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Congressman Paul Broun Hires White Nationalist Pro-Secessionist as Summer Intern.

Update: Our colleague Spelunker has more information about Marshall Rawson and is continually updating his page. Head there for more analysis.

League of the South pro-white ethno-state secessionist Marshall Rawson at an anti-gay rally in Richmond.

League of the South pro-white ethno-state secessionist Marshall Rawson at an anti-gay rally in Richmond.

The more we dig into the League of the South, the more dirt we come up with. Hot on the heels of Michael Peroutka’s antics with the League of the South, here’s another wanna-be politico who has strong ties with this group.

A recurring figure in our coverage of the League of the South is this man, Marshall Rawson.

Marshall Rawson with known white nationalist and League of the South leader Michael Cushman.

Marshall Rawson with known white nationalist and League of the South leader Michael Cushman.

Marshall Rawson is a member of the League of the South, an extremist, White Nationalist secessionist group out of Alabama. We have written about the League of the South before. Rawson routinely advocates mass vandalism and the defacement of public and private property in the form of a “Secede” stickering campaign, in order to spread their secessionist propaganda.

Rawson talking about his internship in Broun's office

Rawson talking about his internship in Broun’s office

To this end, Rawson apparently landed a job as a summer internship on Capitol Hill (despite not knowing the difference between the words “Capital” and “Capitol”) with controversial Georgia representative Paul Broun, who was labeled one of the most corrupt Congressmen by CREW. Broun and Rawson apparently share a compatible set of values– Broun, of course, is no stranger to secessionist rhetoric: “If ObamaCare passes, that free insurance card that’s in people’s pockets is gonna be as worthless as a Confederate dollar after the War Between The States — the Great War of Yankee Aggression.”

As far as Rawson, well, a picture says a thousand words.

Rawson bragging about using his internship position at the Capitol (notice he spells it "Capital") to have access to deface Federal property.

Rawson bragging about using his internship position at the Capitol (notice he spells it “Capital”) to have access to deface Federal property.

Here is Rawson sharing a pro-secession sticker with League of the South founding member Thomas Woods.
RawsonAndThomasWoods copy

Here is Rawson holding an anti-immigrant, pro-white flyer for an upcoming event.

RawsonRacist copy
Why does Paul Broun have a member of a known white supremacist hate group as an intern? We believe it’s linked to Marshall’s involvement in the Shorter University chapter of Young Americans for Liberty.

Marshall Rawson with Broun's wife Nikki at Ron Paul funded Young Americans for Liberty event.

Marshall Rawson with Broun’s wife Nikki at Ron Paul funded Young Americans for Liberty event.

A curious strategy, targeting members of congress who have expressed views that– to some– appear only as insincere dog whistles for specific demographics, but are instead grooming local representatives to be more receptive to extremist ideology.

Either Paul Broun does not bother with background checks, or he doesn’t care that his interns and staffers may be supporters of a second American Civil War.


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Time for a Laff-Break: Rep. Steve Stockman Threatens Jail To Anyone Who Publishes His Mugshot

Someone hasn’t heard of the “Streissand Effect.”

Internet Fame, here I come!

Internet Fame, here I come!

“A Michigan official has removed documents from a state website that erroneously claimed U.S. Congressman Steve Stockman had been convicted of a crime in the 1970s,” Stockman spokesperson Donny Ferguson wrote on the campaign’s website. “Michigan’s 43rd Judicial District Clerk stated Stockman was never convicted of any charge and the documents were supposed to have been destroyed in 1978. Another Michigan official has advised Stockman he has grounds to file criminal complaints against any person or media organization that published the documents.”

Ferguson did not specify the name of the Michigan official who raised the prospect of criminal complaints, and did not reply to follow-up questions from TPM.

Stockman’s mugshot has been bouncing around the internet for weeks. The Texas Tribune last month published the arrest records, which indicate that in 1977 Stockman was arrested and initially charged with felony possession of Valium. The Stockman campaign now says that a district court judge in Michigan ordered in 1978 the matter dismissed and expunged.


Read the whole story at Talking Points Memo.

