corne was, until October 2011, a central figure for Anonymous hacktivists as founder and executive editor of Presstorm, progenitor to the controversial YourAnonNews corporation.

Corne leveraged her powerful voice as head of Presstorm to criticize the nascent Occupy movement, a very unpopular opinion among her allies in Anonymous. This coupled with mounting evidence of Corne’s involvement in overtly racist marches and exposure of her criminal past spelled the end to Corne’s days in Anonymous, and Corne’s staff at Presstorm dramatically mutinied as Denial of Service attacks shuttered the site.

In the wake of this traumatic loss of power, Corne caught herself from the fall in an impressive feat of mental gymnastics which inflated her own sense of control when it was at its weakest. By framing her involvement with Anonymous as an “investigation” – 10 Months Into a Deviant Subculture on the Internet – Corne invoked the ever-popular “social engineer” alibi, inventing manipulations and exaggerations beyond those she was already well known for.

In the years since Presstorm, Corne has slipped out of Anonymous regalia and into a redneck guise. After history replayed itself in the recent Anonymous-like falling-out with the Patriot Freedom Network, Corne posted an intensely racist rant which culminated in a cringe-inducing call for farmers to ride their herds into Washington DC and burn all their paper money.

Corne also, unbelievably, seems to have openly called for violent action against President Obama, threatening, (7:30) “This fuckin’ nigger in the office from Kenya has GOT TO GO! . . . Niggers are traitors against the American People! You wanna be a nigger? Fine be a nigger, but you’ll get a bullet in your fuckin’ head for doin’ so.”

In the direct aftermath of Corne’s permanent ban from Patriot Freedom Network, Corne also stated that she has only one year left to live due to terminal metastatic brain cancer. Is this cancer yet another manipulative ruse inspired by butthurt, like her so-called Anonymous Investigation? If Corne is truly on death’s door, this racist message hinting at presidential assassination only seems all the more terrifying.



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Presstorm PWND! And the lessons to be learned

NOTE: We want to start off this article with a special note:

We are fully aware that Anonymous is not an organization, nor does Anonymous advocate anti-racism and it does not advocate racism either.
Anonymous is a collective that operates in the actions of a hive that is made up of many different kinds of individuals who all have their own ideas and ideologies.
We are also aware that there are a few individuals who have participated in Anonymous hive actions who do consider themselves white supremacists, conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians … but there has never really been any hive action advocating for racist, conservative, or Republican ideology that falls under “srs bznz”.

There have been, however, certain hive actions that have fought up against racism, police brutality, and right wing insanity.
In stating all of this we are trying to clear up any confusions of claims of what Anonymous as a collective does or does not stand for or believe, as this is a fluid concept and always depends on the individuals participating in the various hive operation


The 8Presstorm8 media operation was the brain child of a woman who uses the handle “Jamie Jo Corne”. Jamie is an interesting individual who likes to put forth the impression that she is an “investigative journalist” in fact she repeats it almost to the level of a mantra to the point where one wonders whether she is trying to convince those she is telling this to or if she trying to convince herself.

"Jamie Jo Corne"

Using her aggressive style Jamie pushed to ingratiate herself into worlds of both Anonymous and Wikileaks, gaining a combination of friends and enemies on her way.
Jamie was infamous for her lavish claims of big media connections and credits that were often disproven.
She also elbowed herself into interviews with various types of media passing herself off as both an expert on Anonymous and an insider to the happenings of Anonymous operations.
While Jamie probably isn’t the first and probably won’t be the last person on the internet to make up outlandish claims and to try to infiltrate and manipulate Anonymous, her fables were a bit off putting.

White Supremacist American Free Press Article Written by White Nationalist Willis Carto is Promoted on Presstorm

The real red flags came to the attention of many people when Jamie published an article on Presstorm by the American Free Press publication which is owned and run by the racist White Nationalist: Willis Carto

White Nationalist Willis Carto Supporting Holocaust Denier Zundel Outside German Embassy in Washington DC.

To add insult to injury, also featured in this “American Free Press” article was a quote from “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” an old publication that is strongly believed to be the inspiration for the Nazi mass genocide of the Jews.

When confronted on this, instead of being apologetic for offering a venue for Nazi propaganda, Jamie became irate and rude. She had a cult level following of loyalists who chose to defend this kind of material rather than also question it’s presence on Presstorm which would have been the path most people who oppose racism would take.

The question was then, was Jamie herself a racist and was there an undercurrent agenda she was using Presstorm for?

This brings us to Jamie’s husband, whom we have heard is named “Dave” but we are not sure.
What we do know is that he was a sour tempered gadfly type on Twitter who used the handle “vincubusdante” and spent hours on the internet spewing nonsensical crude insults at anyone who questioned or confronted anything that had to do with Presstorm.

Jamie's Husband: "vincubusdante"

Hence, we weren’t all that surprised when this appeared:

Racist Tea-Party/Minuteman anti-immigration rhetoric from "Jamie Jo Corne's" husband "vincubusdante"

We found out that he was the author of the article on this page here:

vincubusdante as the author of the racist unpublished article on Presstorm

The full image of that editor’s directory is here:

Full Directory of vincubusdante's work

Everybody who was contributing their articles to Presstorm had access to this directory and was able to viewed this racist work in progress and nobody still had a problem or an issue with it?

