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Is White Nationalist Brad Griffin aka Hunter Wallace Heading to #Ferguson?


Brad Griffin, who goes by the pen name “Hunter Wallace,” has been involved with the White Nationalist scene for a number of years. He has a long running blog called “Occidental Dissent” and is looking to take over the Council of Conservative Citizens (formally the White Citizen’s Council) which his father in law Gordon Baum had founded.

We have not talked too much about Brad on this blog as we really don’t see Brad as a major threat to humanity. He mostly just writes long winded articles expressing his yearning for a southern fantasyland of mint juleps and white privilege. He doesn’t go on tyrannical, insane rants like Michael Hill; who runs the League of the South, another white nationalist group that Brad is involved with.

Unlike the other chuckleheads he plays around with, Brad is fairly intelligent and literate. He has bumped heads with some of the movement’s more extreme and dangerous types like Craig Cobb because of his more mainstream outlook. But is this changing? As One People’s Project points out

Really, Brad?

Really, Brad?

Brad is going to Ferguson with THIS FLAG?

Brad is going to Ferguson with THIS FLAG?

Brad has been feeling his oats with the long string of multiple small rallies that were mostly unnoticed by the public. Although ignored, Brad seems to view these as some sort of momentum for his cause and is most likely wanting to take this further as his rhetoric is getting even more stupid:
Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 5.06.20 PM

We think he is heading to Ferguson to an event to support the killer cop Darren Wilson:

Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 5.24.44 PM

If anyone in in Ferguson should see a flag with this symbol, it is the racist, white nationalist flag of the League of the South:

League of the South symbol

League of the South symbol

Please take as many photos as you can of it and tweet to @OnePeoplesProj , or send/ forward it to One People’s Project.


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Pennsylvania Goes Raising Arizona’s … Fascist Laws

Pennsylvania the New East Germany

Not content to see Arizona be the sole butt of jokes about being an Orwellian police state, Pennsylvania State representative Daryl Metcalfe has introduced House Bill 2479– apparently another example of F.A.I.R. inspired authoritarian nonsense.

Daryl Metcalfe at a Dan Smeriglio Sponsored Immigration Hate Rally. Paul Topete From the Anti-Semetic/Racist Band Poker Face Behind Him.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to Pennsylvania, as it possesses “The Most Racist City in America,” is home to both noted immigrant basher Dan Smeriglio and the violent neo-nazi gang “Keystone State Skinheads,” to say nothing of the disgusting spectacle surrounding the horrific beating death of Luis Eduardo Ramirez Zavala by six high school football players in Shenandoah, PA.

Here is what Metcalfe has introduced:

* Creating a new criminal offense for illegal aliens who violate federal law by either willfully failing to register as an alien or failing to possess proper proof of such registration when stopped for another primary offense such as a traffic violation.
* Requiring law enforcement officers to attempt to verify the immigration status of suspected illegal aliens.
* Creating a new criminal offense for persons who are unlawfully present in the United States and are an unauthorized alien applying for work.
* Allowing law enforcement officers to arrest illegal aliens for any public offense which would warrant removal from the United States.
* Creating a new felony offense for intentionally smuggling illegal aliens for profit; and authorizing law enforcement officers to impound any vehicle driven by an illegal alien, or used to transport illegal aliens.

House Bill 2479 also incorporates several other previously introduced National Security Begins at Home provisions, including cracking down on “Sanctuary” cities, employers who refuse to use the federal government’s FREE e-verify system to verify the immigration status of potential employees or that knowingly hire illegal aliens; and ending access to public benefits without verification of lawful status within the United States.

Considering that Metcalfe essentially plagiarized the Arizona bill, the same criticisms about SB1070 can be leveled against HB2479:
-The bill is too broad in its scope, leaving the duty of determining what constitutes an “illegal alien” up to the personal prejudices of the individual officers
-Gives legislative approval of racial profiling, unless there’s a silent epidemic of undocumented Canadian or Swedish workers in Pennsylvania
-Forces police officers to perform tasks outside the normal scope of their duties– tasks that they are not trained to carry out
-Overworks police officers, leading to diminished capacity for their primary jobs
-Blurs the separation between federal and state governments. Federal agencies have their own enforcement arms; the local police do not enforce ATF regulations, nor do they perform tax audits or conduct groundwater testing.

Of course, both this bill and Arizona’s SB1070 carry the stamp of approval from F.A.I.R.’s Dan Stein, which raises the suspicion that Metcalfe didn’t draft THIS bill either, instead having it handed to him by F.A.I.R. F.A.I.R. has a colorful past when it comes to racial issues, this being thoroughly dissected by Rachel Maddow.