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Right Wing Truckers And The Militia Movement To Terrorize DC For 3 days



Are we ready for yet another vague, half-baked protest against a bunch of nebulous concepts? I know I am! In fact, this protest is so nebulous and ineffective that even if everyone who claims to be attending actually does show up, you won’t even know it’s there. Fantastic. This one’s the rightfully oft-maligned Trucker protest that’s supposed to happen between October 11 and October 13. It should be patently ridiculous to all sentient life-forms, but the premise for this event is that a bunch of truckers are going to clog the Washington DC Beltway and then… do something. Honestly, we don’t know– their aims seem to change almost every hour– first, it was to demand the impeachment of Obama “for Benghazi”, then it was to demand Obama’s impeachment for unspecified “high crimes and misdemeanors,” then it was to demand the arrest of Obama, then it was to demand the impeachment of everyone in congress, and now (10/8) it’s to demand the arrest of elected officials who have “violated their oath of office.”

It doesn’t end there, though. Because this event is being organized (and we use that term in the loosest possible manner) by professional idiots, it’s drawn in the militia movement. Take a look at this screenshot from their Facebook group. Please note the antics of one Rich Miller, who’s from Erie, PA: “Are they picking up the militia yet ? Got about 20 souls and double that in arms.”

Hey, can you give me a ride to the undemocratic overthrow of the government by right-wing death squads?

Hey, can you give me a ride to the undemocratic overthrow of the government by right-wing death squads?

Not only does he think this is a TSHTF wet-dream, he wants the truckers to PICK HIM AND HIS BUDDIES UP. “Hey man, I want to overthrow the government and start up some right-wing death squads, but I DONT HAVE A RIDE!” It’s still anybody’s bet as to whether Rich Miller is yet another government provocateur or he really believes this bilge, but this entire event really did spawn from the patriot / militia scene.

This whole catastrophe is an outgrowth of the equally farcical “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment,” which is yet another Facebook-based campaign that believes it has some form of cosmic mandate because a handful of fools managed to scribble anti-Obama messages on bedsheets and hang them from highway overpasses. There’s a fair amount of commonality between the groups. We’ve not written about either of these drooling, amorphous things until now because we recognize that simply having a Facebook page with a thousand “likes” doesn’t mean a damned thing. But as the date gets closer and the story is picked up by more and more media outlets apparently hungering for something amusing to latch onto, we’re compelled to write about this mewling, adenoidal circus because they’re trying to worsen the traffic in our town.

Here’s a message straight to the heart of the trucker strike: traffic in this town is bad enough (in fact, it’s the absolute worst in the nation) and any affinity you may have had will be vaporized when you turn people’s typically hour-long commute into an interminable slog– or however long it takes to impound your rigs and seize your Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDLs). Second, if you were serious about your tactic of taking a major city hostage by way of clogging its major arteries, wouldn’t you have been better served by picking a city that actually has a transit system that isn’t in perpetual gridlock? Our highways degenerate into parking lots at THREE IN THE MORNING. Can’t you go back to Zanesville or Keokuk and instead terrorize THEM by hampering their ability for emergency services to save lives?

Something else is evidenced by this stunt, and that’s the majority of people really have no conception as to how Washington operates. Simple jokes about “does Washington work at all” aside, it’s as if people have no clue that this is a major metropolitan area just like any other, with the added factor that there are a lot more cops around. This isn’t Oz, there is no great and powerful wizard behind a curtain and you aren’t touched with some form of divine power just by existing in this point of the universe. Legitimate strikes conducted by actual workers have figured this out long ago– the most poignant example being the stirring example of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union routinely striking and shutting down ports in protest of the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and in support of the Occupy movement.

Let’s tackle this mess from a practical standpoint: the beltway is four lanes in each direction and sixty-four miles in circumference. Given that the typical eighteen wheeler is sixty feet long, this would take forty five thousand and fifty six trucks to fill up all eight lanes of the beltway. Just how exactly are they supposed to trek the nine miles from the beltway to the Capitol itself to make these “arrests?” What are they going to slow down? The Maryland side of the beltway? The Virginia side? Which direction? Perhaps they’re merely ignorant of the fact that there are countless numbers of exits that people can use to get on the beltway if someone decides to snarl traffic. Who knows? Come October 14, this will be a humorous footnote to this year’s lackluster roster of protests.

We’re ashamed this also merits any amount of words in this piece, but let’s underscore it: this is not a “leftist” or “progressive” or “worker” related event. This event germinated in the bowels of the “patriot radio” crowd and the militia movement– both so intensely right wing they recently added disgraced Pennsylvania police chief Mark “Fuck You Libtards” Kessler to their ranks.