Nobody had an issue when Jamie proudly posted a photo of her young children waving a Confederate flag, a symbol related to racism, slavery, lynching and hate?

Jamie's Children Waving around The Confederate Flag, One of the Most Embarrassing,Racist and Offensive Symbols in American Culture.

Jamie and her husband’s questionable racist ethics were not the only presence on Presstorm, there was also the issue of one of their main contributors who goes by the handle “Dale Hollyn”.


Dale Hollyn One of Presstorm's Top Contributors

“Dale Hollyn”‘s anti-choice articles on Presstorm struck an offensive note in a lot of people. In doing a little digging it didn’t take too long to find their right wing and quite racist Islamophobic blog called The Indianapolis Levee .
This blog which displays such hideous images as a photoshop of the Indiana African American elected official Andre’Carson being lynch:

Presstorm Contributor "Dale Hollyn" Photoshops a Lynching Using Indiana's African American Elected Official Andre' Carson

Another interesting post on “Hollyn’s” blog is the choice in the list of links:

Fascists, Islamophobes, and Presstorm make up the list of links on Dale Hollyn's Blog

The list includes Pam Geller’s Islamophobic blog Atlas Shrugs , the terrorist JDL organization leader Rabbi Kahane , WW2 Fascist leader and Ally to Hitler Mussolini, terrorism guide The Jolly Roger Cookbook , the extremist militia “Christian Patriot” movement … and “PRESSTORM” (lol!)

Was Presstorm aware of this racist blog? Well, they were following them on Twitter:

Presstorm is one of Six Followers of "Dale Hollyn's" Racist Blog


It was obvious in doing a little research that Dale Hollyn is not a real name but a handle, but who is Dale Hollyn and how does he fit into the Indianapolis community?

Research leads to the link to Dale’s blog in a signature on political forum profile

IndyLevee.com is the signature for this profile

Being that Indylevee.com is obviously not a very popular blog, and the profile states residency in Indiana we came to the conclusion that this is either “Dale Hollyn” or someone pretty damn close to him.

Profile Handle "Lewstherin" who is either Dale Hollyn or a Dale Hollyn Supporter Reveals Himself as Roger Nay a Racist Writer for the Indianapolis Examiner

Digging further we found this character popping up on an Islamophobic site bragging about his published racist articles in the Indianapolis Examiner under the name “Roger Nay”

Is Roger Nay = Dale Hollyn?

Mr Nay’s articles are so bad, racist and offensive, we found this on here with the most appalling sexist and disgusting commentary on First Lady Michelle Obama it is a complete parallel to what is found on the Neo-Nazi forum Stormfront.com.


In the world of Anonymous we must never forget or ignore the connection to 4Chan and the impish trolls from /b/. The common rhetoric and memes babbled on the internets have always be a collection of offensive and racist slurs used to troll and offend people who usually take life too seriously.
Are these slurs made because the trolls on /b/ support racism? No, they support trolling and getting “LULZ” from the people who rage from their antics.

Does /b/ or Anonymous support actual real life Ku Klux Klan or Nazi level racism? Over all we can safely say “no”.

In theory the majority of us can say we support free speech, we understand everyone has the right to be hateful if they choose and to scribbling down and even publish their bigoted verbiage.

We also reserve the right not to support hate speech nor do we have an obligation to offer it a platform and allow it to co-opt and try to define Anonymous into this kind of rightwing and hateful agenda.

Nor should we be bullied into compromising with this kind of internet presence.

The bullying from Presstorm to accept the racist publications and agenda they were pushing was almost on the level of the Scientology tactics Anonymous was fighting against only a few years ago.

As an individual, whether you are an Anon for “LULZ” or an Anon as a “freedom fighter” you never should allow yourself to be intimidated and conned into accepting an agenda that is inspired by conspiracy fairytales of hate and scapegoating those of a certain race, skin color, religion, sexual orientation. Anyone who is calling this bill of goods “freedom” is a hate mongering manipulator.

Lessons to be learned:

1. Beware of those who come out of nowhere and then assume to take charge. Anonymous is and always was a leaderless concept and should always beware of falling under the grip of a charismatic charlatan.
2. Beware of anyone begging for money, if there is someone raising money for a good cause that you think you can trust then donate at your own risk, but, Anonymous is not a cash cow, it is an internet machine.
3. Beware of crazy conspiracy agendas, most conspiracy theories are total bullshit anyone trying to push them on you is full of shit.

Jamie’s downfall is that Anonymous finally caught on to her scheme, so she picked up her marbles, put her hands on her hips and then screeched on about how she meant to do that, it was an “experiment”, she is going to write her Kitty Kelly style tell all book, …yadda…yadda..yadda… and *poof* she is gone, for now, maybe.

In the future, keep an eye out for the next Jamie and Presstorm to try to hop into your twitters, your hive, your IRC, your wallet and your nightmares, they are drama nobody needs.


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