Notable Attendees from the Protect the South Rally in Washington DC on September 5th.

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Jason Sulser DC

This man in the ThunderCats tee shirt is Jason Sulser.  He organizes Confederate flag rallies in the Stafford and Fredericksburg area.  He also uses these rallies to recruit for the League of South.  He uses White Nationalist terms like cultural genocide.

Dennis Durham

Standing behind Sulser is Dennis Durham.  He is openly in the League of South.  He is carrying flag of White Nationalism.

Dan Blake

With the camera and Joker shirt is Dan Blake.  He videotapes Confederate Flag rallies and shares them on Facebook.

Susan and John Hall

On the left is Susan Hathaway.  She is founder of the group, The Virginia Flaggers.  This group is responsible for the Confederate Battle Flags along various highways in Virginia, including the one off of 1-95 near Fredericksburg.  Next to her in the reenactors outfit is John C Hall Jr from Dublin Georgia.

Susan facebook

Samm Tittle

The woman behind the flag is Samm Tittle. She is running for President…

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Theocratical Astro-Turf in Birmingham Brought to You by Huckster Glenn Beck, while the Confederate Flag Falls Flat.

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Glenn Beck has a dream…to be the next Martin Luther King… not the “civil rights for social minorities,”MLK… but he wants to be as famous and as remembered as MLK…


…while doing the decidedly un-King thing of fighting to uphold the status quo by fighting the tyrannical oppression of minorities upon the majority. Does that make sense? No? Good, you’re ready for the mind (such as it is) of Glenn Beck.

Five years ago in 2010, Beck had a rally in DC where he rudely plopped his big butt on the Lincoln Memorial on Martin Luther King Day, and claimed he would be the next MLK. He drew a sizable crowd, nowhere nearly as large as the real MLK event back in the day nor as large or powerful as the actual celebration honoring MLK happening across town organized by the DC African American community, nor was it as genuine.

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When the Confederate Flag is NOT a Rainbow or When Stupid Hits the Internet.

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Just when you think the internet can’t get anymore stupid…

This is what happens when stupid hits the internet. This is what happens when stupid hits the internet.

The brain children behind this mentality ….

q88aw Heritage not Brains

I really am glad they’ve chosen to take this route, because it brings the entire Confederate Flag / Dylann Roof issue back to the forefront, and it does it with such a ridiculous and asinine comparison that people can’t help but seriously consider the context of the Confederate flag. The comparison white nationalists are trying to make is that since Dylann Roof did what he did “because of a flag,” the Roanoke shooter obviously did what he did because of a flag as well; so all movements to ban or remove the Confederate flag should equally be focused on banning and removing the rainbow flag because of… reasons?

Ok, this is going to take some heavy-duty dissection, so settle in and…

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The White-Nationalist Friendly Route 40 Republican Club Is Now The Route 40 Republican Party. President Fred Mullis , White-Nationalist Vice President John Stortstrom And Treasurer Patricia Scott Have Been Replaced But Is the Club/Party Still A Nest Of Racists?

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The White Nationalist Buzz Around Trump.

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We don’t need to say much about how billionaire Donald Trump is feeding the crazy, and there is a whole lotta crazy going on. The media has smelled the blood in the water and is narrowing in on the truly extreme crazies and white nationalists who are supporting him.

The overt racism has begun to manifest itself in Trump’s supporters as Univision reporter Jorge Ramos was thrown out of a Trump event, only to be faced with the type of person who supports Trump…

Earlier this week, an article in the New Yorker magazine by journalist Evan Osnos hit the stands and internet, exposing the kinds of people who are enthusiastically attracted to the Trump campaign. His article was very well researched and presented, which means the white nationalists he interviewed were not happy that he portrayed them for what they are.

They attacked Osnos personally, they attacked him for…

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Happy Death Day George Lincoln Rockwell

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Daryle La,ont Jenkins holds photos of butt-hurt Nazis holding a vigil for George Lincoln Rockwell, in front of the cleaners where he was shot. Daryle Lamont Jenkins holds photos of butt-hurt Nazis holding a vigil for George Lincoln Rockwell, in front of the cleaners where he was shot.

On August 25th 1967 NeoNazi George Lincoln Rockwell was shot down in an Arlington VA parking lot on Wilson Blvd by one of this own men. Even though his American Nazi Party continued in the Arlington area for almost two decades after his death, it really never amounted to anything.

There have even been a few attempts to hold vigils at his assassination spot, but that never attracted more that two or three people.

This year, on August 25, there was a flyer taped to an electrical box right across the street from the assassination spot.

Flyer found in Arlington Virginia on August 25, 2015 Flyer found in Arlington Virginia on August 25, 2015

Of course One People’s Project knows what to do with this….

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Meet H.K. Edgerton

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H. K. Edgerton, a native of Asheville, North Carolina, is an Uncle Ruckus with no grounding knowledge of accurate history H. K. Edgerton, a native of Asheville, North Carolina, is an Uncle Ruckus with no grounded knowledge of accurate history

We have seen some dumb silly crap in our days but, H.K. Edgerton takes the cake!

H.K. is a black man who loves the confederacy. He’s made quite a name for himself and is equally loved by the “Cuckfederates” and hated by most black people for his love and support of glamorized phony Confederate heritage myths.

Brooks Simpson, a PHD academic, history professor and the author of several books on the civil war has this to say about H.K.

And One People’s Project has been following this chucklehead for a long time.

We all know what H.K. thinks of the mythological confederate history, but we wonder what he thinks of the part he chooses to ignore, the slavery issue. We thought we’d never get an answer to that question…

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