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League of the South Now Says White Trash Need Not Apply


The LOSers have now become an exclusive yuppie-only clique in the cosplay secessionist scene, and they don’t want anyone who won’t submit to what they see as their proper image.
R.G Miller, a seafood restaurant manager and LOSer organizer laid down the law for last Saturday’s rally in Arkansas and Michael Hill approves!


Apparently, this didn’t go over very well with some of the local White Nationalist crowd who were planning on joining them, as our buddy Spelunker reports.

We sat back, munched on popcorn and laughed at the epic carnage of a failed rally, set on a deserted street in the middle of nowhere, and watched the old guard like Billy Roper get dissed and cold shouldered because he just didn’t fit in with the wannabe popular kids.

Billy and his crew didn’t have the right look for the casting of the LOSer set.


The LOSers, who are obviously more concerned about image more than their make believe fantasy of seceding from the federal government, have turned their LOSer rallies into a farcical beauty pageant.

Esther Miller, R.G.’s wife, even wore a prom queen sash for the occasion.

RGMiller copyPromQueen

It is obvious that superficial appearances are the number one concern for them as Marshall Rawson was there, hence being illiterate is no problem at all for the pretty “secede me” posers.

Christian marriage = yes, grammar and sentence structure = no!

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And When You Smile for the Camera…Matt Parrott!

And When You Smile for the Camera...Matt Parrott!

Matt Parrott at the All Gone Wrong for the KSS/Skinhead’s Leif Ericsson Day Rally


October 19, 2013 · 6:56 pm

Photo of the Year!

Daryle Lamont Jenkins, spokesman for the anti-racist One People s Project, yells at a KKK supporter during a 2006 rally the Klan held at Gettysburg National Military Park

Daryle Lamont Jenkins, spokesman for the anti-racist One People s Project, yells at a KKK supporter during a 2006 rally the Klan held at Gettysburg National Military Park


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Hey! American Viking Donald Palmer…U MAD, Bro?

Looks like Donald Palmer from the racist bone-head gang American Vikings (Vinlanders) is a little upset because Daryle Lamont Jenkins from the Anti-Racist organization One People’s Project got his hands on a Hammerskin patch. You see, boneheads treat these worthless pieces of fabric like holy relics, so…well… a picture says a thousand words, after all.

The whole thing has put poor Donny on his Facebook in a really bad mood. He took this down but we got the screenshot just in time….LOLOLOLOLOOOO!!!!!!!


HELL TO PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Anonymous – Operation Blitzkrieg Brings a LULZ RANT From Crazy Nazi Bitch!

Operation Blitzkrieg is an Antifa-AntiRacist Anonymous hive out of Germany.

As of late they have been pretty busy causing havoc in Europe ripping up Neo-Nazi websites, and businesses promoting Nazi items: “Anonymous” declares “Blitzkrieg” on neo-Nazis.

Now, this on it’s own is pretty lulzy and brings a smile to the faces of most people … BUT WAIT….THERE’S MOAR!!!

This latest OpBlitzkrieg action also brought a LULZY reaction when posted on Facebook from a crazy loony Nazi named Ellen Horn from Georgia.


Crazy Ellen Horn Has a Mentally Challenged Nazi Rant in Reaction to OpBlizkrieg

And once again Nazis provide us with entertainment:


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