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Marcus Epstein Pops Up Again At The National Press Club

Epstein= Political Poison

Epstein= Political Poison

Most people in the political world who have committed a felony 6 hate crime, like Marcus Epstein did, would know to get out of the political scene.
For those of you who have not been following the story of how Epstein, (the executive director for both Pat Buchanan and Tom Tancredo’s right-wing PACs) got drunk in Georgetown DC, and punched an African American woman in the head while calling her the *N*word.

After he carried out his terms, one would think the nasty little bastard would just go away and not shadow his presence in the political world again, but on Tuesday August 25, 2009 Epstein gave a new meaning to the word “chutzpah”.

It appears that a fake environmental group calling it’s self “Center for Immigration Studies” was having a press conference, Epstein was not only present, but quite chummy with the organizers.
CIS is a quasi-hate group who uses issues like environmentalism to express their inner xenophobia and attack the immigrant community.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins, an anti-racist journalist from “One Peoples Project” reports here.

The interesting part was when Mr. Jenkins decided to confront the racist, woman abusing Epstein>>>>>LULZ!!!!!

The fact that Epstein was such good buddies with this group throws up a red flag,

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State of the Left: We Rot While “Town Hall” Bullies Multiply

By *Luke

Bennett editorial cartoon

State of the Left: We Rot While “Town Hall” Bullies Multiply

Date Created * 19 Aug 2009

While right-wing nutjobs show up armed at healthcare events where Obama is present, while evictions and foreclosures proceed at record rates, while wars rage in Iraq and Afghanistan, we of the left in DC and elsewhere have allowed our infrastructure and ability to deploy to any mission rot and crumble.
Few would envy the dark days of 2002-2005, but during that time the Left in DC had more infrastructure assets than we did in the age of Seattle and A16. Our organizational assets were best in the 2000-2001 period, but were far stronger in 2002-2005 than they are now. Now we bring dozens or at most hundreds to the streets, while some of our worst enemies show up armed-and by the thousands-at health care Town Halls.

Beyond the health care nightmare and seeming death of any real reform, a critical Fall packed with actions of global importance will soon be upon us. Those Town hall bastards get money from Big Pharmas and the GOP, while our former infrastructure built on the sweat of volunteers has rotted away….more

The rest of the article can be found HERE

*Luke is a very good friend to the collective of Lady Liberty’s Lamp and has dedicated decades of his life to covering and bringing us news and activism.

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NEW BLOG Flaggin The Tea Baggin!

The Tea Baggers Are Coming

The Tea Baggers Are Coming

In honor of the next big astroturf racist based meet-up “Tea Party” on September 12 in Washington DC there is a new blog with tea bagger updates:

The Tea Baggers Are Coming

Flaggin The Tea Baggin

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The Shouting Out of “Heil Hitler” Proves The Hate Behind The Anti-Healthcare Movement.

The anti-Healthcare Crowd Goes Straight Up Nazi

The anti-Healthcare Crowd Goes Straight Up Nazi

From Think Progress

Woman yells ‘Heil Hitler’ to Jewish man praising Israel’s national health care system.
Conservatives have strenuously denied that there is any anti-Semitism on display by anti-health reform protesters at town hall meetings nationwide — despite all the evidence to the contrary. Last week, Las Vegas radio station KDWN AM720 sponsored a “contentious” town hall, emceed by conservative morning show host Heidi Harris. At the event, local news stations were interviewing an Israeli man who was praising the “fantastic” “national health care” in Israel. During his remarks, a woman yelled out, “Heil Hitler!” The man stopped, became visibly upset, and exclaimed, “Did you hear this? She say to a Jew, ‘Heil Hitler’! Hear? I’m a Jew! You’re telling me, ‘Heil Hitler’? Shame of you!” After he angrily confronts her, the woman mocks him by making a crying sound to imply he is a whining baby.

There is a video of it here:

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Poison Ivy In The Astroturf

Utilizing the power of mob rule to terrorize blacks, Jews, “liberals”, catholics, anti-slavery and anti-segregationist activists in the south has been an old Ku Klux Klan tactic for over a century. And now the use of threatening mobs, images of lynching are being used by crowds with a predisposition of racism by Washington DC policy and lobby groups to oppose reformed healthcare.

KKK and a right-wing Recess Rally thug share common ideals

KKK and a right-wing Recess Rally thug share common ideals

The dark practice of lynching in the post civil war south became so ingrained that they were viewed not only as a daily occurrence, but as a legitimate aspect of society. The use of lynchings was seen as a proper way to purge undesirable elements from a racially insular southern society, regardless of the laws enacted by a federal government commonly seen as “oppressive” or “tyrannical.”
The latest carny show from the right wing loony bin is to incite small bombastic crowds over healthcare reform. These astroturf groups are actually being coached by K st policy and lobby groups, who are manipulating them with an old whited hooded playbook.