What’s ironic is that HB2479 explicitly intends for the state to crack down on “sanctuary cities.” This is probably lost on the majority of its supporters that advocate a “smaller government,” as it means the STATE government would have legislative power over CITY government. Government overreach is government overreach, regardless if it’s done in service to a law that panders to someone’s racist paranoia.

Most ridiculous is Metcalfe’s assertation that this law will “save money” for Pennsylvania. It costs Pennsylvania citizens $34,844 per year to house 1 inmate. If 140,000 inmates are added to prison system, that comes out to $4,878,160,000 per year. This is, charitably, at odds with the $728 million Metcalfe claims to have annually projected saving from this bill.


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Tea Bagger Terrorism!


With the recent call to violence by Mike Vanderboegh, the leader of the Sipsey Street Irregular “Militia,” there have been a rash of threats, intimidation and vandalism against the “enemies of America” that supported health care reform. With this in mind, Vanderboegh and Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes are slated to be speakers at the “Restore The Constitution Rally” on April 19th at both Fort Hunt and Gravelly parks in Virginia. Far from the usual teabagger fare, organizers of this rally specifically request participants to “bring [their] side arms and long arms to the banks of the Potomac.” Let this sink in: armed teabaggers will be congregating and be addressed by a man who has explicitly called for violence against elected officials.

Daniel Almond-Alarmandmuster.com 404-788-9735

The program for their event shows a pretty sloppily organized shindig:
From 9am to 5pm, participants will gather at Fort Hunt Park. Around 10:30, participants will have the option to take a field trip to Gravelly Point, to be as close to DC as legally possible with loaded weapons.

Gravelly Point is located at the threshold of Ronald Reagan National Airport, while Fort Hunt is an abandoned artillery fort from the Spanish American War, with all of its fortifications intact. Toss into the mix the fact that April 19th is the anniversary of both Waco and Oklahoma City, and what results is one of the most blatant FBI honeypots ever concocted, or a disaster in the making.

Either way, potential participants aren’t fooling around:

First, I’m not going to ask permission from a foreign government what can and cannot be done on a friendly state’s land. I do not recognize US government possession of the land.

Second, if I were to attend, my rifle will be loaded and slung in front for ready use, I’ll have a combat load of ammo, chemical protective mask, and likely a armored vest.

Somebody needs to get a grip on what this rally is all about, it ain’t to ask permission

Pray it starts at the rally, and being sporting we will give them the first volley. After that they get no quarter.

What happens if a third party, say some off-duty ACORN stormtroopers, decide to do a drive-by or whatever it is that passes for an induction into “manhood” in their circles?

Talking Points Memo went to the trouble of plotting all of the recent displays of violence directed at congress members who voted for health care reform on Google Maps.

You can view this map here

Here are the instances plotted on the map, current as of this writing:

-Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-OH), a yes on the health care bill, said Wednesday he has gotten “death threats.” A conservative blog also published his home address calling for a “protest at the Drinkhaus mansion.”

-After the passage of the bill Sunday night, a “fist-sized” rock was thrown at a window at the Hamilton County Democratic Party in Cincinnati, in the district of Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-OH), the Enquirer reports.

-On Friday night or Saturday morning, a brick bearing unspecified “anti-Obama and anti-health care messages” was thrown through a floor-to-ceiling window at the Sedgwick County Democratic Party headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, CNN and the Kansas City Start reported.

-In the early hours of the morning on Monday just after the House health care vote, someone smashed the glass front door of the Tucson office of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), the Arizona Daily Star reported. “The perpetrator likely had to hop the gated fence to get access to the door, since it’s not viewable from the parking lot,” the paper reported.

-A brick was thrown through the glass doors of the Monroe County Democratic Committee office in Rochester, NY, over the weekend, the Democrat and Chronicle reported. A note attached to the brick bore the Barry Goldwater quote, “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice,” a spokesman for the committee told the newspaper. The office is in the district of Rep. Louise Slaughter.

-After a tea party organizer published the address of the brother of Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA) in a blog post urging anti-health reform activists to “drop by,” someone cut a propane gas line at the house, Politico is reporting. Now the FBI is investigating what happened at the home near Charlottesville.

-Early on the morning of March 19, someone threw a brick through the window of Rep. Louise Slaughter’s office in Niagara Falls, New York, doing $350 of damage, the Buffalo News reported. Slaughter (D-NY) briefly attracted the ire of conservatives over the “Slaughter Solution,” a procedural maneuver that was considered (but, ultimately, not used) to pass health reform.

