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The situation in the Ukraine

The situation in the Ukraine is complex and poorly reported in the west, with most stories framing it as a conflict between pro-Putin forces opposed to EU integration and liberal moderates who want to be a part of the EU. Completely omitted from these narratives are the details concerning Ukranian neo-nazis and Russian imperialists. For a far better account of what’s happening in the Ukraine, let’s turn towards people who are actually on the ground and in the streets.

Our comrades in the Ukraine have crafted these two brilliant analyses. First, this from nihilist.li:

The events in Kyiv’s Independence Square have been planned in advance by the current opposition in Ukraine, with their political masters from Berlin and Brussels. They were publicly announced in March 2013 by the Svoboda leader in an interview for a local paper. In actuality, there is no revolution taking place in Ukraine, but rather a political coup for regime-change – clearing the way for fascist opposition parties and the EU to tighten their hold.

We have seen large demonstrations, cries for (and of) revolution, riot police brutality and an apparent conflict between Russia and the EU, dramatized as a power grab over Ukraine or as a fight for democracy. (1) The people are legitimately fed up with rich, abusive and oppressive oligarchs; but are nowhere near ridding the country of them. A sustained effort to push power towards a coalition made up of conservative, far-right, and ultra-nationalist fascists is being marketed as “European”, “democratic” and liberal. (2)

Kiev’s Autonomous Worker Union has issued a stern condemnation of the neo-nazi seizure of the protests.

Meanwhile, we see that the situation at Euromaidan is fully controlled by the far-right. Ultra-nationalist rhetoric has securely crowded out all other topics there; the only slogan known to the protesters is “Hail to the nation, death to the enemies.” Most of the Neo-Nazi militants are controlled by the Svoboda party, but there are also other groups: UNSO, Tryzub, Social-Nationalist Assembly, etc. They are completely tolerated by the so-called “national democratic” opposition. One of the leaders of the Euromaidan, Yuriy Lutsenko, himself used to lead the Interior Ministry for four years, during which time he did nothing to stop police brutality or disband Berkut and other special forces. Instead, he promised to disperse protesting crowds with tear gas and became notorious for racial profiling of individuals of “Non-Slavic” nationalities and for his phrase: “You can call me a racist if you want.” Now at Euromaidan he publicly expressed his concern about the fate of “40 million educated white Christians.” Other opposition leaders also don’t have anything against the far-right. There are not only rallies towards physical violence but also poetry about “Yids” heard from the stage.

Here’s to a better 2014!


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Thousands Rally on the Mall in Support of Workers and Unions.

Washington DC- On October 2nd 20210, thousands of people lined the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool to voice their support for labor and union causes for the One Nation Working Together Rally

Many Thousands of Union Workers Unite on Mall

Not all march-goers, however, display the same slavish devotion to “message unity” as others, many people carried signs excoriating Obama’s policies on drone strikes in Pakistan, others highlighted Obama’s continuation of Bush-era encroachments upon civil liberties, while others still voiced their displeasure at the lack of traction immigrant rights have been witnessing under the Obama administration.

Holding Obama to the Same Standards that Were Held on Bush

Supporting groups all seemed to stage their own feeder marches to the gathering on the Mall; CASA de Maryland and the Service Employees International Union held a pro-immigrant rally on the west lawn of the Capitol while a diversity of Unions ranging from the Teamsters to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers brought a healthy number of people to the rally.

Labor and Immigration Rights Focus of Rally

Most refreshing was the sizable contingent of Socialists, numbering in at about two hundred, representing both the Socialist Party USA and Ohio Socialist senate candidate Dan La Botz. Underscoring the fact that Obama and his policies are anything but “socialist,” they could be heard among the throngs of people chanting “Obama ain’t no Socialist! We are! WE ARE!”


There is also a report back from DCDirect Action News

More photos of the rally can be found HERE and HERE

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