The irony of the entire event is that most of the truckers taking part are non-union, which means they’ll be losing time and money in this foolish escapade, and if they’re private drivers, they risk getting fired. With their rigs seized and CDLs suspended, how exactly are they supposed to find jobs? Well, if you’re a teabagger trucker, the solution is obvious: do as much stupid crap as you can, and when you get caught for breaking the law, blame Obama. Look, Obama didn’t suspend your CDL, Obama didn’t write you a ticket for reckless driving, Obama didn’t impound your rig, and Obama didn’t make you come to DC and ruin the commutes of millions of people to satisfy your infantile egos– that was your fault. Why not follow the advice of your own worn out slogans and take some personal responsibility for your own actions?


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CPAC: Conservative Pricks Assemble to Corrupt


The streets outside the Marriot Wardman Park hotel in Washington DC were alive on Friday, February 10th, 2011, as protestors affiliated with Occupy DC, the SEIU, the AFL-CIO and a host of allied organizations descended on the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, also known as CPAC. Participants traveled from as far away as Pittsburgh and New York City to demonstrate against money in politics, income inequality and a profusion of crimes and abuses perpetrated against the poor, working and middle classes.

CPAC does little to hide the fact that it is a product of and for the elite rich, with a full pass to the conferences costing 200 dollars, a one day pass at 75 dollars and media passes only awarded to a select few that have passed a rigorous background check that would make the FBI jealous. Due to this, we weren’t able to cover the most interesting of these conferences, the tantalizingly named “THE FAILURE OF MULTICULTURALISM” hosted by anti-immigrant fanatic Peter Brimelow and the hate group Youth for Western Civilization. Viking fetishist Kevin DeAnna and alcoholic nuisance Marcus Epstein were present, while Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and notable xenophobe John Derbyshire delivered speeches. Predictably, they chose to cower behind security checkpoints, bulletproof glass and hundreds of non-white police officers instead of daring to wade into the sea of untermenschen. Also present were Kevin Lamb from the white nationalist ProEnglish, Tim Dionisopoulos from Youth for Western Civilization, Jim Gilchrist from The Minuteklanmen and notorious snitch Brandon Darby.

Edwin Williams and Jim Gilchrist of the Minutemen

The specter of thousands of union steelworkers, maids and politically charged citizens exercising their fist amendment rights outside of a hotel was apparently enough to terrify attendees of CPAC, who hid behind phalanxes of riot police, barely venturing to the windows to snatch a peek at the lives they have been frittering away for the sake of greater profit. Referred to as the old stand-bys of “purveyors of chaos” and “union thugs” by histrionic fear-mongers in the right-wing echo-chamber, the demonstration on Friday was largely peaceful, despite vehement fulminations by apologists for the 1% to force all of these “welfare recipients” into “work camps and gas chambers.”

This has been the first major protest organized against CPAC in its nearly forty-year run.


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Rand Paul Throws A Play Soldier Dress Up Party For Obese White Men

Roughly a month before a group of play-acting militia members threw a dress-up party in DC, Kentucky had a dress-up party for its own militia types. The big difference was that this shindig was organized by and for congressional hopeful Rand Paul.

Barefoot and Progressive has the whole story. Try and see if any of the portly patriots in Kentucky match up to the mammoth militia folks in DC!

Rand Paul was nice enough to throw a party for his supporters on Saturday at the Capitol building in Frankfort. And not just any supporters. My favorite kind: obese white men playing soldier dress up.

A collection of my favorite boys who’ve gotta lotta Liberty in the trunk:

For the whole picture set and comments, check out their full article.

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Maine Republican Party Breaks Into Middle School Classrooms and Destroys Teacher’s Work

From Right Wing Watch and Rawstory, comes this ghastly story of Republicans rifling through a Maine classroom to remove all “objectionable” material, which they then replaced with stickers and notes instructing kids to vote republican.

‘A Republican was here. What gives you the right to propagandize impressionable kids?’

Teachers at a middle school in Portland, Maine, are upset with attendees of a Republican convention who rifled through teachers’ materials in a classroom they were using and reportedly stole materials from the room, replacing it with GOP slogans.

Officials from the Maine Republican Party quickly apologized this week after local news sources reported on an incident at Portland’s King Middle School. Eighth-grade social studies teacher Paul Clifford returned to his classroom following a meeting of the Knox County Republican caucus there to find that his teachers’ materials had been rifled through and a poster outlining the history of the US labor movement was missing, replaced with a bumper sticker that reads, “Working People Vote Republican,” reports the Portland Press-Herald.