A page from the old KKK playbook

A page from the old KKK playbook

Gangs of twenty to fifty crazed, incoherent angry white people sputter nonsensical, panicked cries over rumors of the president being a Kenyan citizen (only white people can be Americans to them!).

This small, demented demographic are under the belief that brown people are now acting as their lords and masters.

The healthcare industry use of racist images oppose Obama

The healthcare industry use of racist images oppose Obama

The use of town hall meetings to display two year old toddler level meltdowns crying “I want my country back” is a way to demand the return of “white people” back to power.

Woodrow Wilson quote from KKK movie "Birth of a Nation"

Woodrow Wilson quote from KKK movie "Birth of a Nation"

Mobilizing a great number of people to confront their elected officials about policy is a grand and democratic concept; this occurs when a respectful dialogue is established between the citizen and their representative; in simpler terms, when everybody behaves like intelligent, respectful adults.

Mob rule is profoundly undemocratic and because it bypasses the effort to establish a respectful dialogue in favor of threatening, confrontational behavior in order to swing legislation in their favor. It less the behavior of a healthy society than it is of a petulant child who balks at having an early bed time. The line between an angry crowd and a lynch mob is easily marked: violence.

The Town Hall meetings have finally devolved into violence.

Scuffles erupted at Town Halls being held in Ybor City, Florida, and in St. Louis County, Missouri, between opponents and supporters of health care reform.

Despite continued assertions these groups are not being organized by Washington DC based astroturf organizations, people are still being lured and suckered into increasingly confrontational situations for the benefit of the very wealthy health insurance industry.

Instead of focusing on one organization and its front groups, here are fifteen sponsors of the “Recess Rally.”

Redstate.com – Since 2006, owned by Eagle Publishing, parent company of the magazine Human Events– home to Robert Novak, Michelle Malkin, Oliver North, Pat Buchanan, and Ann Coulter, among others. (source)

Smart Girl Politics Social networking and internet marketing website, aimed primarily at teabaggers; anti-choice, religionists who are failing at trying to look hip.

Net Right Nation Front group for Americans for Limited Government that posits itself as “your unique portal to the conservative blogosphere.”

Join Patients First Founded by Americans for Prosperity, they are sponsoring a bus tour of town hall meetings and are working with Patients United Now, another AFP front group.

Tea Party Patriots – A FreedomWorks front group. A leaked memo from volunteer Bob McGuffie detailed instructions for members on how best to harass and intimidate Democratic town hall meetings. (source)

American Liberty Alliance Formerly the DontGo pro-drilling/teabag project, founded by internet marketer Eric Odom. One of the major forces behind the whole Teabag movement.

FreedomWorks- Chaired by former congressman Dick Armey, shares top billing in the Teabag movement with Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty. Freedomworks has a long history of astroturf. Tried to pass off the Iowa state director of a conservative advocacy group as a “typical single mother” who approved of Bush’s social security privatization scheme. Created the astroturf website angryrenter.com in response to Obama’s housing bailout. (source)

Sam Adams Alliance ANOTHER group specializing in social networking and internet marketing, aimed primarily at teabaggers. Their New Media Coordinator was until January 1, 2009, the co-founder of the DontGo teabag project: internet marketer Eric Odom.  (source)

Americans For Prosperity Recently trounced by Rachel Maddow, Americans for Prosperity is a tobacco lobbying firm that is a major player in the teabag movement, and an opponent of Global Warming legislation. Recently launched Patients United Now and Join Patients First. (source)

Let Freedom Ring Brought to you by the same people behind the obnoxious campaigns, commercials and websites neverfindout.org, consequences.org, commonsensethinking2008.org, nobama.us and bothwaysbarack.com. You remember them– they’re the ones that really have no problem using images of 9/11 as cheap political props.

Michelle Malkin Michelle Malkin. Completely bonkers blogger featured quite prominently on many of the sites in this list.

American Majority Organization that provides “post-tea party training” as well as other forms of leadership and political training. See Rachel Maddow’s video for more on this group.

American Liberty Tour a nationwide tour organized by American Majority and the American Liberty Alliance to oppose any form of heath care reform.

Nationwide Tea Party Coalition The “Nationwide tea party coalition.” The commonality between teabag organizations and the Recess Rally crowd should be evidence enough that severe astroturfing is happening. The teabag movement has long been exposed as being the handiwork of Dick Armey’s Freedomworks and Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty.