Only time will tell if teabaggers plan to extend their violence to common citizens.


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Jones’n A Hardon For Acorn

Crazy Racist Nut: Tim Jones

Crazy Racist Nut: Tim Jones

About a week ago ONE PEOPLES PROJECT an anti-racist journalist organization broke the story about how the video hack and attention monger “Tim Jones” attacked a small group of African American kids who were just selling flags and buttons during the 9/12 Tea Party event in Washington DC.

He is labeled a folk hero by the loons for calling out these young kids as “Acorn” when all they were doing was trying to make a few bucks trying to sell Tea Bagger motif schwag

Here his tinfoil hatted moron buddy “Jay Adams” lies like a fascist propagandist claiming that the wares the kids were selling came from “Acorn paid for by tax payer dollars” and they were violent and punched Tim Jones (never happened) basically because they had black skin, therefore, in the world of Tea Bagging everyone who is black must be “Acorn”.

This story has now taken off with both “Crooks and Liars” and Gawker, but wait, there’s MORE!!!

It appears crazy Tim Jones wants to meet up with and confront ONE PEOPLE’S PROJECT as he states in this video here:

Well, Daryle Lamont Jenkins, the founder of ONE PEOPLE’S PROJECT is more than happy to confront Mr. Jones and call him on his BS.

Time and Place, Timmy, just give us the time and place ….

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Neo-Nazis From Stormfront Going to the 9/12 Tea Party in DC!!!

Neo-Nazis from Stormfront on their way to tea baggin in DC on 9/12

Neo-Nazis from Stormfront on their way to tea baggin in DC on 9/12

The average American most likely does not know what Stormfront is, so we will inform you:
From Wiki

Stormfront (website)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stormfront White Nationalist Community
URL http://www.stormfront.org
Slogan: “White Pride World Wide”
Commercial? No
Type of site Forum
Registration Required to post
Available language(s) English, Italian, Serbian, Portuguese, Spanish, Croatian, French, Gaelic, Dutch, Russian, Afrikaans, Norwegian, Hungarian
Owner Don Black
Created by Don Black
Launched 1995
Current status Active
The Stormfront White Nationalist Community is a white nationalist and supremacist[a] neo-Nazi[b] Internet forum that has been described as the Internet’s first major hate site.

So, yeah, when we mean “neo-Nazi” we mean ACTUAL NEO-NAZIS!
The members of the Stormfront forum have announced and conformed that they re part of the Tea Bagger bash in DC this Saturday on September 12, 2009.

Here is the Stormfront thread (WARNING! RACIST WEBSITE!)

These idiots make the astroturfers look almost sane…or is there really a dividing line between them?

Ron Paul and racist white power site Stormfront owner Don Black and his son Derrick (in the hat)

Ron Paul and racist white power site Stormfront owner Don Black and his son Derrick (in the hat)


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Right Wing Thugs to Attack Peace Vigil in DC!!

When Fascism Attacks

When Fascism Attacks

*ALERT*: The Freepers (Free Republic) and Tea Baggers have announced they will be harassing the weekly peace vigil at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in front of the WRAMC sign.

From 6:30pm to 10:00pm September 11th, 2009

The Walter Reed vigil has been a long standing event, supported by union members, anti war-activists and veterans. The purpose of the vigil is to shed light on the Army practice of bringing in wounded troops at night to hide the truth about the war. Freepers have a pattern of harassing the vigil; with the large turnout expected for the Teabag/Freeper event on 9/12, the potential for severe intimidation of the vigil attendees is high.

Whatever your position on the troops, we ask you come out and lend your support. The vigil is held every Friday evening between Dahlia and Elder in front of the WRAMC sign. Signs will be provided.

This is the website of the vigil:



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Holocaust Museum Shooter Appears In Court

Von Brunn

Washington DC-James W. von Brunn was in a wheelchair as he appeared in front of a judge at the DC federal courthouse, facing charges stemming from his June 10, 2009 assault on the Holocaust museum.  The 89 year old white supremacist shot and killed Stephen T. Johns, the museum security guard who opened a door for the elderly von Brunn.  Other security guards returned fire, wounding von Brunn in the face. Prosecutors charged that von Brunn was on a suicide mission and had planned the attack months in advance.

Apart from demanding a speedy trial, von Brunn’s only statement was:

I took an oath as a United States Naval officer to defend this country, and I take my oath very seriously.

von Brunn has another hearing set for October 14, and faces charges of first degree murder, hate crimes and firearms violations. Von Brunn’s arraignment has been deferred until the completion of a court ordered mental competency exam.

Update: video of Von Brunn in van at courthouse coming!!

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