What’s more, according to the Bangor Daily News, the Republican operatives also rifled through a closed cardboard box containing copies of the US Constitution, donated by the American Civil Liberties Union. And Clifford found a note nearby that stated, “A Republican was here. What gives you the right to propagandize impressionable kids?”


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Restore The Constitution; One Brick And Bullet At A Time…

Open Carry “Restore The Constitution” rally draws fifty

Pro-War and Questionable Sentiment At The Gun Toting Restore The Constitution Rally

Complaining about communism with AK-47s slung across their backs, gun rights advocates gathered for a multi-place rally to “Restore The Constitution” on Monday. A grim picture of sour-faced apocalyptics toting intimidating weaponry was tempered by reality, which presented the image of men in camouflage fatigues and a slight sprinkling of cheery women. Touted as a rally to support gun rights, second amendment language was curiously absent from the majority of attendees. Rhetoric focused on Health Care Reform, unemployment and government intrusion on personal liberties. When the topic finally did stray to guns, the rhetoric was not so much about gun rights advocacy or supporting pro-gun politicians, but fixated on the “from my cold, dead hands” theme. Allusions were drawn to the battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775 and the seizure of American colonists’ weapons by the British. Speakers at this event and a similar but unarmed pro-gun rally in DC all stressed that the choice of this date was not meant to invoke memories of the Oklahoma City Bombing, but to remember the beginning of the American revolutionary war. Further themes and promises were the typical cry of civil unrest if legislators refused to halt the erosion of constitutional rights. All of these are viewed in a slightly different light after viewing to MSNBC’s The McVeigh Tapes, where Timothy McVeigh stated that it was his specific wish for April 19th not to be remembered for his bombing of the Alfred E. Murrah Federal Building, but to be remembered for the start of revolutionary war.

A featured speaker was Mike Vanderboegh, who first crashed onto the national scene by exhorting people to vandalize the offices of Democratic party politicians. “I’ve got congestive heart failure and diabetic feet, and they’re scared of me” he laughed. Vanderboegh and other speakers repeatedly invoked the image of the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto, who rose against their Nazis oppressors, implying that the recent vandalism and violence surrounding Health Care Reform was similar to Jews fighting against Nazis. Vanderboegh further opined that he was feared because of his freedom to speak his mind, not because of the violence wrought at his behest.

Tom Fernandez from Alarm and Mustard

Tom Fernandez, founder of the “Alarm and Muster phone tree” gave identical, lengthy speeches at Fort Hunt and Gravelly Point. Fernandez complained of rising unemployment, the changing role of government, the passage of Health Care Reform and the vague generalization of “lost rights” and the impingement of his personal liberties by the government. As was typical for the other speakers, Fernandez did not speak about gun rights legislation or any particular pro-gun politician to support, but also invoked the insurgency of American colonists against the tyranny of the British. The speakers and participants did not stray from these talking points, and as such led to a feeling that everyone was reading from a script– a script which implied that we are currently living under a tyranny that needs to be violently resisted.

Restore The Constitution rally, 4/19/10

Restore The Constitution rally, 4/19/10

An attitude of disappointment permeated the rallies, which exhibited a stultifying level of foul planning. The rally was scheduled for the first day of the work-week, which guaranteed a low turnout. The rally began at 9am at Fort Hunt Park, which forced all attendees through the teeth-gnashing Gordian Knot of DC metro area rush hour traffic– and a further ten miles down a winding parkway. The rally then shoehorned its participants into an ad-hoc convoy and made them backtrack through the same soul-crushing traffic to the final rally location. The location of the final rally– intended as a dramatic press spectacle with the Capital as a backdrop– was located at a park located at the very end of the runway of Washington National Airport. Not only did the organizers split up their rally between two locations at a poor time of day, the penultimate location for the rally to speak to the press was located directly under the departure path for a major domestic airport.