Americans for Limited Government – Draws its funding from a few large donors, all interrelated to chairman Howard Rich. These large donors don’t actually do much of anything outside of acting as “bank accounts” for ALG. (source)

The old image of angry mobs at town hall meetings is a typical hollywood trope: a gaggle of provincial villagers gather to drive out the eccentric new residents, or to drive out the mad scientist from his castle, or to drive out any form of change or progress. After being definitively vanquished at the polls, conservative leaders have decided that making reality resemble a B-grade horror movie is an appropriate tactic to regain legitimacy. Unfortunately, whether intentionally or not, these leaders have tapped into something far more terrifying and more real than any frankenstein monster– the specter of the lynch mob.


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Cuccinelli: The Crackpot Candidate

Republican Candidate Ken Cuccinelli and good friend Jeff Frederick

Republican Candidate Ken Cuccinelli and good friend Jeff Frederick

(click on photo for more info on Frederick)

There has been a rash of rightwing political aggression as of late, about everything from places of birth, fear of healthcare, and tea bagging.

It’s been a cult of crazy, Ken Cuccinelli is their candidate; and he’s running for Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Yep, Republican Virginia State Senator Cuccinelli is a Tea Bagger, endorsed highly by anti-immigration segregationists as he boasts with pride his voting record of being an anti-gay/anti-choice theocrat

But, it gets even worse as seen in this video, “Coooch” plows into politico paranoia a la mode:

The interesting part is that “Coooch’s” wife gave birth to about half a dozen girls before she had the son “Coooch” is referring to.

Did “Coooch” try to prevent any of them from getting social security numbers too?

Or, maybe “Coooch” believes only his boy (not girls!) need to be protected from the evil government Illuminati tracking devices?

Or, maybe “Coooch” is having a recent decline in mental clarity and lucid thought patterns?

Or, maybe “Coooch” finds a connection with a type of “Montana Militia” mentality while his views on his main issues like abortion mirror the fringe crazy

What is “Coooch’s” legal experience?

He’s a patent attorney! (srsly!)

Given his attraction to paranoid nuttery, lack of legal reasoning in understanding fact from conspiracy, how is this man going to help protect Virginia from the potentially violent mob he is claiming camaraderie to?

Will “Coooch” protect Virginia’s woman’s clinics and the staff who work at them from the type of right wing violence and terror which has proved to be a growing trend in our society?

What will “Coooch” do to stop racially inspired acts of violence against Latino and Muslim immigrants when he is so openly agreeing with anti-immigrant radicals?

Is “Coooch” really about being a good AG or is he just another power hungry ideologue riding on an embarrassing trend in American politics?

Also see:

Ken Cuccinelli Condones Crazy Cathrine Crabill?

The TeaBaggers Are Coming!

Controversial Patriot-Militia Rock Band Headlines Tea Party Event In Nation’s Capital


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The TeaBaggers Are Coming!

From Mike Flugennock:

The Teabaggers Are Coming

The Teabaggers Are Comming

The Teabaggers Are Coming!

The recent Teabaggers’ Shindig over at Senate Park has certainly left me inspired, to say the least.
Never did I hear a gang of astroturfers yell more loudly about not being astroturfers even as they were funded by PACs run by characters like Tom DeLay and (snurf, giggle) Dick Armey, and never did I hear more yelling from a group about how they aren’t about Left or Right, even while they never missed an opportunity to slag on the Left — or even on ordinary Liberals, for that matter — as the lot it was my fortune to cover this past Fourth Of July.

What got me even more was their total ignorance of the causes and
effects of events that happened before January 20, 2009 — forgetting,
for instance, that the current corporate bailout fiasco was pushed by
George W. Bush in the waning weeks of his regime. Listening to the howls
from the stage and checking out the composition of the crowd, it was as
if the single reaction from the Teabagger Massmind boiled down to “OMFG, the President is a N1GG3R!” — like the old-timer in Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles, hollering from the top of the church steeple, “Here comes the new sherriff, and he’s a big…” …and it sure as hell didn’t help any
as their event was organized and staged by members of a well-known White Power band, Pokerface.

So, considering all this, I thought to myself, “Self, it’s time you did
a poster that announces the imminent arrival of the National Teabaggers’
Convention coming to town on the 12th of September, and maybe inspire
some of the local anarchists and antifascists to organize a little welcoming committee.” So, I did.

Mike’s cartoon can be printed out as posters or flyers for all to enjoy!