Yaffers Made an Appearance To This Extremist Rally

As the convoy arrived at Gravelly Point and the participants filed out, the rally didn’t immediately reconvene; the nominally camera-shy and paranoid “gun nuts” spent 45 minutes conversing with themselves and fielding questions for the press between the roar of departing jets. The chitchat from this crowd consisted primarily of conspiracy theories of how Timothy McVeigh was a government agent, macho posturing of “they outgun us, but we outnumber them” and excoriations of the mainstream US press– told to clusters of reporters for mainstream US news outlets. Press outnumbered the police and the police outnumbered the protesters. We wonder what the purpose of this rally was, if not to expose fifty-odd gun owners to the scrupulous eyes of a multitude of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

More Photos from Isis and Wespennest


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From the Steps Of the Capitol:Tea Bagger Event Attracts Thousands

TeabaggerNov5, 2009

Copyright Photo by Isis

Mike Flugennock writes:

Thousands of ignorant-assed SUV-driving muthafucKKKahs gathered on Capitol Hill today to actively campaign against their own best interests in the current healthcare “debate”. “Abuse us! Cheat us! Let us sicken and die when we can’t afford healthcare!!” chanted the crazed thousands of freedom-loving patriots who assembled at the Peoples’ House today. The throngs of fake Harley gear-wearing whitebread thrilled to the stirring words of Michelle “You Be Da’ Man” Bachmann and the guy who played the mailman on “Cheers” as they condemned the weak-assed bone thrown to single-payer supporters in the form of the “Public Option”. Look the hell out, Nancy Pelosi. Fear the voice of the People.

Speakers included Bachmann, Jon “Midnight Cowboy” Voight, and “Cliff” from Cheers.



Pitiful fools …….


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Funniest Political Campaign Site on the Internet!

This is just about the funniest political site on the internet:



Meet George Hutchins LULZ!

What makes this even more amusing, he is serious!!!!


Vote George Hutchins LULZZZ!!!


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Protest Call! Against “Illinois’s #1 Hater of Gays”

Gay Liberation Network (GLN) has called for a protest against what it calls “Illinois’s #1 Hater of Gays”!
At 6:30 PM this Saturday night, October 24th!
Peter LaBarbera, the man behind Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, is having his annual benefit and protesters will gather outside the Christian Liberty Academy, 502 W. Euclid Avenue, Arlington Heights, IL to express their First Amendment-based opposition.

Peter LaBarbera

Peter LaBarbera

GLN notes that Peter LaBarbera not only opposes equal rights for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender people (LGBT), but has spent literally decades fighting against equal rights:

– as a former reporter for the right-wing “Mooney” paper The Washington Times of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon cult

– as an operative with Concerned Women for America, a group dedicated to opposing equal rights for women

– as Executive Director of the Illinois Family Institute, an outfit which was at one time labeled a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center

– as one of the few, core supporters of multiple campaigns by far-right politician Jim Oberweis, whose campaigns were widely viewed as scapegoating Latino immigrants

– as one of the few, core supporters of the U.S. Senate campaign of Alan Keyes, a campaign that was so unhinged in its far-right rhetoric that future President Barack Obama rode to a record 70%+ victory to win the seat

– and now with his Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.

“With his breathless ‘undercover’ reports about Chicago’s International Mr. Leather and other events, LaBarbera’s obsession about gay sex has become legendary in political circles,” said GLN’s Andy Thayer. “His ‘activism’ would be laughable if it wasn’t also dangerous — LaBarbera was the principal proponent of the two failed attempts to get anti-gay initiatives on the Illinois ballot.”

GLN notes that LaBarbera has not only served as front-man for a series of far-right causes, his own statements have matched:

*** Appearing last year on the far-right Matt Barber program with luny-right legislator Rep. Sally “homosexuals are worse than terrorism” Kern of Oklahoma, he said that the gay lobby “threatens America and threatens children.”

*** Addressing the increasing pogromist atmosphere against LGBT people in Uganda, he said “At AFTAH, we preach Christian mercy and have denounced Talibanesque capital punishment for homosexuals in countries like Iran. But we also believe that if states and localities here in America (and governments abroad) wish to ban sodomy, they have every right to do so…” So Talibanesque laws are apparently okay, it’s just the punishment that is considered a bit extreme.

*** Talking about John Berry, the head of the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management, he said “So, what we have is sort of a subversive — if you could call it that — homosexual activist, and now he’s going to have an even much more visible and powerful role at OPM, which is a very powerful job in Washington.”

The Gay Liberation Network (www.GayLiberation.net) is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to winning equal rights and liberation for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgendered people through street protests and other direct involvement in social and political issues.

For Information: Bob Schwartz, Gay Liberation Network Rufnel@aol.com

Andy Thayer, Gay Liberation Network, LGBTliberation@aol.com, www.GayLiberation.net


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