JPEG Version
11×17 “>PDF Version


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Ken Meyercord’s Journey to Irrelevancy

Reston Says NO to Nazis

Reston Says NO to Nazis

Reston VA- July 12, 2009
The controversial Reston Civic Assoc candidate, Ken Meyercord, attempt to hold public office came to an abrupt and decisive end on the weekend of July 11 and 12, losing his bid for the Reston Civic Association to a write-in candidate. Voter turnout was high, with election officials being forced to photocopy more ballots to cope with increased demand. Meyercord only received 23 votes– .01% of the 1180 votes cast. Conciously concealing his holocaust revisionism from the Reston Citizens Association voter guide, he instead focused on his ardent support of the far more obscure “Zero Growth” philosophy of the xenophobic founder of NumbersUSA, John Tanton.

Ken Meyercord Loses Reston Civic Assoc Election

Ken Meyercord Loses Reston Civic Assoc Election

Meyercord’s third-position views, though seemingly more in line with conservative thinking, were pushed on the leftist community with great zeal. In a marked contrast to recent examples of mainstream conservative groups openly utilizing the support of anti-semites, Meyercord was shunned and ostracized by the majority of leftist groups. It is worthy to note that the left’s shunning of Meyercord occurred in spite of a trend amongst leftist media organizations to refuse to run stories exposing Meyercord’s true agenda. One of the few leftist media organizations was One People’s Project who reported on him in March of 2007.

Meyercord’s journey to irrelevancy within the broader leftist movement began in 2005, when members of a Washington, DC anti-war group shunned him after he attempted to introduce holocaust denial as a legitimate debate topic for said group. Meyercord’s tactic was to suggest that holocaust revisionism was an effective and useful tactic of expressing opposition to the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. His efforts were for naught, as this pathetic facade was easily peirced and he was subsequently no longer being invited to contribute to any more meetings.

His desire to mutate the anti-war movement rebuffed, he re-directed his efforts online, spamming multiple Independent Media Centers with posts about “Why Your Organization Should Host a Holocaust Debate.” Still weakly trying to mask this overtly anti-semitic gesture as “anti-war,” he claimed that “poking holes in the holocaust story is a poke in the eye of the warmongers.” He went on to laud Iran’s “courage” for holding its widely-derided Holocaust Revisionism conference.

Meyercord also annoyed many DC area anti-war listservs with rambling about the “massive domestic spy network” controlled by the Anti Defamation League, and a withering barrage of requests to watch his cable-access TV show.
Meyercord’s desperate pleas for attention still going unheard, he revived his tired old lines from 2006 and rehashed them into a new screed– “(Holo-)History Is Bunk” Most recently, Meyercord is author of a peice about the Iraqi gassing of the town of Halabja which “suspect[s] what happened is that both sides were using poison gas, the wind shifted, and the gas from one or the other combatant – or both – wafted over the doomed town.” Meyercord then attempts to conflate this interpretation of events with his revisonist stance on the Holocaust, calling historically proven accounts of both as “outlandish tales” and the work of “imaginative individuals.” Of course, Meyercord is wrong again about Halabja; Saddam Hussein took responsibility for this during his 2006 trial.

By far, the only success Meyercord has had in any venue were his
weekly peace walks, where he
attracted interested people who had not heard of him or his ridiculous

Meyercord’s latest act of running for the Reston Citizens Association seems to be less of a serious act of a man trying to change the world and more of a desperate plea for attention.

Unfortunately for Meyercord, he now has all the attention in the world.

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Marcus Epstein’s Case Dismissed!

(PHOTO:Marcus Epstein with friend and fellow “racialist activist” Jared Taylor the founder and head of the hate group “American Renaissance”)

Washington DC- At about 10 am on July 8th, in the District of Columbia Superior Court, Judge Anderson dismissed the case against Marcus Epstein, who had pled guilty to a class 6 felony hate crime; the prosecutor declined to continue sentencing.

It was determined that Epstein, head of Pat Buchanan’s American Cause and executive director of Tom Tancredo’s Team America, had completed his sentence.

If you’re not familiar with the case, Epstein was arrested in 2007 for striking an African American woman in the head while shouting out the N-word during a drinking spree in Georgetown DC . He first ran from the woman’s husband when he tried to apprehend him, he then ran from and was ultimately apprehended by an off-duty Secret Service officer.

He originally pled not guilty, but as the prosecution presented evidence to increase the charge to a class six felony, he issued an Alford plea, which is a guilty plea without admitting guilt. He did this because, as he scribbled on his paperwork, he felt the state had enough evidence to prove him guilty. Conditions of his conviction and sentencing were: he had to seek therapy for mental illness, go to substance abuse rehab, write a letter of apology to his victim and –the best part– “donate $1000 to the United Negro College Fund”.

It is obvious Epstein has a history of anger problems. We are mindful of the old adage– first time is an accident, second
time is a coincidence and third time is a pattern,” so while we cannot
definitively say that Epstein is exhibiting a pattern of behavior, we
can question if someone with two similar charges on his record is more
likely to commit a similar act again.

Proof of this assessment lays in the fact that this is not the first time Epstein found himself in trouble with the law at the bottom of a bottle of booze and exhibiting abusive behavior.

Epstein had similar legal problems only a few years before this incident.

He then slapped down a female store clerk when she tried to stop him. He ran away and barged into a sorority house as he tried to elude police. He was found by the police in the Sorority house’s women’s bathroom eating the cookies to dispose of the evidence .

As a first-time offender, Epstein faced 14 days of jail time and was ordered to complete an alcohol treatment program and do community service for MADD which involved delivering MADD ribbons to car dealerships .

This incident is remarkable in its similarity to his most recent clash with the law. After drinking heavily and becoming violent with a woman, yet only this time he took it to the next level and his racialist based political views came shining through and he called out racial epithets, then again ran to elude police.
Again, he was ordered to undergo alcohol treatment and faced no jail time, despite his charge being upgraded to a class 6 felony.

Epstein dodged administrative sanction for his antics while he was at William and Mary, and he dodged jail this time, probably because of his willingness to seek alcohol treatment and he is a person with political connections and privilege

If there is a next time, we are hoping the judge will notice that rehab has not been an effective form of treatment for Epstein, as we speculate his problems run deeper than substance abuse issues.
Epstein might have dodged the bullet again, but because he failed to disclose this felony when he applied for the University of Virginia Law School, they cancelled his application.
This is reinforced by the fact that persons with felons will not be admitted to their state’s bar associations in the first place.

Epstein still apparently enjoys his positions as head of Pat Buchanan’s American Cause and of Bay buchanan’s Team America PACs.

*Marcus Epstein’s 2004 court docs:


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Ladies And Gentlemen: The Future Of The Republican Party


Our good friend Mike Flugennock is a well known political cartoonist and videographer in the Washington DC area. His work has been on the DC scene for decades and has been featured in the Washington Post.
Not only is he known for his tremendous art talent and creativity, but his biting wit and unapologetic crass humor is a main stay shaker upper in the world of activist movements.

Because of his controversial work Mike is never short of hate mail.
Usually coming from all sides of the political spectrum, Mike has always had a gift of pissing all kinds of people off.
The hate mail is usually standard, with the common theme of claiming Mike doesn’t understand the issue-politician-political movement who has fallen under his attack.
He then gets called a “Nazi” or a “Commie” depending on who is initiating the hate mail.

But his latest bit of hate mail is probably one of the more amusing to come through his inbox in a long time. It is a reaction to his latest critical video of the right-wing “Tea Party” Nationalist movement that is featured on this blog along with our own article about the “Tea Party”.

Instead of trying to explain it, Mike has given us permission to post it for everyone’s amusement.

Here it is brought to you by “I Was A Teenage Republican” sent via CrackBerry, no less:

Subject: Your Work
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 07:57:13 +0000
From: rory@mdtars.org
Reply-To: rory@mdtars.org
To: flugennock

I just recently watched your video on your video from the tea party on
the fourth of of july. After viewing I can say with absolute certainty
say that your are an idiot, a communist, a NAZI and a general PUSSY. Not
only are uneducated to the point where you couldn’t even attack the
speakers rationally you dared compare pro American chants to those of
wait are you again of yes Nazis. You are wanted in this county by no one
you little dick bastard.
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

But, wait, there’s more…

It appears that Mike’s latest “fan” and great master of the English language is not only from the Maryland State TAR’s (Teenage Republicans) …*drum roll* …but..it’s … our boy! –># Rory McShane, State Chairman of MDTARS! (appointed due to his superb command of language and Sarah Palin style spoiled tantrums, no doubt)

Maybe, this would be a good time for the Maryland Republican party state leadership to have a nice chat with little “Rory” about what to use and not use state party e-mail accounts for?

A lesson to Rory about those “family values” manners and etiquette the Republican party claims to have?

Good luck to you, Rory, hope this post has proved a good education of how not to be a reactionary chucklehead, as it will always come back to bite you.

UPDATE!!! It looks like we have had a visit from little Rory:

Rory McShane
Submitted on 2009/07/09 at 8:55am
Thank you very much for making this public! I hope everyone sees your hate! I’ve posted this link on twitter and facebook 100% of my response has been positive

Well it looks like we have free advertising from the 2.0 kiddie club!

If the Republican leadership has no issue with this kind of behavior then MD will be staying blue for a very long time!



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